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Em hotep!

Quote from: Raheri
Purification #6

Hail Pair of Lions, coming from the sky, I do not distort speech.

This particular purification invokes Shu and Tefnut. These are two Names I have little experience with. I believe they represented air and moisture to the ancients. Water and oxygen are essential to life, and Shu and Tefnut represent the basics of life and creation (being the children of the Self-Created One).

By proclaiming this purification, we are basically saying that we don’t twist words or lie. What does this mea and how does it effect us? Just take a look at society today. When you thing of someone who distorts the truth, other people’s words, their own words, or who is a pathological liar; how do you feel about this person? Would you want to be this person?

A person’s character can be seen from what issues from their mouth. If I complain everyday about everything, eventually I will be a very unhappy person; not finding joy in anything. If I twist the words of my friends to take advantage of situations; then I will soon have no friends.

Speech for me is essential for life. Maybe speech is the wrong word, perhaps communication is better. Communication is essential just like air and water; like Shu and Tefnut. If we surround our bodies with distortions and illusions, the air becomes toxic and the water poisoned. Life then cannot continue and we will die.

May Netjer help me in all I do to be true of voice, so that I too may join the glorious akhu and be vindicated.


Before I came across Kemetic Orthodoxy, I always felt like words were... overrated, for a lack of a better word. I didn't think what you said mattered, because you could always manipulate things with it. Plus, words were just an invention. Unlike emotions which are true and definitive (even if you have mixed feelings about something, you can't lie to yourself about how you feel), words are nothing more than a "thing."

I now know that words are as important as the feelings behind that we speak of. I remember reading a quote somewhere.. I can't remember it for the life of me. Maybe it was on someone's signature, but I really don't know... Anyway, it said, "I know You because I know Your Names." This makes so much sense to me know, since I can understand that since words are our best and most precise means of communication, we must speak what we mean clearly. Otherwise, people's interpretation of you may be distorted, and that, of course, can create all sorts of problems. As a result, I feel that this is an extremely essential Purification.

I'm sort of rambling now, but I guess what I'm saying that that I agree with you, Raheri. Without air and moisture, life wouldn't be where it is today. Without words and communication, we wouldn't be where we are today. I sometimes like to think about the development of society, and basically how the foundation of all we have created--medicines, techonology, and so on--is communication.


Em hotep!


Quote from: bunji

When you say that Hemet(AUS) says it is translated to "necessary offerings," I feel like it is offerings to not only the Akhu but also the Names. Does anyone else feel this way?

Shall we continue discussing?  :whistle:


Em hotep!

Quote from: Raheri

Purification 5

Hail Terrible-Faced One, coming from Rosetjau, I do not disobey requirements.

When I first read this Purification, I was not sure what exactly it meant. I felt, though, that the "requirements" it speaks of is in more of a general sense. When you say that Hemet(AUS) says it is translated to "necessary offerings," I feel like it is offerings to not only the Akhu but also the Names. Does anyone else feel this way?

I have to confess that I do not have an Akhu shrine... reason being, I haven't had any close family members pass into the West. Although, on February 3rd of this year, I did have an Uncle pass into the West, and I do plan on creating my Akhu shrine for him. Lack of time has not yet let me do so, though. With that said, I can't really contribute to this part of the discussion...


Em hotep Raheri!

I always have defined "murder" as the act of taking away another's life... I feel like human beings never have an excuse to take another's life, both animals and men (unless it is to eat. Even then, it shouldn't be reckless killing where there is waste, etc). I feel that if I am to kill even a bug, I am committing murder... This may seem out of line, but who am I to decide that I can take the life of a spider or roach just because it is living in my house, which by the way was originally his house which man has built on top of? With that said, I still have found myself sometimes killing bugs because I panic and instinctively kill them before I can catch and release them outside.

But that doesn't affect this purification because it is speaking specifically about men. But with the previous said, I personally don't feel that war, capital punishment, etc can be justified. It is all murder in my eyes. The one thing that gets me, though, is self defense. If something/someone attacks you, then I do believe you have the right to kill to protect yourself.


Em hotep!

To me this purification seems like one of the more straight forward ones.

Quote from: Raheri

We no longer live in a society where everything is easily defined in simplistic black and white. Things are more complex these days.

I agree that things are not black and white. Although, I am sure the ancient Egyptians didn't have just black and white, either.

I perceive "I do not harbor enemies" to be somewhat synonymous with "I do not hate." I think this supports moderation, balance, and ma'at. To hate and harbor enemies is an extreme and it disrupts the balance. No matter what we will always like and dislike, love and hate. But I feel that not letting the hate blind us, by not holding grudges, etc, is enough to fulfill this purification.

