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Author Topic: KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 3, 07/04/2009  (Read 2857 times)

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KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 3, 07/04/2009
« on: December 29, 2009, 09:23:29 pm »

Hello everyone and welcome to “Kemet this Week.”  It’s the 4th of July, which in the United States we celebrate as Independence Day.  For international listeners, this commemorates our birth as a nation.  On the 4th of July, 1776, 56 men gathered in Philadelphia to sign their names to the Declaration of Independence.  It was an incendiary document that, after it was delivered to King George III, sparked a revolutionary war against Great Britain.

These men were not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  In addition to any number of other flaws, they were products of their time.  Very hostile to the indigenous population, opposed to suffrage, many were slave owners.  They held many views that, by contemporary standards, we would consider pretty barbaric, and I’m not here to put the signers on a pedestal.  But on this momentous holiday, we see that these men shared something that we highly prize as members of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith – courage, and character.

At the time, the eastern seaboard was a cluster of colonies, legally the territory of Great Britain and everyone there was a British citizen.  That is, until the signing of the Declaration, which declared a permanent break with the mother country whether the mother country liked it or not!

Now, think about this for a second.  At the time, Britain had one of the largest standing armies in the world, and one of the most powerful navies.  They had the force of International Law and a globe-spanning empire.  And these guys, these 56 guys, sent a formal letter to the leader of this global empire, one of the most powerful men in the world, saying “Hey George, get lost!”

Now you may feel outnumbered from time to time, but I guarantee you’ve never been outnumbered like that.  By putting their names on that piece of paper the signers were committing High Treason.  In effect, they were signing their own death warrants.  They had no guarantee that the British Army would not just roll over their incipient rebellion like a squirrel on the road. They also had no guarantee that, once the reprisals started, their own people wouldn’t panic and offer them up on a silver platter as a means of restoring the peace. They were, in effect, taking responsibility for the entire revolution on their own shoulders, saying, “If we win, all of our people win; but if we lose, we’re willing to pay the price.”  

Now that’s real courage, and real character; to take an immeasurable risk, knowing that at best they’d be hunted for the rest of their lives if their gambit failed, but doing it anyway; doing it for a greater good,  a good they believed was worth the sacrifice.

So, what can we learn from all this?  The signers were few in number.  So are we.  The signers changed the course of history.  So can us.

You don’t need armies, vast fortunes, or untold power to change the world.  All you need is the will, the creativity, and the intellect that are our birthright as children of Netjer.  That and the integrity, the courage, and the moral character to stand up for what you believe in, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

The power to change the world isn’t something limited to a lucky and elite few, it’s something that all of us possess.  Sure, you may not give birth to a nation, or fight a revolutionary war, but take a look around.  Look at your home, your neighborhood, your city – do you see something going wrong?  Do you know how, even in some small way, to work towards making it right?  The gods have given us the power to create change and, if you know you have this power within you, do you have any excuse for not using it?

Happy 4th of July everybody! This has been “Kemet this Week,” Episode 3, and we’ll see you next time!
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