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Requests for oracles are now closed.

I'm adding everyone who responded before now on the list and I'll be working through them

Keep in mind that I still have some new responsibilities on my shoulders and while I'll be working through these diligently, I'll be required elsewhere too

Em hotep all!

I begin doing oracles again today but, unfortunately, my process is being slowed down by some necessary mundane aspects in my life. 

I'll still be doing oracles but adult responsibilities are going to slow down my progress. 

Everyone is still getting their oracle... it's just going to take me a bit longer to do them with a new responsibility I've had to take on

Thank you and senebty

...and Dua Wesir!

Iwy em hotep all

So far, I've done 17 oracles in total. 

I have 25 oracles I need to do

If you needed divination for your oracle to better understand it, I've created a separate list of people who need that and I'm going to be waiting until I've nearly finished them all before I start that. 

Sorry about the wait.  I won't be able to do any today or on Sundays because of no access to a computer

If anyone would like me to send them their number on the list and what number I'm currently at, then please feel free to PM me and I can set you up with that

Today, I finished 3 oracles.

Iwy em hotep nefer! 

I won't comment on the ritual purity aspect because I'm uncertain if I'm overlooking something. 

But I know some people keep live plants for their Gods. 

Wesir and Geb are Gods I have tended live plants for. 

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: New year, new Beloved!
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:04:07 pm »

So happy for you!!

Thoroughly confused by of mine, is She referring to Yinepu?  Thank you for this.  Hug's

I imagine so   I won't know for sure since I'm just the messenger but we can do divination if you like to solidify the details

PM me if you need that, Temseni.  Your's was probably the most confusing

Em hotep, Tawa'u!

I think I know what you're talking about. 

To save time so I can make the most of my friend's computer, I like to copy and paste the disclaimer and I think someone else's name was probably in the original post that I started doing that.

It's definitely for you.  The name is just wrong.  :)  I'll try to be more careful about that in future messages.  I think I did edit the name out, actually 

thank you for posting this and senebty

I finished 6 oracles today...I hope to do as many or more tomorrow since I have more free time but I'll be tied up on Friday and Saturday and I may not be able to get them out on Sunday either >.<

Thank you all for your patience

Much love and senebty

I've got you on the list now, Tanakht

Senebty and Happy New Year

I'll put you on the list Shariwepwawet :)

Thank you and happy New year

Thank you, SpaghettiYeti!  I hope it issues comfort to you in the New Year :)

I've sent 2 more oracles out and I hope to do another two but I'll have to see if I can borrow my device for any longer time. 

Please tell me if you get your oracles so I know the forums didn't eat them

**I finished 4 today.


Thank you, Temseni.  I appreciate it!

I have finished 4 and sent 4 out today.  I hope to do as much tomorrow. 


Em hotep everyone,

I have a few clarifications to make.

**Aset is hijacking the individual oracles for people this year.  She'll speak on behalf of the other Gods.  What you receive is from Them to Her to me.

**These are Oracles or channeled messages.  Not divination. 

**The list is 20 something names long.  I am dedicating time to doing oracles each day but typing them up is the challenge since I use my phone for Internet and am using a friend's computer to type Oracles out because they tend to be very long. 

Oracles consist of a mix of blurbs from the future, advice, comfort, and sometimes heka from the Other end in Kemetic Oracles.... they're often at least three pages long
I start typing some up today


You are on the list, Akhyt!  :)

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