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What if you get sick everytime you purify your mouth?

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Okay, I bought some Kosher salt because I read somewhere that you could use that if you can't get your hands on Natron. So I follow the directions to purify myself and I pour some of the solution into my mouth, trying to visualize being pure and then I FREAKING THREW UP! Oh that was so embarrassing. Of course it happened again and I just want to know what I should do.

You don't need crazy saline solution.  Ten grains in water is all that's necessary.  I just swish like mouthwash :P

Em Hotep *henu*,

How much salt and water do you use?
It really needs only a pinch of salt or natron which you dissolve in a cup or bowl.
Try using more water


Eh, yeah. That should really not be happening unless regular water in your mouth makes you throw up too. A tiny pinch is all you need. And then just enough in your mouth to swish around.

If it still happens with only a tiny bit of salt, try it with regular water. Has this happened before, like with rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth or anything?

Yeah it has happened with Listerine. Every time I would try and wash my mouth out with it I would throw up. One day I was in school and had just eaten lunch and I went to brush my teeth and I had a tiny bottle of Listerine and I used it and threw up. I was made fun of by the other students for two years. I was known as freaky vomit girl. Not funny at all, like they don't get sick and throw up.

I think I'll just use water.

Note: It didn't happen when I used those Listerine strips, don't ask me why.


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