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Hello again! I'm still thinking about relationships between deity and devotee, but this time, I'm interested to see how others relate to aspected deities. I currently have the poll above set to allow 4 votes per person, in case you have a bunch of different combinations going on. I believe I can increase the number of votes, so if anyone has Ptah-Sokar-Wesir and Nebthet-Nit-Seshat as Parents, with Yinepu-Wepwawet, Sekhmet-Hethert, and Aset-Serqet as Beloveds, let me know, hehe.

Personally, I have Sekhmet-Hethert as a Parent, but I experience her as very strongly Sekhmet. On the other hand, I have Wepwawet-Yinepu as a Beloved, but am interested in honoring both. At this time, I will choose "I work with both names, but one is more present..." for those two, since Wepwawet is considerably more present at this time.

To those who have aspected Parents, do you consider yourself to be the child of both names (i.e. a child of Wepwawet and Yinepu), or only one? I was playing around on the member search the other day, and came across someone who had 3 parents listed: both names of an aspected deity, and one non-aspected deity. It got me thinking. ^^;

Hello, all! I've been trying to figure out my lineup (i.e. who are they, how do they relate to me) for a bit now. I'm solid on Set, Sekhmet, Bast, and Wepwawet; I have a good understanding of Set and Wpwt's "personalities," in particular, and upon reflection, I can identify the influence of these four all the way back to early childhood. Heru-Wer and Taweret are more difficult. I think Sekhmet's fierce mothering might be overshadowing Taweret, so I'm having trouble getting a read on her. Heru-Wer is pretty much a big question mark; I get the sense that he might have something to do with my "morality," but beyond that, I'm not feeling him at all. Since this is an intuitive process, I don't think that simply pouring over lists of their epithets is the way to go about achieving understanding. Maybe just chatting with other members about these two will help? ^^;

How do you experience Heru-Wer/Taweret? What kind of "personality" do they seem to have? Is there anything specific that Heru-Wer/Taweret work with you on (if that's not too personal, of course)?

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Nebthet Says "Hello!"
« on: August 12, 2015, 06:35:39 pm »
Hello, all! I've had Nebthet on the brain lately. Dunno if this is because she has a procession, like, now, or because I'm a Set-kid (any Set kids work with Nebthet?), or what, but I am looking for information of all kinds! Unfortunately, she seems to be kind of tricky to find information about; most of what I've read of her has been the same thing over and over. No new information, not a lot of depth. I've read the Prayerbook's entry on her (and the whole book, hehe), her Henadology page, her section on both and Wpwt Wiki, and a bit from Geraldine Pinch's "Egyptian Mythology."

I am, in particular, looking for information about Nebthet as
  • Mistress of the House: this epithet is everywhere, but is never really explained. Does Nebthet seem to have a role as a "household goddess?" If so, in what way?
  • Having literally anything even remotely to do with fate.
  • Connected to the Akhu? My Akhu are very important to me, but I am absolutely petrified of the unfamiliar dead. In this sense, I'm totally spooked that I'm thinking about Nebthet, who is associated with dead people. ;.;
  • "The Revealer?"
  • An Eye of Ra? I've seen her described as a Eye, but her reserved personality makes processing this confusing for me. Didn't she have a lunar association? I'm terribly confused...

Reasons I'm kind of hiding under my bed on this one:
  • I'm really, seriously petrified of the unfamiliar dead.
  • A lot of my family has been having serious health problems. Is this a bad sign? D:
  • The NTR I work with all kind of make up "who I am." Nebthet is very often associated with mourning. I am really hoping I am not meant to be associated with mourning. ;__;

Halp, guiz. Hallppp. D:

[PUBLIC] FAQ: RPD (Rite of Parent Divination) / Late-Appearing Beloveds?
« on: August 10, 2015, 07:23:25 pm »
Hello! I am looking for information on Beloveds who are divined after one's initial RPD. I know virtually nothing about this topic, so feel free to just Wall of Text me. Hehe. Some particular questions I have are below.

