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Author Topic: A "short" history of the Egyptian army  (Read 1265 times)

Offline Ivan

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A "short" history of the Egyptian army
« on: February 29, 2012, 04:51:40 pm »
everybody knows that wars are ugly and should be avoided at any cost, but that does not change the fact that the way the ancient people fought to be fascinating. So I decided to write a short summary of the Egyptian military history after Sesotris III

  How was Egypt at this time? Not very well, a Pharaoh (unfortunately I can not remember his name) imposed a political system where Egypt was split into numerous provinces, each of which was ruled by a man of confidence of the king.

  But these governments over time have become increasingly powerful and began to form their own militias and armies and dream with independence.

  At this time the Egyptian army was composed of primarily of infantry, the horses were not "discovered" so there was not any kind of chivalry. Much of the army consisted of archers. The army was formed primarily by ordinary people who temporarily took up arms,there was a well trained army, since the thirst for conquests of the Egyptians was not as big as the Roman they would not give such importance.

The biggest threats at the time (besides the threat of a civil war) were rebellions in the region of Canaan, and some Libyan attack.
After Sesotris III Egypt lives many years of peace, but in 1650 bc the Egyptian army was devastated by the Hyksos, why? Because the attackers had two advantages, first of their weapons and armor were more resistant than those of their enemies, but the biggest factor was that they had Horses.

With these advantages the north of the country was conquered by generating a dark period in Egyptian history about which we know little. There are reports of an escape from real family to Nubia.
Egypt was only released in 1552 bc by AhmoseI.This is because  Pharaoh realizedthat the only way to expel the enemies would be imitating their tactics and weapons.

After years of bloody wars in Egypt stands to re-adopting the horses and chariots of war on their strengths. As much as the poor animals for many years been seen as hellish beasts who devoured human.
It was then thatthe first armor modelsappeared. Thesewere light andarmormade ​​of leather, covered onlythe chestand in some rarecaseshelmetswere used(sorrybut there wasno picture)
The next great crisis was caused by the invasion Hittite bad diplomatic policy of Akhenaten (Pharaoh who disowned the gods on behalf of Aton)

The situation was controlled by Pharaoh Horemheb (133 bc), and the war with the Hittites was not finished with the peace pact of Ramses II (1290 BC). RamsesII was a sign that organized the Egyptian army so that he was like the organization made ​​by the Roman legions

To summarize theEgyptianarmysufferedonlymajor changesto the occupation Assyria(671BC), with both Persian domination and finallythe release made ​​by the Macedonian and the Greek Hellenization of the two Lands

Offline Rayashi

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Re: A "short" history of the Egyptian army
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2012, 07:12:27 pm »
Thanks for posting!!
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