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Author Topic: How Sekhmet-Hethert approaches  (Read 1994 times)

How Sekhmet-Hethert approaches
« on: December 15, 2010, 10:58:30 pm »
Em hotep!

More and more recently there are hints at Sekhmet-Hethert's presence in my life. Regular surprise references in my readings, statues popping up on websites and catalogs, new interactions with folks who I later find out are devoted to Her, etc- subtle things like this.

However, that's just the thing. These hints are subtle. And from my understanding, Sekhmet at least is not the most subtle of Goddesses. I admit though that I have not interacted with Hethert at all, and so these new hints to She and Sekhmet are a bit surprising and overwhelming.

Has anyone else ever been approached this way by Them? Obviously we all experience the Netjer differently, but I've always heard from Sekhmet kids at least that She WILL make Herself known, whether you want Her to or not. So this is somewhat strange to me. I suppose I am curious if anyone else here has ever had Her approach this way.

Thank you in advance!


Editing to add: I admit I am completely lacking in knowledge as to how Sekhmet-Hethert differs from Them separately as individuals, if at all. Any enlightenment on this is welcome, as well. :)
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Re: How Sekhmet-Hethert approaches
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2010, 11:33:29 am »
I honestly can't remember how exactly I met Sekhmet. I know Yinepu introduced me to Her and I was about eight or nine...but I can't remember the exact situation for the life of me. I can recall the circumstances, but not the actual meeting. Huh. I generally refer to Sekhmet as "She Who Thwacks Me Upside Mine Head" because that's generally the only time She vocalizes to me lol.

To me, She's always been somewhat gruff, but in a motherly way, if that makes sense. She's rarely subtle with me but that's not to say that She hasn't been. I "get" Het-Hert as much more subtle than Sekhmet and it actually wasn't until I started a relationship with Het-Hert that I noticed any similarities between the Two.

I dunno if this helps, it's kind of a vaguely vague answer lol.
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Re: How Sekhmet-Hethert approaches
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2010, 10:03:27 pm »
Em hotep Khesbet!  *henu*

While Sekhmet is pretty strait forward when you are dealing with Her, She doesn't have to be.  It depends on the context in which you are dealing with Her.  For example if She's working with you in a healing capacity, being feroucous and scarry doesn't help (now on the other hand if the healing is due to something unwise you've done, i.e. you broke your arm while trying out skateboard or bike tricks and then ask Her for healing....She may not be as gentle).  I've experienced Her in subtle ways and not subtle ways personally.  If you approach Her with trepidation/fear (outside of the respect She is due as God  ^_^) that tends to annoy Her.  It also tends to be the case that Sekhmet and several other names that have a reputation for "toughness" or "bluntness" have been harder on Their children then They are when dealing with other folks.  Hopefully that helps somewhat.  ^_^

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Re: How Sekhmet-Hethert approaches
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2010, 05:29:03 am »
I may be in the minority here, but Sekhmet introduced Herself to me in a dream, wherein Yinepu announced that He was the god of "DEATH AND DOOM! MUAHAHA!" and She announced She was the Goddess of "Destruction, and other... scary stuff. RAWR!"

In other words - it was completely comical, but it allayed my fears of both Yinepu and Sekhmet. I do find that Sekhmet can be subtle at times. I think the lack of subtlety can come under certain circumstances, as She sees fit. Like others in this thread I have seen Her be both subtle and terrifyingly blunt. If you think you are being approached by Her, why not ask?

Additionally, Sekhmet-Hethert is the same as just Sekhmet, really. Writing Her name this way just acknowledges the relationship that these two deities have with one another (being considered "dual-aspected", meaning they are on some level the same deity, but not).

I hope that helps!

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Re: How Sekhmet-Hethert approaches
« Reply #4 on: December 18, 2010, 04:02:28 pm »
This offers a new perspective to me, thank you. Perhaps She is approaching me this way for a reason. I've prayed and asked Her much, but I continue to only get very subtle reminders of Her presence, and nothing more. I admit my heart feels a pretty intense longing for Her, but I'll try to be more patient.

Thank you all for your input. It was very informative and warming. :)


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