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Gestures of Reverence

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In making gestures of reverence, what if one is unable to do them properly because of a disability?  I have muscular dystrophy and it affects my hands mostly. Because of this, simple gestures like henu that involve flat palms and straight fingers are impossible for me to make.

Is it okay for me to make the gestures of reverence to the best of my ability or should I forego them altogether since I can't perform them correctly?

M htp.

I would say doing them to the best of your ability is acceptable to Netjer (as long as you're not hurting yourself to do it.)

There was a time when I had a bad back/neck injury and couldn't henu properly for awhile - I was given implicit instructions to modify and do as best as I could.

Netjer knows and understands our limitations - the very fact that you are trying your best makes the intent behind the action proper.  

Yes, doing it right is important... but we also have to work with what we've got.  ;)

One of my personal philosophies is "There is no reason to be embarrassed around Netjer."

I'm not meaning to imply that you said anything about embarrassment and I think this is a legitimate question about form, but being unable to make a gesture "properly" doesn't mean the Gods are going to be all "Holy Us, look at that person's hands... some henu!"  Yeah, doing it so you look like an Egyptian statue may be glamorous, but it isn't necessary.  If you've done it to the best of your ability, you've done it properly.

I seem to recall many people having a hard time kneeling having a conversation like this.  That was a long time ago, though, so I don't remember the details.

This is good to know, because I have osteo-arthritis in most of my joints, and it takes me forever to get up again! I would rarther do my best than not at all. :) this thread has put my mind at ease.

The "hard time kneeling" gets funny at Retreat, Hemet gets real mad at you if you kneel when she knows you shouldn't be doing it XD

There's also a closed hands henu if that's any easier on your joints. Seen here and here.

I don't kneel except very briefly sometimes, and I have something to sit on for Senut/prayer time because of my back. (oh the woooe)


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