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Ritual of Senut

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M Htp!

Does anyone know where I can obtain an official copy of the HoN Ritual of Senut Prayer? I no longer have my material from the previous Beginner's Class and would like to do my Senut Ritual as often as possible, especially considering the wonderful blessing that has recently come to light in my life.


There's a copy in 'The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook.' Hope that helps.

M htp

Yes I know, I simply lack the funds at the moment to purchase it.  Thanks for the reply though.


No problem. I manage to get the copy that I have from the Library. I'm planning on buying it next month.

Inter-library loan (ILL) is also a good way to get hold of books you can't presently afford. It's my lifeline on some of my research for school, as many books I'm using can be upwards of $200.


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