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I have a bit of a different perspective on this, as I spent time not only as a Remetj, but time as a Divined Remetj between my RPD and deciding to take the Shemsu oath. There are plenty of things that will affect your decision whether to take that step or not. For me, I took time between having my RPD done and taking the oath because I wanted to be sure that that was what I wanted and something that I felt comfortable tying myself to.

I very much consider myself a person who is walking two paths with both the guidance of Netjer and the gods of Hatti. I consider myself a bit of an immigrant, an adopted child of the Netjeru rather than one originally born to them. And it took me a while to figure out how I would decide to walk the two paths together. And what I settled on was that I would take the teachings that the gods of my RPD and the people of Kemet have for me and place them first in my life. I will always have a relationship with what I could call my "home" gods, but I also know that they sent me off into another land for a reason, and that reason was that I needed the community that the House has to offer and I needed to learn certain lessons here.

This understanding puts me into the position that many people in antiquity were put into as well, so I try to feel confident that that was the right choice for me. I decided around the time of my RPD to ask a person from antiquity, Maathornefeure (AUS), to help me and guide me through my decisions as another immigrant from the land of Hatti. I also read about a woman who might have been of Central European descent who was found buried with an amulet of Hatmehyt. My Mother has a long history of adopting children into her fold, as many people immigrated from all parts to her home in the Nile Delta. :)

If there is one thing that I think everyone in this thread has hit on, it's that it's absolutely fine to be a Remetj. Remetj are a valuable part of the community and it's far from being just a stepping stone to becoming a Shemsu. I think, if I wasn't pushed by the gods of Hatti to further integrate myself into the community and my Kemetic practice, that I probably would have been happy to remain Remetj for a very long time.
@Asetmehheri See I have Set calling me “little Shemsu” already and I swear Djehuty wants me to be Remetj and just test stuff out before anything you know and be wise about decisions. And then I’m all conflicted over what everyone is saying because you could easily go from “ok let’s be smart and go slow” or do Set’s route and full throttle it into existence and I swear it is only because he knows I want to be Shemsu. I think I’m just gonna see where I stand at the end of the course. XD thanks for the responses y’all.

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Originally, I was going to just take my time, be Remetj for a couple of years, get the 'lay of the land' so to speak...and then this year's Aset oracle happened and I def got the message "Stop procrastinating!"  At first I thought it was Wepwawet who sent that, but it turned out it was probably Mom (=Aset, as it turned out) who had. :D

So there is no one right true and only way to be a member of the House.
Back when I joined over ten years ago, there was no requirement to wait between levels of membership.  I think I went from remetj to RPD to shemsu within a few months.  And I never took the time to really think about what being shemsu meant.

A lot of people did the same thing I did without ill effect.  I mean . . . even though they did things quickly, they didn't do them mindlessly.  I think I did it rather mindlessly.  I was excited and always wanted the next thing.  That backfired on my spectacularly when I realized I was a Shemsu Ankh with five beloveds (I'd started with two) and didn't even know what that meant, if these were the gods I really wanted to be serving, and if my place as an elder in this community was something I even wanted. 

I had to back off to figure it all out and it took a good year to do so.  I likely burned some bridges I would not have burned if I had been more mindful of what I was doing while I was doing it.  I took on more than I had to in ways that there really aren't any take-backs for.  (There are some take-backs, but not really.  You can step down from being Shemsu Ankh formally, but Weshem Ib--the process that made you one-- is irreversible and you can't get rid of a beloved).

I'm fine.  I truly am.  But I did it wrong and suffered for that for a while. 

Take. Your. Time.  Think about things.  Don't rush.


@Emseneteraset you don’t sound pushy. It’s very nice/sweet of you to be so open and inviting about everything. Tips are welcome. All of you guys who have responded are super nice and helpful and it means a lot.

I have been a “Kemetic witch” for 6 years. At first I was nervous and scared to want to put my witch life behind me and start fresh in the orthodoxy. But now with all of the responses and other responses to others in different topics on this forum I do see it is a family of sorts with kind people.

I should stop letting my fears and anxieties get the better of me. so I thank you for being a family member to me. All of you guys are awesome for being so helpful and kind. I look forward to my future here so much with your help assisting me to be the best I can be. even if it is just talking to me. It helps a lot.

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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Hi! I'm back
« Last post by Emseneteraset on November 18, 2019, 10:14:41 pm »
Well I'm not sure how I managed it, but I've managed to welcome you back twice, months apart. :')
I really, really want to echo Taji. Though some of us (myself included) take on the Shemsu vow quite early, it’s by no means indicative of one’s position in the community!

You can have a rich relationship with this community as a Remetj. We are all family, and Shemsu aren’t above Remetj in any way. When I was a Remetj, I made friends and connections. I considered these people my family already.

I prayed with Shemsu-Ankh, I discussed Ma’at with priests, and I freely asked Hemet any question on my mind. I felt supported, loved and wanted by this community. We were already family. I didn’t need to take an oath and become a Shemsu to have a family here. I love these people, and I loved them before I became a Shemsu.

Becoming a Shemsu is an oath. It’s a serious commitment to your Parent/s and Beloved/s. It’s not to be taken lightly. You don’t even need to become a Shemsu to have an RPD! Remetj are part of this family. Remetj are *equal* parts of this family. Storm, the Remetj who has already commented? I hold their opinions in extreme esteem. They don’t need to be a Shemsu for that. Remetj are our family, too.

I don’t mean to sound pushy, but... don’t rush into oaths as a general rule. <3 You won’t miss out. We’ll still love you as our family.

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[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Em Hotep!
« Last post by caelestisres on November 18, 2019, 05:15:59 pm »
Em hotep! I hope you enjoy the class, and maybe I'll see you at an Ohio meet up in the future!
[PUBLIC] Welcome! / Re: Em Hotep!
« Last post by caelestisres on November 18, 2019, 05:13:52 pm »
Em hotep! I hope you enjoy the beginner's class, and welcome to the temple! :-)
Anything you can do as a shemsu, (with a few exceptions) you can also do right now.  Get to know us and get to know the netjeru.  Take your time.  It'll all come together the way it's supposed to.


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