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Author Topic: KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 6, 08/01/2009  (Read 3732 times)

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KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 6, 08/01/2009
« on: December 29, 2009, 09:36:04 pm »

Hello everybody, this is Rev. Craig Schaeffer and you’re listening to “Kemet this Week” - and what a week it is!  Today is August 1st, last day of the Old Year.  Tomorrow we enter the Intercalary Days – days outside of time, days when anything can happen, as we get ready for Wep Ronpet and the birth of a brand new year.  This week we thought we would bring you some prayers, translated from an Old Kingdom papyrus that you can say at home if you can’t make it out to the Retreat.  

But, first things first.  Today is the last day of the year, so if you haven’t made those New Year’s Resolutions yet (remember last week?), and you’ve decided you want to, well, don’t let the day pass you by; now is the time.  And while you’re thinking about what you want to do with your new year and what you want to accomplish, don’t forget to give thanks for the old one.  Give thanks to Khnum, The Creator, and light candles and lamps after sunset.  It is a feast of lights.

Tomorrow is the 1st Intercalary Day and the birthday of Wesir.  It is also called,”The Day of the Pure Bull in His Field.”  Take a candle, a plain white candle is fine, light it and pray:

“Oh Wesir, bull in His cavern whose name is hidden from His mother and His children,

Hail to you, I’m your son, Heru”

August 3, the second Intercalary day, is the birthday of Heru-wer, also called “The day of One with the Powerful Heart.”  On this day, light a candle and say:

“Oh Heru-wer, Great of Strength, Master of Fear, Great in Awe;

may You save me from all bad unholy things, from any slaughter in this year.”

Day 3, August 4th, is the birthday of Set, also called “The day of One with the powerful heart, the Son of Shu Who is in His nest.”  Light a candle for Set on this day and pray:

“Oh Set, Son of Nut, Great of Strength, protect Your companions of Your arms.

I am the son of Your son.”

The 4th Intercalary day is the birthday of Aset, on August 5th, also called “The Day of Readying Terror.”  Light a candle for Aset on this day and pray:

“Oh Aset, eldest daughter of Nut, Mistress of heka who paints its scrolls, Lady who satisfies the Two Lands, Whose face is shining,

Aset who follows the Akhet Eye, daughter of Nut, Mistress of the Two Lands,

Save me from all bad and unholy things as you saved your son Heru,

I am the brother of your sister.”

Lastly, the 5th Intercalary Day, August 6th, is the birthday of Nebt-Het, “The day of the Child who is in His Nest”.  Light a candle for Nebt-Het this day and pray:

“Oh Nebt-Het, daughter of Nut, sister of Set.

Look at me Father! You Who make Your daughter healthy, Who is steady of face,

I am the power of the Goddess in the womb of her Mother Nut,

Save me from any evil thing of this year, from any slaughter of this year,

As you have prepared my protection.

May you repeat my protection in the name of this day,”Child who is in His nest!”

Finally, August 7th is Wep Ronpet, New Year’s Day.  On this day, light a candle at the moment of sunrise, and say:

“Hail to you, Great in your Names, Children of the Great Goddess,
Who came from the holy womb,

Lords because of your Father, Goddesses because of your Mother,

Without knowing death, may You protect me and save me,

And keep me healthy and protected,

And may you protect me constantly,

For I am the one who is in Your name”.

You want to repeat this prayer four times, and greet the New Year.  Remember; it’s a time of unlimited potential.  A new year, a new slate, and new opportunities.  You can make this year into anything you want, and anything you dream, as long as you are willing to work for it, reach for it, and give thanks when you get there.

Next week, if our computer equipment is willing, I’ll hopefully be bringing you some audio from the Wep Ronpet Retreat, and some commentary from old and new friends.  We’ll see you there!

You’ve been listening to “Kemet this Week, Episode 6” for August 1st, 2009.  We’ll see you next week.

Happy New Year!
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