I think it's also interesting what you say about why Djehuty may have been the one called upon. Again, it makes me feel more conscious of words. I used to just babble all the time but as I learn more and more about KO, I am learning about the importance of language and words.

I'm going to continue striving for moderation and balance, and also continue to hold my tongue more when necessary!   ;)


Em hotep!

Quote from: Miw_sher
I'm new here and I'm seriously considering converting to KO, only I don't know how to break it to my family. How did it work with you guys?

I found the best way to tell someone, especially your family, about something big such as religion, is just to come out and say it. I just made sure they were in a situation where they wouldn't have to leave so we could talk for a little, and then I just said, "So, I think I'm going to convert to Kemetic Orthodox." I dunno, it worked for me, but then again my whole family is not religious at all. They still don't really believe that I believe in this stuff... but they do know I am practicing it. Once I become a shemsu and all that, maybe they will believe me more? I dunno... but this isn't something you can really beat around the bush with, I found.

The second didn't feel at all guilty, although it just made her popularity among the rest of the group fall dramatically. I took matters into my own hands and, using my position in the group as the 'counsellor', influenced her feelings until she considered his feelings as well.

By donig this, was I doing isfet? I meant no harm, only to right what I felt should have happened. But now I'm not so sure, and I'm worried.

It doesn't sound like you did isfet at all... I could be confused, but it sounds as if you didn't really have anything to do with the initial act and you were just trying to right what your friends did wrong? If that's the case, then no you did not do isfet. If you did have something to do with the initial act, well then I really can't tell because I don't know the story enough. A joke can be innocent, but it can also be tainted.

I'm in a bit of a rush to go, but I hope that helped.


Em hotep!

Isfet is basically the opposite of Ma'at, justice, truth, balance, peace, etc. I think Senushemi explains it wonderfully here:

Quote from: Senushemi
One of the big questions in KO is, what exactly is isfet?

To paraphrase Hemet, isfet is the action of undoing creation itself.  We add to this by doing bits and pieces that can further the uncreation of creation; things like gereg, or lying (both in word and thought); and binet, or behaving badly (actions, not just words or thoughts).

Also according to Hemet, what really matters in these cases is whether or not we actually meant to do it.  So, to purposefully lie, behave badly, or to not choose to act within ma'at, all contributes to isfet; accidentally doing so, does not.

Choosing to act within ma'at not only shows character; it shows *good* character.

If you do something nice for someone in your face, then that's not isfet, that's just bad luck  :crazy:   If you make an "absent-minded remark that you later realized hurt someone" then that would not be isfet. If it is something very offensive, and you do nothing to try to "make up" for what you did, I still don't think it's isfet because you aren't actually "uncreating" something. You just realized you made a mistake and chose to do nothing about it. Not good, but not evil, either.

Isfet is more on the concious side, because, as you said, "to err is human," and Netjer understands that. You're pretty much on the right track, because we all should try to be at peace with Ma'at and not do isfet.


Em hotep!

I just found this thread, and I think it's a great one! I'm looking forward to discussing all of the Purifications because there are definitely some that confuse me a bit...

Quote from: Raheri

Purification 1

Hail Strider, coming from Iunu (Heliopolis), I am not doing (making) isfet.

I think that your explanation of this pretty much sums up how I feel I *should* live to not do isfet... I say should because this one is a tough struggle for me. Both of my parents have terrible anger problems and stress out over the smallest things. As a result, my sister and I are pretty much the same. I find when I am away from my family I can focus more and think of Ma'at, but I live with my sister and sometimes I just lose my head. (I'm not saying my family is bad for me, it's just we are all so similar, and people with similar traits tend to crash more. I love my family! I don't know what I would do without them). So basically this has been a life-long struggle of mine... Since I have first looked into KO I felt like it would be easier. And I have noticed that sometimes it really does help to think of Ma'at and Netjer.

Quote from: Raheri
Purification 2

Hail Hept-seshet, coming from Kher-aha, I do not steal (literally, "there is no stealing [in] me.")

This one definitely is straightforward... Like you were saying, there are so many forms of "stealing." I feel like it is only stealing when it is done intentionally... obviously if you were to purposefully plagiarize Hemet(AUS) words then that would be stealing, but if you have read her words long ago, came to write this, and those words came to you yet you could not remember at all where you had heard them from, then I don't feel that is plagiarism. University's rules are different than mine though.. haha But that was just an example.

I feel like this is just one of those purifications that can't be interpreted that differently...

I don't have anything else to say about this, but I am looking forward to the other Purifications!


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