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Question about the beginners course application

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I know this isn't really an important question, but I'm easily curious. Why in the beginners course application do they ask pet names? To see if people are animal lovers? Or simply because alot see their pets as their children? I filled out the application, though left that part blank as I live on a farm and that list would be far to long....

Sorry about this, but the question has been bugging me since I saw it.

I didn't even remember this question being in the questionaire and had to go back to look at mine (from 2004/2005).

I think it would be a means to get to know you and what's important to you.

I left mine blank too.

Em Hotep MoonRose *henu*,

I wouldn't worry about not answering that question because it doesn't belong to the mandatory questions.


Yeah, I don't remember that being there. Huh. But yeah, Hemet does like to get to know people. Leave it blank if you like.

Thanks, I read that it wasn't mandatory, I was just curious.


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