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Author Topic: KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 10, 09/04/2009  (Read 3386 times)

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KEMET THIS WEEK, Episode 10, 09/04/2009
« on: December 31, 2009, 05:36:28 pm »

Hello everybody and welcome to “Kemet this Week.”
We live in a world of cycles.  As Kemetic Orthodox this is keenly reflected in our spirituality.  But you can see it in everyday life too, even in fashion and pop culture.  An idea or a genre comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden, as long as it’s hot, it seems like it is being shoved down your throat everywhere you look.  Usually this is pretty innocuous like when every movie studio seems to be making the same kind of film, or all the clothes in your favorite store suddenly look like repeats from the 1980s.

Cycles come and cycles go, pushed by the wheel of profitability.  But there’s one particular trend I want to talk about today because it has started popping up in the mass media a lot recently, and I think we’re just at the beginning of a deluge.  I’m talking about 2012, end of the 5000-and-change year long  Mayan Calendar at which point, depending on who you ask, we will be swept into a new age of Cosmic Consciousness or suffer a horrible apocalyptic doomy-gloom.

What do I think?  I think you should get ready, because here come the signs.  First of all; Mayan calendar?  Not the Mayan calendar.  What people are talking about here is what’s called the “Meso-American  long-count Calendar”, which was used by the Maya and several other Meso-American cultures, and it was one of three calendars!  See, the important thing to understand is that we take a lot of cultural inventions for granted.  We keep track of time using a 365-day solar calendar and an incremental year count.  When our calendar ends, we advance the year by one number and start the calendar over.  It’s so simple and it works so well, it’s hard to imagine anyone would use a different method.  The ancient Meso-Americans did have a solar calendar but they did not invent the incremental year.  Their second calendar was a ceremonial one which ran for 260 days.  If you wanted to pinpoint a particular date, you’d say X-day on the first calendar and Y-day on the second.  Because of the different lengths, it took about 52 years for the two calendars to synchronize and start repeating again, which was fine for most things because 52 years was longer than the average human life span at the time.  Now, it doesn’t work so well if you need to make a record of historical events, royal dynasties or all that good stuff we love to put on monuments, so the long-count calendar was created which works like the other two, except it was designed to last for over 5,000 years – you can’t say these people didn’t plan ahead!  So, what happens when you get to the last day of the solar calendar?  It ends, it starts over.  What happens when you get to the end of the ceremonial calendar?  It ends, it starts over.  What happens when you get to the end of the long-count calendar?  Well, that’s when the celestial aliens land and usher us all into a spiritual utopia  -  wait;  no.  No.  Actually, there are two schools of thought regarding 2012, which fall variously into the ”everything’s going to be wonderful” camp, or the “Oh, dear God, we’re all going to die!” camp.

One of these is more troubling than the other and it might not be the one you think.  Let’s start with the “doom and gloom” first.  You’ve probably seen the trailer for that new movie, also called “2012,” which shows the planet being destroyed in an orgy of computer animations, special effects, and bad acting.  A few writers, researchers and prognosticators have jumped on the apocalyptic bandwagon, theorizing about how the end of the calendar will mark the coming of Armageddon which, co-incidentally, was the name of another lousy movie, and I want my money back.  

But seriously folks, didn’t we get over this back in the year 2000, or the year 1000, or any of literally hundreds, and I mean hundreds (if not thousands) of doomsday prophecies and predictions that go back as long as we’ve had the power to write them down?  Scaring people is big business, and nothing sells like doomsday which, co-incidentally, was the name of a pretty good movie with an awesome sound track.  But I digress.

So, what’s supposed to happen according to these nattering nabobs of negativity?  Well, it could be a catastrophic gravitational shift caused by the celestial alignment of certain astronomical features sacred to the Mayans, except that actually happens every 36 years and the last happened in 1998.  I don’t remember much about 1998, but I’m pretty sure nothing blew up - more than usual.  

Let’s see; it could be a devastating geo-magnetic reversal, shifting the magnetism of the poles. True, geo-magnetic reversal would probably destroy all life on the planet and it is scary stuff to contemplate, which is why it’s good it takes several thousand years to happen.  You know, on a world where we face so many real ecological dangers, you’re pretty safe not losing any sleep over that one.  

It could be, and this idea is gaining popularity, that the rogue planet “Nibiru”, which no astronomer has ever actually seen, but is nonetheless going to swing into our solar system and then crash into Earth.  No.  Stop.  Seriously, science does not work that way, and how do we know that “Nibiru” exists?  Channeled messages from aliens.  I’m guessing that these are the same kind of aliens that enjoy picking up lonely farmers and subjecting them to unscheduled proctology exams.  Are you seriously going to take astronomy advice from somebody with hobbies like that? I didn’t think so.  I imagine it would be good to do a talk at some point on how personal gnosis needs to be back-checked against things like history, science, and logic, but that’s for another episode.

OK.  Moving on.  Now we get to the real problem.  The idea that the new age, beginning with the calendar’s end, is going to be a spiritual new age as well.  Didn’t we get over this back in the year 2000, or the year 1000, or the harmonic convergence of the Age of Aquarius, or Woodstock? Beyond the logical problem of anticipating a “sea change” in human consciousness based on a man-made calendar, there are very real and present dangers associated with this kind of thinking.  Like hippies.  Teaming hordes of hippies, on my lawn, smelling like patchouli.  

No, the real problem is that the belief in some artificially induced New Age, whether you want to thank the astrological alignment, the aliens, flying spaghetti monster, whoever – fundamentally absolves and robs human beings of their ethical rights and responsibilities.  Saying, “What’s that?  There’s going to be a magical rise in spiritual consciousness in 2012?  Well, let me check my watch; yeah, it’s only 2009, so I guess I can spend a few more years making money, raping the environment and being a jerk to my fellow man, and it’s all going to get fixed for us in the end, right?”  Wrong.  This is not the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, my friends, and there is no magical panacea waiting to sweep away the accumulated silt of the centuries.  We live in a world ravaged by neglect, by corruption and greed, by all manner of Isfet, and nobody - not the aliens, not the gods, and not the right pattern of stars in the sky - is going to wave a wand and clean up our mess.  Who is?  We are, because it is our challenge, because it is our birthright, and because it is our job.

For the Kemetic Orthodox, every sunset marks the end of an age, and every sunrise begins a new one.  Every day is Zep Tepi, the First Time, and that big ball of fire up in the sky is a symbol of our contract with the gods to care for this world and all of our brothers and sisters, doing the best we can to fight against Isfet, and spread Ma’at to every last corner of the globe.  Nobody is coming to save us, so we’ve got to save each other.

You’ve been listening to “Kemet this Week” for September 4th, 2009.  Thanks for listening and I’ll see you next week.
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