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Self Worth

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M Htp everyone:

Something I've been kicking around in my head for the past few days and have been wanting to share with all of you is a question.

How do you define self worth?

I define it through the eyes of others. I can look at my life and accomplishments and gain value from those things, but in order to not become puffed up with pride I tend to ask others how they see me, so that I can make any changes (if I feel the need).  I really do care a lot about other people's opinions, although I can come off as a little harsh sometimes.  It's not in my nature to be this way, but happens from time to time.
I try to gauge my value as a human through the friendships I have and the love that I receive/don't receive from others.  If I am ignored by those I care about, then I feel less than a person and often succumb to depression.  I know others aren't perfect and no one has all the answers.
I don't define myself by my career as my career isn't something that motivates me in my life.  It's just a means to an end.
Last time I had thoughts such as these I withdrew from the community.  This time I vow not to, not only because it's not a good thing to do to shut others out, but because I made a promise to a dear friend not to.

So I ask again.  
How do you define self worth?


I would amend that to say that while I take other peoples considerations and POV into opinion. I would be a shattered mess if I tried to define my self worth by what other people think of me. Basically I have to attempt to live up to MY own standards. That's enough of a battle as is.

I take it mean how do I define my own self worth. I define "self worth" as the value one places in themselves, or how valuable a person feels they are. How I define it in me is a tough battle. More or less, I use my own standards, and allow for the fact that my standards might not always be reached. I know I am (at the core) a good person, though I might make mistakes. For me, that's not a big deal though- it's part of life. Beyond that, I know that I'm making a difference in my own life, and hopefully in the lives of those around me (and hopefully in a better way!). I guess that alone lets me know that I am valuable, and that I value myself as a person.

Really, it's a hard thing for me to define in that regard. I have not had problems with valuing myself in a long time- I know that I'm worth being around. However, my s.o. has problems with it from time to time- as he has overly high standards about who he thinks he should be (often times based off of his family's overly high standards). In the end, I think it's a balance of both.

Nice and confusing!


Self-worth to me is how I feel about myself as a human being.  I hold myself to a high standard and judge myself pretty harshly when I fall short of my expectations. I believe I'm responsible for my own self-worth and while I do care what other people think of me, I try not to let their opinions affect me too deeply.  

to me, "self-worth" is a human concept, which to me means it has limited value as a concept.  no other species on Earth spends time wondering if they are a "good" individual or not, whether they have the right to exist or not.  they simply *do*.  they fulfill the purpose for which they were put here, simply by being what they are and not trying to change it.  now, that being said, i do recognize that AS human beings, we *need* to have some measure of self-worth in order to have a healthy psyche.  perhaps as the species occupying the top of the food chain, Netjer instilled this need in us as a form of self-accountability.  so, for me, self-worth is defined by whether or not I can say to myself honestly that I am still TRYING to be a good person.  we are the only species that has the sophistication to even TRY to change our behavior; therefore, I believe that we have the responsibility to do so when it's warranted.  of course we are going to make mistakes, to fail, to fall short (in many cases) of both Netjer's standards and our own.  but i believe that it is in learning from our mistakes and continuing to try without giving up that we earn our self-worth.


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