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Can someone send me a Kemetic Calender or do I have to be a member?

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I just want to know if someone could send me a Kemetic Calender so I know which holiday's are which. However if this is something that I have to be a student to get could someone at least tip me off on which day is which in the Kemetic year.


Our calendar is based upon us all being Kemetic Orthodox, since its New Year begins on a date contingent upon the location of the current main temple and residence of our Nisut, in Joliet, IL. It is possible that other Kemetic groups may use slightly different dates.

So our calendar has context for us (and appears in the Prayerbook because of that, not because we mean to infer that those are THE dates for all Kemetics.)

Of course, I don't really know for certain about the calendars other Kemetic solitaries or groups might use, so I could be incorrect here.

Our monthly calendar is intended for members-only. The Nisut is working on a festival book.


I'm going to post this question as I don't really have the energy to post another topic. Do you have to pay any money for the beginners class?

Hotep, 3467.

Nope.  The beginner's class is free and no obligation.  You just need to fill out the application, send it in, and wait for the next class to begin.  I'm not when that will be, but KI Sedjemes may be along with an answer to that.

The link for the application is  http://www.kemet.org/apply.html

Best wishes,


Em Hotep *henu*,

no, the beginner class doesn't cost anything.
And we do not have any regular fees for members. The temple solely relys on donations.
There are fees for events like Wep Ronpet or the Ritual of Parent Divination to cover the costs



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