Questions for those who had Beloveds show up after their initial RPD (if they're not too personal):
  • When did you get the sense you might have had a(n) additional Beloved(s)? How long was this after your RPD?
  • When you received your additional Beloved(s), did you guess who they would be? Were you right?
  • Has anyone received a second Beloved divination, but found out they don't have one? What I'm really trying to find out with these last two questions in particular is, is the divination approached in a way that is "Is _____ a Beloved for this person?" or does one essentially get a re-RPD which?
  • In what circumstances are additional Beloved divinations given (i.e. do you need to meet a certain criteria)?
  • Has anyone received more than one Beloved divination (after the RPD)?

[PUBLIC] Prayer Requests / Pre-RPD Weirdness
« on: July 09, 2015, 09:22:55 pm »
So, I just got an e-mail asking me to pick a date for my RPD. I'm excited, but I feel like nothing I've said or done since I read that e-mail has made any sense. Poor Hemet. I sent her like 3 e-mails. First, I picked the dates but forgot to specify the method. Then, I remembered one of the dates I sent didn't work, because I have a staff meeting at that time, silly me. Then, I thought that because these dates are quite soon, maybe I should have tagged my response as "urgent." Even though it didn't say whether to tag it or not. So I sent it AGAIN and tagged it as urgent. Poor Hemet. ;__;


When ya'll did your RPD, were you this much of a mess? XD I feel like I should crawl in a hole. And hide. Forever. ;____;

EDIT: AND! I put this in the prayer request forum! Why? I don't know! This is what I'm talking about, people! Make it stop! ;__;

[PUBLIC] FAQ: RPD (Rite of Parent Divination) / RPD - Payment
« on: June 27, 2015, 09:05:22 pm »
Hello, all!

I'm (attempting) to send in my RPD questionnaire! I'm sending my payment via Paypal, and I'm not sure what "option" I should select. If you click "Send & Request" on the top bar, it gives you the options "Pay for goods and services" or "Send money to friends and family." Which one of these do I choose?

Thank you for your assistance. <3

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Incense?
« on: July 13, 2014, 10:24:35 am »
Em Hotep all,

I was thinking of burning some incense for the NTR. Does anyone know of any scents that were used in antiquity, as far as offerings go? Is there anything I should specifically stay away from, on that front, such as scents that were thought to be unappealing (Fishy smells? Not that that's usually incense, but you know.)?

On a separate note, does anyone use incense for purification purposes, and are there any historically-attested scents for that?

[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Introductions
« on: April 27, 2014, 09:19:12 am »
Hello, all. I'm Meg, pleased to meet you. I am a 24-year-old with an Associate's in Early Childhood Education. Trying really hard to get my Bachelor's, but alas, money is the thing there. Hopefully I will go back to school in the fall!

I applied to the Beginner's Class 'round the very start of April but haven't had a reply back yet. I know the Nisut has been away until recently, though, so I'm not sure if I should resend or just sit tight. -headtilt- I'm very excited for the classes!

I originally started researching Kemeticism because my then-partner expressed an interest in working with Anpu. I knew pretty literally nothing about Kemeticism or the NTR or Egypt - honestly, I was always way more into Greek Mythology. Religion can be a really big thing, though, and I didn't want that to cause a divide between us because I didn't know anything about it. Eventually, I found myself way more interested in Kemeticism than anything. It just sort of clicked with me. Not knowing anything about Egypt or anything and having a strong interest in Greek Mythology, I got to the point where I was stubbornly -forcing- myself to read more about Hellenism when I really wanted to read about Kemeticism. Then I got "How long are you going to pretend you're not Kemetic?"

Enter Set. Well, not really. He's been around before then, but that was my major "a-ha" moment, I guess. I suppose I'm a somewhat unexpected Setian, what with my name being "rainbowrosepetals" and my tone being "Yaaayy, Kemeticism! -throws glitter-" and all. I've had an exceptionally rough life. I've been the only rational person in a never-ending swarm of incredibly toxic and abusive people for...always. I consider myself to be some kind of "corruption magnet," and when things get especially terrible, like if I end up completely in over my head, everything (metaphorically, thankfully) goes up in flames and I'm forced to go somewhere else. -blinks- Yeah. Set makes sense to me. I like him quite a lot.

Well, that was a lot longer than I thought it would be. So um, yeah. Hi. -waves-

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