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Author Topic: KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 7, 08/14/2009  (Read 2794 times)

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KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 7, 08/14/2009
« on: December 29, 2009, 09:40:51 pm »

Hello everyone and Happy Wep Ronpet.  It’s a brand new episode of “Kemet this Week” for a brand New Year; and what a year it’s gonna be!  You see, every New Year falls under the dominion of one or more of the Divine Names.  This year we greet Djehuty, Lord of Wisdom and Knowledge.

But before we get into that, let’s take a moment to talk about the New Year’s Retreat.  Held in Joliet, Illinois, this year we welcomed visitors from as far away as Scotland and Finland.  The event ran from Tuesday to Saturday and, like every year, we enjoyed panel discussions, lectures and fellowship – leading up to the big event, which was greeting the sunrise of the New Year in our Temple at Tawy House.

I think it’s safe to say that by the end of the week most of us were pretty darn tired, but so sad to see it end. You know, these events always make me step back and reflect on how wondrous it is that we’ve come together to build this amazing place.  I was sitting there at lunch on the 3rd day of the Retreat and I’m looking down this long table at the restaurant and marveling at the scope of the community we have assembled.  We are so many things.  We are artists and mechanics and carpenters, we’re students and college professors, we’re police officers and doctors and nurses; and above all else, we are Kemetic Orthodox!

To all of you who attended this Year’s Retreat, and to all of you who couldn’t join us this year - thank you.  I am proud more than I can say to have you with me, helping to build this great dream and make it a reality.  

All right, enough of that before I get all sad.  It’s the New Year and we’ve got work to do!

Djehuty is the Lord of All Knowledge.  What does that suggest?  Your knee-jerk response; what comes to mind?  A cerebral nature, retiring and quiet?  He’ll be sitting wrapped in an afghan, sipping Earl Grey tea while pondering a chess move?  Not so fast!

In the Western World we are often bombarded by stereotypes, suggesting a dichotomy between thought and action. We’ve got the big, burly, shoot-first-ask questions-later tough guy, and he’s the hero of the movie, while his bumbling genius sidekick stays at home building gadgets and occasionally being kidnapped.

Ours is not a world that values learning.  The highly-educated are often assumed to be ineffective in “real life,” if not completely socially inept.

Djehuty, I think, challenges us to see the lie behind this image. He is the wisest and most learned of all of the Names of Netjer and He is also one of the most active, putting His powerful mind to work and doing things that no other God can possibly do.  He is the reason that we have the days upon the year, the reason that so many of our most beloved Names can even be born in the first place.

While we may not rise to such lofty heights in our own lives, He sets an example for us all to follow in this coming year.  Look at it this way; actions without thought or wisdom are a good way to walk right into a big pile of Isfet.  I know it, you know it.  We’ve all been there before – right?

Conversely, sitting around and contemplating your shoelaces, even if you’re the smartest thing on two legs, doesn’t make the world a better place for you or anybody else.

The perfect expression of Ma’at begins with thought, an idea.  That idea passes through wisdom, then - tempered by understanding - it blossoms into action.  The well-lived life requires these elements to bloom and Djehuty is where it all begins.  Smart is cool.  Smart is sexy.  Don’t let anybody, and especially not the media, tell you any different.

So, what will you do in Djehuty’s year? There’s never going to be a better time to get out there and explore; see the world, see your world, learn its mysteries, educate yourself; and when you do, put that education into action.  Do something with it.  Knowledge is a tool.  Wisdom is a blueprint.  You are the artisan, and ma’at is the final creation!

This has been “Kemet this Week” for August 14th, 2009.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next time.

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