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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re-introduction (another! lol)
« on: December 07, 2012, 02:18:02 am »
Em Hotep, everyone!

Let's see... where to begin?  I joined last year, on the forums, in hopes of taking the Beginner class.  I had some really crazy things happen, and needless to say, stopped logging on.

At the time I joined, Set had come into my life very strongly.  Thanks to some great people, I learned a lot.  He brought change, alright, but change I either couldn't or wouldn't accept.  So, things with him got put on the back burner (the entire story would be very long), until recently.  

Both Set and Sekhmet came roaring into my life, Sekhmet for the very first time (though I've always been fascinated by her).  A dear friend of mine (Iwa'at) has helped me so much, through this and before, and she's the reason I found the KO forums.  I have learned a good bit, and I'm just glad I have resources to understand Sekhmet and Set's role in my life.  Not only Sekhmet, but Hethert.  "Accept one, Accept both".  They have given this charge to me, and it makes sense from the things I've read, been through and have discussed with Iwa'at (at great length, I might add).  

She (Sekhmet) is requiring Senut of me.  I am preparing an altar in one room of my house, as my main altar is in my living room.  The Netjer are not too keen to share space with Pan (my patron for the last several years).  Long story on that one!!  But, a separate room, and separate practices, this is okay.

I am being guided by Iwa'at in the preparations for Senut, and the making of Natron.  Right now, I'm broke, and no money for kosher salt, but plenty of table salt...  It seems that is okay for now, the important thing is that I make the Natron, and perform Senut (I already have a dress just for that).

I have to apply for the next round of beginner classes, whenever that may be, and I do know I am to at least be divined.  As you can see, I've done a *lot* of thinking, researching on the appropriate path to go down, and meditated on this deeply.

This is long and rambling for an intro, as I do that. :-P  It's just my nature to be all over the place. lol  

I am very glad to be here, again, but I finally feel like this is coming home.  :-)

Blessings and Senebty,


Em Hotep, everyone! :)

Wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm taking the chance I cn put it here. lol  

I'm in the process of writing a blog on Set, for the Pagan Mom Blog, as a part of her "31 Days of Deity".  I have already written a piece on Pan, who is one of my Patrons.  I volunteered to write about Set, because I believe he deserves respect, and to dispel a lot of the inaccuracies (among other things, ::clears throat::).

I do not possess any copies of the Pyramid or Coffin Texts, nor do I have anything available except that which is online.  Iwa'at Bast-Mut has provided me with some info from the KO prayer book, and I love it.

I've also used the info on the site, as well as a couple reference links from there.  The Wikipedia article looks like it has a lot of inaccuracies, though I did find a couple random web-sites that looked spot on. :)

There are some other things available online, at, though I'm not sure how to find the info.

Does anyone have any favorite Set sites, or any online info I can get a hold of?  I'm getting a better picture of him daily, though I would like all the input I can get. I've got a good bit written, though I am going to expand on that, and refine what I have.

Any help will be appreciated, and I will give a shout out to the temple in the blog. :)



[PUBLIC] Welcome! / New here! :)
« on: July 06, 2011, 01:41:57 am »
Em Hotep! :)

I was directed here by a dear friend, and am excited to finally be able to post. :)

Set started coming around earlier this year, and has become an obsession.  My patron is Pan, however, Set is making his presence known.  I am learning why, but in the process of researching, I have been let to you all, and I am pleased at what I see. :)

Much love, and many blessings!


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