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I think everyone may be missing the point here. You will never see an image of the scales in a position other than balanced. BALANCE is key to universal Mc3t. The scales are a metaphor to that end. If you wanted to get technical look at spell 30. It literally asks the heart to not speak or LIE against the departed! Truth is a double-edged sword as can be seen in her twin images. From the time one is born, actions, thoughts & prayers are the measure of a person. The scales are simply a visualization of a person's place in the cosmos.

Hi there~

I can only answer the 1st question. Smr wcty “unique friend of the king” is a derivative of sm3 “associate” (Sethe’s Urkunden IV). BOTH are masculine nouns. No doubt sm “priest” shows a history of the word in the masculine. It depends on the determinatives. Smr is also “to inflict pain” by altering the suffix glyphs. Senemut’s title was indeed unique (Smr wcty being a special court title) … & so was Hatchepsut as a female ruler using masculine titulars!

Hope that helps :).

[PUBLIC] Netjer (Our Gods & Goddesses) / Re: Djrhuti and artwork
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:00:08 am »
Your question is whether Djehuti’s attributes encompass a sort of “patron deity,” when a spiritual artifact is created, the item being “written” into the cosmos. A marvelous query! While Djehuti is certainly the patron of scribes, Ptah is equally the patron deity of sculptors & craftsmen (see the Shabakka Stone & it’s creation myth). In fact, there are still remnants of Ptah in the Hebrew language with words like ‘patzakh’ (פתןח) = sculpture/engraving. To Quote Foy Scalf, “(The Egyptians) believed that language & writing were imbued with magical power & that reciting & recording such declarations would make the statements come true.” (KMT vol 28, no.4, winter 2017=18). The same concept holds true for physical objects that are ‘vessels’ for some spirt, particularly statues & figurative carvings. They all face forward so they can engage the devotee. How apropos to be ‘written into existence.’!!! :)

Since ‘art’ was always spiritual (no art for art’s sake), nothing was arbitrary. Paintings & sculpture followed a proportional system based on the cubit, which is based on man (27-digits, 7-palms). As Djehuti “measured out the cosmos” & held the divine cubit he is, in a sense, a part of the creation of spiritual objects in tandem with Ptah. Though some sculptors, especially some famous ones named ‘Djehuti’ from the Amarna period, seem to lean in the direction of our sacred ibis as an ‘enabler’ to those creating, rather than the known patron Ptah.

Hope this isn’t as confusing as it came out 😊!

Father is most often "tef" symbolized by Gardiner's X-1 (bread loaf) & I-9 (horned viper). It runs from the OK onward.

It's a cropped portion from the BOD. & the hand is in cursive hieroglyphs that looks like the Hunefer or Ani papyrii. Some of the Gods mentioned are Horus, Djehuti, Re & sinmply "the Gods." Also mentioned are "my heart," "the scales" & "born (of) the Gods." Probably from the chapter of weighing of the heart. Hope that helps :)

Thank you Senuwierneheh~~

Ram II had dozens of sons (at least 6-principal sons in KV-5), so I'm uncertain to which one you are referring (Seti II?). However, thanks for the well wishes on the Amenmesse project (he was a minor Rameside era king). With some luck, excavations will be complete next season. Dr. Ikram has taken over the concession & is an amazing lady. I doubt anyone could do a better job of finishing the task. It's what Dr. Schaden wanted.

Keep the faith for Bezenwepwy!

Greetings Meresinepu~~

Since Dr. Schaden's passing & the "revolution" in Egypt, things have been stagnant until this year. We were only 5-persons this year; 3-full time at KV-10. The ARCE meeting is in Kansas City next week & Dr. Salima Ikram, our "Mudira," will be speaking about recent developments. She has taken over the mission &, with luck, the first publishing can begin in perhaps 2-3 years.

It takes time & dedication for these things to come to fruition. I will be starting a new website for both KV-10 & KV-63, the Amenmesse Project, soon. It will encompass both tombs under their proper designation that Dr. Schaden's concession was under.

With some luck I can also get back to making ritual items for members. Tho, currently, my prayers are with Bezenwepwy. She needs us all to pray for her. Pass it on.

