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Quote from: Caledvolc
Now to me, the tricksy thing would be, what is the exact translation of the word cited as "murder" and what was the Kemetic definition of that word.  One of the problems with looking at ancient ethical standards is that we tend to view them from our own modern POV.  How did those of Kemet define "murder"?

I have no idea what the AE definition of murder would be - that's a great question!  Just IMHO, though, 99% of us can only define things by our own modern perspective, and I don't think the gods would expect anything else of us to be honest.

I also agree that taking a life in self defense/defense of loved ones including fellow countrymen (kill or be killed) is not murder.  Whether you agree with the reasons for a war or not, the soldiers out there being shot at to ensure our freedoms (and those of the people they may be fighting for in the foreign country) have to be able to shoot back, yes?  I find it sticky with the folks watching an execution and enjoying it - if the person being executed had murdered my loved one in some horrible way, I just might enjoy watching them die too.  Not proud of that fact, just sayin'.

oops - sorry, I forgot about not having access to AtN unless you're at last a beginner...

And yep, you did say devil's advocate, and I did get that - just advocating back atch'ya ;)

Hotep Tek!  Yes, Ap_p's creation was accidental - but Ap_p and isfet are two different things.  It was Hemet Herself you said that intent is what matters with isfet - just do a search on isfet in the ATN forum, and you'll find it. :)

Em hotep, Raheri - neat topic!

One of the big questions in KO is, what exactly is isfet?

To paraphrase Hemet, isfet is the action of undoing creation itself.  We add to this by doing bits and pieces that can further the uncreation of creation; things like gereg, or lying (both in word and thought); and binet, or behaving badly (actions, not just words or thoughts).

Also according to Hemet, what really matters in these cases is whether or not we actually meant to do it.  So, to purposefully lie, behave badly, or to not choose to act within ma'at, all contributes to isfet; accidentally doing so, does not.

Choosing to act within ma'at not only shows character; it shows *good* character.  Kudos, Raheri!  :)

Quote from: TheDisreputableDog
They are rainbow thermals with matching slippers. :D  

Sounds too cute!  Mine are gray flannel with pink lace. :D

Yay for comfy new PJ's! Just bought a set myself... :D

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Offerings for Sekhmet?
« on: July 29, 2007, 11:42:37 am »
 [color:#993399]Em hotep, A'abat!

In my (admittedly limited) experience Father is a bit of a health nut - literally ;) - nuts, grains - hard to go wrong with your standard bread and beer.  He also likes offerings of writing supplies (journals, pens, etc) and of course games of strategy like chess, checkers, etc - next time you play, dedicate your game to Him... :)  [/color]

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Offerings for Sekhmet?
« on: July 08, 2007, 07:25:30 pm »
Quote from: Djehutymenekh
Yes, She's a great lady indeed.  I've been on the receiving end of Her grace more times than I've earned or deserved.


Killian's anyone?

 [color:#993399]I have a bottle of that in the fridge right now, with Sekhmet's name on it.  :) [/color]

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: Your Shemsu Name and You
« on: March 15, 2007, 05:49:55 pm »
[color:#993399]Ooh, more fun stuff!  [/color]

For the already named: Part A.

1.) What is your Shemsu name and meaning?

[color:#993399]Senushemi - "It is Two Who walk with me"  [/color]

2.) What is your RPD lineup?

[color:#993399]Sat Bast her Djehuty, meryt Sekhmet-Hethert  [/color]

3.) How long have you been named, and how long did you wait before being named?

[color:#993399]I had my RPD on 11/22/05, and was named about a week later, at the very next naming ceremony. So I've been named for... 15 1/2 months now. :)  [/color]

4.) Are there any interesting puns in your name that you have heard of? Please share them if you're willing to.

[color:#993399]Not that I'm aware of, but I haven't really researched it yet either. [/color]

5.) Did you try to figure out what your name would be before you got it? If so, were you close?

[color:#993399]No, I had no idea what it would be, although I had hoped it would have either Mom or Dad in it somewhere... and actually, I got both of Them in there.  :D [/color]

6.) Did you use any Kemetic names before you got your Shemsu name? If so, what were they and what did they mean?

[color:#993399]No, I was coming from an eclectic/Celtic Wicca spiritual path at the time; I was using Cerridwen as my screen nick.  :) [/color]

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