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Em hotep everyone,

MBTI is not about the test.  The test is garbage, worthless, and should never be trusted or used. 

The test is mostly a marketing shtick and a rip off of what MBTI professionals will use in typing a client but even so, it is not the whole or main beef of the typing practice and it does not constitute the whole of what MBTI REALLY is. 

MBTI is about cognitive functions or more simply put, different ways humans analyze and compile information.

There are 8 cognitive functions.  Everyone has all 8 and we use them in our day to day lives but there a specific few we prefer and use more naturally than others. 

In order to label yourself correctly, you would have to study all 8 of the cognitive functions and then study HOW you most naturally think.  CBT says that how you think influences how you feel and behave and that is generally true.  There are trends of behavior and traits amongst people of the same type.

The Enneagram test is not as worthless as the MBTI test but you would still need to study all of the enneatypes to discover your core type.  Enneagram is about your core fears and desires. 

You will see bits and pieces of yourself in all of the Enneagram but the one you identify with most, the one that you can conceptualize as being your main drive is your core type.  In addition, everyone has two lesser core types in Enneagram. 

Typing yourself in any system requires a lot of introspection.  It isn't a simple as taking a test.  It can take a good while to figure yourself out to the extent that you hone in on what drives you or how you tend to interpret the world. 

Sorry if I sound a bit aggressive or irritated.  Most people do not have a clue about what typology is all about and then they deem it nonsense because the marketing for typology is terrible.  It's accurate, in as much, as what it focuses on.

And don't even get me started on those types of people who dismiss it because they think they are such, "super special magical unicorn-snowflakes" that they can't be labeled for anything.  As I said, it's accurate, in as much as what it focuses on.  With MBTI, the focus is on how you analyze or compile information.  With Enneagram, the focus is on your core fears and desires and how that relates to the development of drives that motivate you to do or behave in certain ways.

I have to yet to be divined (hopefully, that will change soon).  But for anyone curious, I'm ENTP and my core type is 5w6. 


By statistics, most of the people on the forum are probably INFP. 

The reason being is that INFP's tend to be withdrawn, eclectic individuals.  Many of them, just by nature, turn to the internet to share their experiences with others like them.  In addition, INFP's tend to be one of the most spiritual of MBTI types.

I'm not saying that most Shemsu or Remetj with the House of Netjer are INFP.  I'm saying that, by statistical likelihood, the people on the forums are most likely to be INFP or Introverted-Intuitive types. 

The challenge with creating a poll by enneagram type or by MBTI type or both is how long it would be.  There are so many Names and so many variations of the Names and there are 16 cognitive types and 9 enneatypes, 18 if you count both the core type and the wing types. 

It would be a MASSIVE poll.   

Thank you everyone for your answers.

Ironically, I got impressions that I should make a post about enneagram and MBTI with the Names and the children of the Names before I read the new responses to the thread.

I'm very fluent in MBTI and enneagram.  I've studied both for several years now.  So, is anyone interested in a thread about the enneagram or MBTI types of the children who share Names? 

I think it's doable.  But it will be a headache to put together. 

[PUBLIC] Kemetic Orthodox Q&A / Re: How do the Gods communicate to you?
« on: February 28, 2016, 02:22:49 pm »
Em Hotep,

The Names that I'm closest to at this time are Wesir and Aset.  I find I can hear Them both.  But I will say They only tell me as much as I'm willing to hear from Them....if that makes sense. 

In my experience, Wesir tends to make kind suggestions of what He'd like me to do but Aset is more commanding and asserting of what She wants and expects from me.  I find Aset wants me to worship other Names than for me to focus exclusively on Her and Wesir.  She has introduced me to many of Them.  She tells me how She wants me to do rituals and ceremonies honoring the various Gods of the pantheon.  I do present Her with the little offering I am able to give Her but She doesn't seem that interested in it. 

But answering your question more directly, I hear the Names more often than I dream Them or "feel" Them.  But it varies a bit from time to time.  I have dreamed of Ptah though He was completely silent in the dream (surprise).  Bastet communicates with me verbally, like in my head, but also through feelings, of which, She is infamous for doing.

I'm certain everyone knows there's a great deal of ambiguity with communication with the Gods, especially when you are hearing them.  They will let you know.  Don't feel like your method of communicating with them is wrong or not as good as another's.  It's different for everyone.

I'm also a practicing Hellenic Polytheist, (or Olympist if you're super anal about terms) but with the Olympian Gods, I rarely EVER get verbal or visual communication or signs from Them.  I must say, They're a very introverted bunch.  I get a "feeling" of Their presence but I find, personally, that They're not as forthcoming and involved as the Kemetic Gods are.  Or they're not involved in the same way.  I find their "presence" inspires good behavior and movement but the Names are more mentoring and involved.

My advice, be open.  Be open to anything, anytime.  Don't force it.  Perhaps introduce yourself and say you're open to Their guidance and direction.  Read about Them and think about Them.  These are acts of devotion.  Pray, make offerings during Senut, and do whatever you need to until you have forged a connection.   

It is well-known that Hemet felt particularly moved by biblical Samuel saying, "Hear I am, Lord, send me!" as a child.  Even though Samuel honored a different God under a different theology, it would not hurt to follow his example.  Be open and willing like Samuel.



Aset and Wesir are coming through very strongly for me.  Bast comes in some and I also get bits of Heru-sa-Aset and Hethert.   

Thank you everyone for answering. 

We all know we're different and I wasn't trying to insinuate that you'd be twins or near exact copies of your spiritual siblings, I was merely curious if there was anything you have noticed.  Like Rayashi pointed out, you'll find what you want to see if that's what you have set out to do.

I'm not trying to establish a litmus test for determining spiritual siblings or Parents (though the story Padjaiemweru told about the early House's bets and Bast-lings body types was really funny) but as a few of you have said, there is a "something something" that you can't describe that is shared amongst your spiritual siblings. 

I wouldn't ponder long on it either.  Official disclaimer:  Not interested in establishing a litmus test or suggesting twin personalities amongst spiritual siblings or that Netjer chooses us based on how alike we are.

But anyway, I have enjoyed your answers so far.

Em hotep everyone,

I'm obviously new so this is my first formal hello.  I will be accepted as a Remetj very soon and I've not yet be divined.  For reference, you can call me by my username.  Bear with me as I figure forum posting out. 

I had a question regarding the similarities between Shemsu and Remetj who share the same Parent or Parents.  This question is directed at those who have been divined. 

Have any of you noticed any similarity in the personality, character, life experience etc. of people who share your spiritual Parent?  Preferably, people who share your exact Parent line-up.  I'm not so much interested in the entire line-up, Beloveds included, but if you have noticed any keen similarities amongst people who share your "exact" line-up - I'd love to hear about it.

I've searched thoroughly and I have not seen a question posted about this but I apologize if it's been answered already. 

There was one thread that kind of veered off into this direction but it dealt more with how certain Gods behave with Their children, and Their children being open to that style, as opposed to the similarities amongst the children as focal point.  For example, Aset, Set, and Sekhmet are Names notorious for being very commanding, aggressive, or tending to utilize tough love while Names like Hethert or Bastet have been known to be sweet and more gentle with their spiritual children.  And if you have those Parents, you're more likely to respond better to Their respective ways of encouraging you. 

So anyway, have you noticed any unifying or common factors amongst people who share your Spiritual Parents?  Obviously we're all different but I thought it was possible.

Wishing you all the best,

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