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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: New and Returning Faces
« on: March 10, 2019, 09:14:35 am »
Welcome back!

« on: March 10, 2019, 09:14:24 am »
DjedofWesir -- your shrine is beautiful! I really appreciate the simplicity. Both of your statues seem to emphasize a lot of strength <3

Sedjfai -- As always. Wow. I love how you have arranged things (and I will always love the statue of Father that you put so much effort into restoring.)

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Prayers for my kitty's health
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:44:19 am »
Prayers for continued improvement!

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Prayers please
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:44:03 am »
Many, many prayers for you Blue. I'm so sorry it's so painful right now, and that you have to work for suchlong shifts. Praying for your strength and for your comfort.

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Set and anger
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:31:38 am »
I’ve taken much of this post from thoughts I developed throughout a recent conversation, but thought they might be worth sharing here.

So I think part of the reason I haven't replied to this thread for a bit  was that, for me, anger just isn't the right word for my personal understanding of His reactions.  As Tjemsy noted here back in 2017 – if Set is destroying things, it is for a purpose, and a positive (or at the very least necessary!) one at that. What he does may look like anger, but (forgive me for briefly putting my counselor hat on here) anger is generally a secondary emotion. We perceive someone's emotion as anger when they lash out, but that's not the root of it, right? They're more likely embarassed/ashamed, overwhelmed, grieving, frightened, etc. He's too purposeful, too deliberate and calculated, in my experience of Him, to rely on the secondary factor of anger.

Now granted, yes, historically, we can see how that association exists.

Sedjfai earlier gave an excellent explanation of Set’s “anger” as divine wrath, so I won’t repeat overmuch but add my agreement there. We also have all of the various depictions of him as Sutekh "the drunken one" or discussion of His being loud, His roaring, all things associated with a lack of control and potentially conceptualized as anger.

And yet, personally, I would argue that even this behavior is a necessary thing. He provides the required contrast so that we can better understand what control looks like, He is loud so that we can understand the power of quiet. I see all of it as very much His deliberate choice to be the opposite so that there is balance, whether it is opposition in behavioral traits that we can learn from, the opposition to a nephew who needed to be tested in proof He would be strong enough as King, or the opposition to a brother who had to die so that the dead would have a King, have protection and structure.

And in all of that – I personally believe He is nothing but in control of Himself. He is and does these difficult (sometimes awful!) things, we can't ignore that or claim otherwise, but what does it mean for such things to happen within Ma'at? For me, I think it's deliberate, and I think it's *part* of maintaining that sacred balance. There are always consequences, and He bears them, and thus we have stories of what happens when you are "too loud" or "too brash" or "too" [insert other anger-associated reaction here.]

To the other points raised with the original post: I've never been angry with Him, though I have given Him my anger, because He explicitly gave me leave to do so. He reminded me that He was strong enough to withstand it (of course He was, He’s a god, but I still needed to hear that permission!) and I was much better off for having had the outlet. But even this was not anger *at* Him, so much as releasing anger *to* Him, and healing in the wake of it.

I don't believe He's ever been angry with me, though there has been disappointment (usually when I'm beating myself up over something stupid for the umpteenth time or wallowing in self-doubt. He has no time for that, and I’ve been far better off for it!)

I do think He can be... I'm still struggling for the right word here. So, in my experience, injustice bothers Him deeply. He is the god of the outcast, the misunderstood, and so He will defend them. And He can direct a whole lot of intensity at those who would hurt those people who live outside of positions of power. But even then... it's not an out of control sort of anger. It's a purposeful, cold, "You will not touch them."

The closest I've ever felt Him come to "anger" was when I first met Him, and He learned of how my ex was treating me in various ways. But even in that situation? I don't believe that the anger was really His, so much as it was Him opening something in me to realize how hurt I was, so that I could finally leave. I think the anger was mine. I think He just helped me find it so that I could break *myself* out of an extremely toxic situation.

If we're operating from the idea that none of the gods want to hurt us, but that they love us, and want us to do well (even when growth is difficult or painful), I struggle to see them ever single-handedly *creating* anger within us that wouldn’t have otherwise existed. But pointing it out? Making us look at it more clearly, so that we can then get to that root issue, whether it's hurt, frustration, grief, etc.? Absolutely.

