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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / A re-introduction :)
« on: August 06, 2016, 02:26:13 pm »
Em hotep, folks!

I know a bunch of you and haven't had the pleasure of meeting another bunch of you, so I'm posting a reintroduction here. :)

I'm Tenu. Kemetically, I'm a child of Nebt-het and Hethert-Nut, Beloved of Ma'ahes, Serqet, and Wepwawet, and devoted to Sekhmet for 11 years now. I've been with the House for the past 5 years. I can throw fedw for either of my Mothers (and happily!), and I tend to geek out about obscure or "odd" gods. I have a decently large Kemetic library and love talking research and/or personal gnosis both.

Secularly, I'm non-binary (pronouns: they/them), queer, and a creative geek. I live in Dallas with my partner, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rats, and a large number of non-venomous snakes. (Ask me about snakes; I will talk your ear off. You've been warned.) Hobbies of mine include fiction writing, art (paintings, jewelry-making, pyrography), music (singer/songwriter, bad guitarist), languages (learning and making them), natural sciences (especially zoology, psychology), and website design/marketing. I love talking about any of the above, and I am happy to answer questions about identity stuff and mental health stuff.

If I haven't met you before, please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself! I'd like to catch up with the newer folks (or returned older folks) that I don't know yet. :)

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / *sneaks back in*
« on: August 05, 2014, 07:42:10 pm »
Em hotep, folks!

It turns out that I was gone for... half a year?... in terms of actively posting on the forums, for which I apologize. That was definitely an unexpected and unintentional hiatus. But I'm back now! *waves*

For the newly-returned and the new beginners who don't know me, hi! I'm Tenu, maker of various things of a vaguely artistic nature and researcher of obscure gods. :D

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Netjeru of Creativity?
« on: January 09, 2012, 10:11:04 am »
Em hotep!

I am curious about any historical lore/myth and any UPG on Netjeru that are specifically associated with creativity.

To clarify a little... I know Djehuty and Seshat are associated with writing, but most of that seems to be of the transcribing/recording/accounting sort, rather than the fictional sort, at least historically. I know Hethert and Bast are associated with music, but that seems to be the playing thereof, rather than song-writing or composing. I do know Khnum is the ultimate potter, and that Nit and Tayet (and probably other Names I'm not listing) are associated with weaving, and that Ptah is associated with architecture, stonemasonry, and other such by-hand crafts.

I'm especially curious about Netjeru who might be connected to the act of story-telling or composing music, though. I'm also curious if Ptah's association with painters is the painting-of-buildings sort or the painting-of-art-pieces sort (or both).

Feel free to contribute either historical knowledge or experience! I'm more than happy to listen to both. :)

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / a proper and rather belated introduction
« on: November 22, 2011, 12:42:08 pm »
Em hotep and hello! My name is Emky. I've actually been around for a little while - I graduated from the last beginner course - but somehow forgot to post an introduction here. Oops?

I am a recently-divined Remetj. (Nekhtet!) My Mothers are Nebthet-Nit-Seshat and Hethert-Nut, my Beloveds Ma'ahes and Serqet. I am also very close to Sekhmet, as it was She who led me to discover this wonderful community in the first place, and I have been devoted to Her for years on my own. :)

In other facets, I am a fiction writer, an art-scribbler, a musician and singer and songwriter, a thinker of things, a hoarder of Egyptian/Kemetic books, an explorer of spirituality and metaphysics, a student of the intersection of psychology and magic, a lover of the natural world, an animal geek, a synesthete, a web designer, genderqueer, a martial artist, and probably a lot of other things that I'm forgetting.

You can check out my spiritual+Kemetic journalblogthing here, if you're interested. Or you can just talk to me, send me an email, whatever you'd like. :)

It's very good to be here. Thank you all for having me.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Anyone know Wesret?
« on: October 15, 2011, 12:51:21 pm »
Em hotep, all.

In a bit of wild-goose-chase research, trying to figure out if the word/name wesret means anything in particular after having a startling UPG of a snake goddess associated with the name, I discovered two things:

1) The Funerary Papyrus of Te-net-wesret-en-per-nesu, the Singer of Amun

2) The personal name Senwesret, which apparently translates to Man of (the goddess) Wesret.

Further research obtains this snippet of information from Egyptian Mythology by W. Max Muller, after seeing a note that he could write Ung as Weng and thus Usret as Wesret:

Usret ("Mighty One") was applied as an epithet to many goddesses, but in its special sense it was the name of a very popular divinity of the earlier period, who was, perhaps, in the shape of a serpent. She is described as "residing on the western height," in the fifth nome of the Delta. Later she was little known, although once she is called, curiously enough, "mother of Min."

And from this blog post I get this:

Usret:  literally, "the powerful one", perhaps an early version of "She-Who-must-be-obeyed".  She was a relatively obscure goddess who is rarely depicted, probably because her cult flourished (at Thebes, modern Luxor) during the Middle Kingdom in Egypt (roughly 2000-1700 BC), and very little remains of the temples of that period – they’ve mostly been broken up, re-used and covered over by later monuments.  Similarly, later, even more powerful goddesses supplanted her as objects of worship.  However, the Kings of the time, who came from her home town, saw her as their patron goddess, which was why several of them were named after her.

Thanks to Raheri pointing out that Wesret = Wosret, we have more information!

  • An image of Wosret (far right)
  • originally Amun's first wife, later replaced by Mut and identified with Hethert
  • carries/wears the Was sceptre; often shown holding weapons (spears, bow/arrows, axe)
  • local guardian deity of Thebes; pharaohs coming from that area named themselves for her (Senwesret/Senwosret/Usretsen/etc)
  • the Temple of Isis Usret suggests a possible link to Aset, as well
  • Wosret = Wosyet: protector of the young, entrusted with Horus in his youth - another link to Aset

My question is twofold - can anyone translate the name Te-net-wesret-en-per-nesu's meaning, and does anyone know anything more about Wesret as a Netjeru?

Many thanks for any help you can give!

Note: I will update this post as I find more information on Wesret/Usret.

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