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The Truth and the Mother Shrine


I couldn't really find an explanation on the public forums, so maybe someone could help me out.
I read that the main KO temple is called the Truth and the Mother Shrine (if this isn't true, please correct me). Why is it called that? What does that title mean?

Thank you.

Rev. Sehedjef:
Hotep Nightfall!  *henu*

It's a reference to two Godessess (truth=Ma'at) (mother=HetHert) who are honored there for what They represent (truth/what is correct, and all that means, as well as love in all it's forms and what that means).  There is a great deal to think about and meditate on regarding that name and I think each person has their own interpretation of what it means to them.  ^_^
Hopefully that helped a little bit.  


Well said Imti.

Being there once already, the only thing I can describe is alot of love, and a feeling of being home, nevermind a feeling of being "right".



there is a little story behind the name.
During the Parliament of the World's Religions the Nisut (AUS) has been given a papyrus which depicted Hethert and Maat by some (Bhuddist?) monks and they asked about the Goddesses on the Papyrus (which btw hangs in the main shrine in Tawy) and They were explained as Truth and the Mother


Great question, Nightfall! Thanks for asking. :) The story behind it (and the meaning) is very awesome and interesting. :D


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