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Author Topic: The Cult of Aten  (Read 9400 times)

Offline NiankhSekhmet

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Re: The Cult of Aten
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2010, 06:40:25 pm »
Akhenaten only continued what his father Amenhotep III started. The Aten is just one of over seventy forms of Ra. In this case it is the literal sun disk.  

It has been suggested that the whole idea of Atenism and what it became actually was Akhenaten raising his father to the status of being the Aten and worshiping his father.

I am not sure if that was the case but this was one of the theories that was put forward.  In the beginning of Atenism it was only Nefertiti, Akhenaten, and their children that enjoyed the beneficence of the Aten. So the people needed to pray to *them* and then they would approach the Aten for everyone else. Given the vehement reaction of the people and the country to go back to what was before (Tutankhamen's restoration stelae)and make good for letting the other temples fall into disrepair and in some cases be vandalized during Akhenaten's approximatelyseventeen year rule  - that alomst makes sense, actually.

As far as it influencing or having much to do with Judaism, etc. is pretty much stretching it, IMO.  Of course Erich von Danniken, Edgar Cayce, and scores of other Victorian and/or new age authors tend to like to cling to the idea that of course Akhenaten was turnign to the One True God of Judaism and the Amun cults "cast him down, etc." It is almost like an apolgist's view because if they could connect the two, then being drawn to the Ancient Egyptian beliefs to Christianity and / Judaism would somehow make it more legitimate and less like a superstition to one's peers.

I personally am not a fan of Akhenaten in any way shape or form, and more for the fact that he is nearly solely responsible for destroying the status of the Egyptian empire in the world during his reign than some of the allegations about how heretical his reign was.  The Ramesside Pharaohs almost got that level of power and wealth and influence back for Egypt once again, but not quite.


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