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Author Topic: A Strong Wake-up Call  (Read 2982 times)

Offline Tephiliosa

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A Strong Wake-up Call
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:47:00 am »
Em hotep!

       I have been going through stressful times as of late. Ones that had changed me to something cold and unfeeling to outside help but anguished and seething on the inside. I fell into struggle where it feels like the only thing that can fix anything is a miracle or a massive change. I prayed for help and it was answered but in a way I did not recognize. It seemed way too good to be true.
       Yinepu-Wepwawet had come to me in presence and in "mental vision" quite clearly. I could hear him offering guidance and kindness but I was so wrapped up in negativity that I was skeptical of his lucid appearance. Yinepu-Wepwawet made it known that he would patiently wait til the time was right. So here I am on the forums after being drawn here quite strongly. I read about godfluff among replies to a post by sheepchild (link below) and felt the truth of his presence. I can feel loved once again and am back on the right path.
       Has anyone else had a name or names come forth in strong interaction and visions? Even for extended periods of time?

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Offline Rev. Tjemsy

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Re: A Strong Wake-up Call
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2017, 01:27:12 pm »
I am feeling everything about this post, friend. <3

 I know about seething anger, and feeling desperate and hopeless. I know about needing a miracle and a massive change, and I've gotten both. They tend to be the same. I know about things that seem too good to be true. I am glad to hear of your developing relationship with Yinepu. I don't work with him, myself - I've got Party Jackal instead - but I'm always hearing about what a comforting presence he is. And I am glad you are here. <3

I would suppose it depends on what you mean by "strong interaction and visions." And by "extended," really. I have had precisely two Clearly Divine dreams*, and two that were a bit less explicit but the more you look at 'em, the more you wonder. I can't (currently) meditate, I don't do any amazing astral stuff, I can't picture things very well at all. I haven't had visions**. I'm okay at divination, but my mind constantly sabotages me here.

I can sporadically feel/sense energy, but this seems to be totally random and very, very inconsistent, with huge gaps of time between the last Feel. I'm always surprised when I can sense, and if you've been around me in person, you might notice that I will always comment on it. Like, I'm that surprised. XD

Sometimes I get Feels in shrine. Most usually, I don't get any at all.

Every now and then, I might get a sentence or two from someone. It feels like a thought, except...not. I'm not yet able to readily distinguish between, like, Who is saying the thing, and there tends not to be a whole lot of difference in, like, everyone having their own distinct Voice for me. "How long are you going to pretend you're not Kemetic" is always a favorite. Pretty sure that was Set, and that immediately kicked off my practice. I've gotten some commentary from Wepwawet when Thinking About A Thing, which is usually sandwiched between Wepwawet songs so I don't miss it. I've gotten "Don't explain yourself so much. You are already understood." from him.

I've gotten songs from Set and Wepwawet most frequently, and Set more often. I've gotten some from Heru-Wer, Sekhmet, and Nebthet, too. And I've gotten a nonstop barrage of songs, for, like, days, which you think would qualify as "extended," but still I'm like, "Nah, man, I don't godphone."

* I had a dream that I call the "Heru Oracle." I've considered talking about it in our dream stuff thread, but it happened years ago. This was someone talking to me, and we essentially went through my entire life (so far), like a looking into a pensieve, if Harry Potter is a thing you do. He commented on the "why" of some things. I don't remember seeing him directly, and it was much more like he was talking at me than having a conversation with me. Huge amounts of symbolism everywhere, constantly shifting scenes, sentences here and there. I asked him about something I hadn't seen, and as usual, he said (kind of simultaneously amused and exasperated) "I can't show/tell you that." I thought "Heru" and woke up. My assumption would be Heru-Wer, again, for because he's a Beloved, but man, I am always so surprised when Heru-Wer does trippy stuff. He seems like such a down-to-earth dude, y'know?

** I mean, I've What If'd my way through a lot of stuff, which occasionally has the sort of shoddy visualization of regular deep thought, but I am just calling that Brain-ing Efficiently. Even so, I'm thinking off the top of my head, maybe this has been twice?
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 & Nefertem-Imhotep

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Offline BluePiaski

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Re: A Strong Wake-up Call
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2017, 03:12:32 pm »
Set has also been the strongest in appearances for me. I've had multiple visions of him, a few being among the clearest and most vivid I've ever had of all.
My other main relationships--Yinepu, Sekhmet, and Djehuty--have also been in visions, but more often just "talk" to me.

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Offline Salqu

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Re: A Strong Wake-up Call
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2017, 09:51:09 am »
Ok, I will tell you about a similar experience I have had, and I hope you can see it in the same light as I have.

For a while now I have been feeling very down about my life, I did some praying, and Yinepu, Set, and Ra answered and showed me what my life could be like, and how I can arrive at that place in my life. You have to open yourself up to what you experienced, it was very real. With the knowledge that this negative experience is not forever, and being shown something of my future, it inspired me to see time in a different way.

A little more in depth on this... Think of it like this. Time is a very complex thing, it exists in a way and yet it doesn't. The way it tends to work all comes down to perception, you can wallow in negativity forever and you will stay in negativity. Or you can remember that you already are in a positive future, and you just need to allow the perception of your mind to catch up. Does that make sense?

I suggest you pray on this a bit more, with my advice in mind, and your mind open, I suggest you ask to be shown the positive aspects of your future as I have, if you are lucky you will experience it in a dream, and you will know it is real because it will be so much more vivid and real feeling than an ordinary dream. I hope you are able to experience that. :) good luck!


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