Honestly, I believe Set can be something of a divine scalpel in that regard. Getting right at the heart of the problem with surgical precision… but yeah, even the most precise surgery hurts, even the most careful surgery has some recovery time. And sometimes there are complications that arise from surgery, or other things that have to change drastically in our lives because of what we need to fully rest and heal. None of these lessons around discovering our own anger are easy, and they are most certainly not comfortable if you allow any god into your life and They start pointing out all the rough bits you've been avoiding for years. In my experience, Set’s an expert there, and this is all very much tied up in how I personally understand His epithet, “Master Physician of Upper Egypt.”

So yes. It can be really hard to suss out where anger’s coming from, right? And I suspect too, people’s relationships with a specific Name can be impacted by other people they meet who blame their anger (and the behavior resulting from it) on a specific god. I know from my own experience I’ve met several people over the years who act a certain, negative way, and then claim that a Name (often Set, sometimes other deities) made them do it.

So I’m throwing my thoughts out there for consideration, that again – maybe it’s not so much His anger, but the anger we are already experiencing, or the anger we will discover once we confront the injustices in our own lives, that He is helping us to work through and learn from. In tandem with that process, I like to think that He offers what we need most: a warm, solid, secure oasis within His arms, the fierce encouragement to stand on our own feet, or even the more strict, firm command of a general I’ve heard some describe when they speak of Him.

He’s a complex Name for sure, but who better to help us tackle one of our most complex feelings?

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: desperate prayer for friend
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:16:33 am »
Continued prayers for your friend and her children.

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Prayers for a home for a black kitty
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:15:45 am »
Nekhtet for your assisting this lovely little friend, and prayers for her finding the perfect family through the rescue program. <3

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Prayers for baby
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:15:00 am »
Continued prayers!

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Re: Prayers for my kitty's health
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:14:06 am »
Nekhtet for Keiko being home! Continued prayers for her full recovery.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Another newbie joins!
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:59:46 pm »
Em hotep and welcome! Shoot me a DM if you ever want to talk about Bast -- I'm pretty happy to talk about Her at any time. <3

I can't do much myself for various health and financial reasons, but I have been supporting my husband in his charity endeavours. He started sponsoring a little girl in Somalia last year and I hope to be able to craft some things to send to her family. He's also getting more involved in his church and I encourage him in that (buying mince pies for local children, clearing the graveyard etc)

These are all wonderful ideas, and how fantastic that you are also supporting your partner in his support of others. Thank you for sharing with us!

Em hotep!

Thus far, I have decided to sponsor a child in Egypt. It is a commitment that I have made until he comes of age and achieves his dream of being an accountant. :)

The second task that is in the works, is to shadow an embalmer to test my mettle. If I am able to handle it, then I plan on possibly pursuing funerary work in honor of Anpu, who led me to Kemetic Orthodoxy in the first place.

In addition, or if unable to do funerary work, then I plan on volunteering at a cemetery.

It isn't a whole lot, but every little drop makes an ocean as they say. :) I love reading everyone's ideas and plans. It makes me feel so good to know such awesome humans.

These are fantastic ideas all around! How are things going? I realize we're only a few weeks on from your post, but I'd love to hear how it works out for you. <3

Cool stuff! I really like you ideas!

I did a charity thing on the solstice. The budget that usually goes into Christmas presents was donated to the Cairo Cycling Geckos:
I love this initiative. They promote women's rights, they promote cycling for health and environmental benefits, and  they help poor people and refugees - all in one project!



That is such a fantastic (and fascinating!) program. Thank you both for sharing it with us, and for supporting their work.

Em hotep, Rev. Saryt!

I will be continuing to volunteer at the monthly herbal free clinic, providing herbal consultations to people and mixing up teas, tinctures, and salves as needed.


Nekhtet for this, Neshnyt! As someone fortunate to have received your assistance in the past, I'm grateful to hear that others will be receiving your assistance and wisdom. <3 Much love to you and all success with this ongoing effort.

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: I'm back (again...)
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:42:20 pm »
Welcome back!

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