Ma Salama

Dear Members~~

I'm new here & this is my first post. I was away in Egypt when my site access was approved. So "Greetings" to all!  :) Some of you know
me but many don't. This little note is not a plug & I hope the moderators see it as such.  As the SOLE proprietor of ChiapporiArts I, have had my hands full, tho many thanks to those whom have visited my website & made purchases. The neteru, it would appear, have tasked me with events beyond my control & that has taken a toll on producing the artifacts I so love. After reading Sedjfaiemitui's post (& she's a great gal!), it sounded as if she was a bit perturbed so I felt it necessary to provide an update & clarification of how things work/are working. Firstly, a shout-out to Bezenwepy whom has had her own issues & started me down this path initially, as a loose association that took a while to be "found" & folks could afford my items.
I accidentally stumbled across this website looking at Naos shrines. This man creates custom made statues, ceremonial items, amulets, scribal pallettes, papyrus, stelea, shrines (that can be customized), and even rods with cubit measurements.

He does not use plastics or manufactured (manmade) materials. You can even send him the stone or wood you would like the statue to be made from if you wish. The copyright at the bottom is rather old. So I do not know if he even does things anymore.

 I still wanted to share because this made me really excited.

Peter still does commissions that I am aware of (he and I do talk from time to time, though I haven't dropped him a line in many months. I should rectify this). However, his waiting list is EXTREMELY long and his work takes significant time to complete.

My Herishef bronze pectoral commission is now in its fifth year, and at this point, I don't know that it'll ever be finished. People who have commissioned different projects after me have had their work finished long before progress has been made on mine. If you do ever ask him to make something for you, be aware that your project may not be finished for years, particularly if it's anything involving lost wax casting or fine woodworking (as with the shrines and Wesir statuettes he advertises his services specifically for).

Pretty sure Bezenwepwy's project is on the waiting list, too. Her commission is at least as old as mine, if not older. :P

The explanation:
A.) I'm an architect. It takes several hundreds of thousands of $$$ & 8-years (1 less than a doctor) to become licensed.
So one can imagine the projects I've undertook in my life to make a living.
B.) In 2009 the great recession hit &, like most in my field, was put out for sometime "allowing me" to pursue all the crafts I've been making piecemeal for years.
C.) A friend of mine lost his home, & everything he owned, in a fire a few years ago & that was the first bump in the road. It was a very large estate & took a good chunk of time from doing anything else. Can you imagine loosing everything you own in one night?!? It was a horrible affair & ate up almost 2-years time.
D.) After that, when I thought I could gear-up again, A good friend passed away, Dr, Otto Schaden. Arguably the greatest Egyptoligist to ever grace the Valley of the Kings & excavated there before any of us were born. As a
direct consequence, I am now tasked with the entire archiving of the two tombs he was working on. The last, KV-63, was the first tomb found since King Tut & a stone's throw away. This project has been taxing beyond belief as most of the documents are hand written & many photos were prior to the invention of the digital camera. I'm putting everything in digital format for the first time in history. Not even the Egyptian Ministries have done that nor care to, since they rely on foreign missions to do all the work. I'm also assisting with his estate & ensuring special & rare items find a good home. Hence my inability to take on COMPLEX projects.
The consequences:
A.) There has been an uptick in interests for custom shrines. These are the most complex items & require the greatest amount of time to produce, as I work with clients developing a suitable design using 3D software before starting. Prices for these generally start close to $1000. (the one on my site went for $800 some years ago & that was "stock"). I use many different wood species to create these & each one is unique. They are not museum copies. Because that's what all the best museum reproduction shops are cranking out...COPIES. All my shrines are the real deal, made with the same authentic attention to detail as any original artifact.
B.) Sedjfaiemitui has indeed waited several years for her amulet. HOWEVER, I told her up front that it may take some time &, to date, I have not taken A penny of her money. Bronze casting is very expensive but I have made her a pewter master that is cast like originals. Casting is different than PMC clay that is shaped & the clay burned away. Jen's kiln died some time ago as the small one she had was not meant for production work. But she made great stuff! If the demand was great enough, I would have purchased one myself. But the case is, demand seems low & folks don't generally have the $'s for a genuine cast amulet.
I'm here & alive. It pains me deeply that any project must be put on hold. I hope all can appreciate the magnitude, scope & importance of the work I'm doing... including hieratic transliterations & joining the mission again in the Valley for the benefit of archaeology, Egyptology, mankind & the legacy of Prof. Schaden. It is my hope the kemetic community will grasp that research. Knowing, new finds are what drives our understanding of the ancients & the amazing religion they left us. Please bear with me in these times of necessary delays. I can, & have done, smaller less complex projects such as papyrus hymns & even cubit rods. A nice break amidst everything.
So feel free to contact me on the simple things but know, there is a back log for shrines & statues. I hope by July I can get things going full swing again (neteru permitting).
Thank you all for your patronage! I hope I can start production full-swing again to make items of every description for your special needs. OOXX's to Sedjfaiemitui & Bezenwepy. I hope to be a more involved part of the community once life returns to normal.
All my best,

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