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Author Topic: Epithets of the Names  (Read 285496 times)

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Re: Epithets of the Names
« Reply #330 on: September 19, 2019, 05:03:25 pm »
While I'm thinking of it, thought I'd also add the epithets I translated for Banebdjedet and Dedwen! Full disclosure, I don't speak German, so there are errors.(The same goes for the Bes epithets I posted previously.)

The Lord of the Sky/Heavens

Who comes from Bow Land (1st nome of Upper Egypt)
The Lord of Pr-hf (at Oxyrhynchus)
Who is in the midst of Hibis
Foremost of Nubia
The Lord of Nubia
The Lord of Kush
The Youth of Upper Egypt
The Ruler of Upper Egypt
(Religious Ruler) of Nubia
Who is in the midst of Abaton (the "untrodden place," temple to Wesir on Bigeh island in Aswan)
Who is in the midst of the Western Desert

Physical Characteristics
The One of Great Power

Familial relatoinships:
The Son of Wesir
The Son of Medjet (Taweret(-Hethert) of Oxyrhynchus)
The Son of the Goddess of Heaven (Taweret(-Aset/Hethert) of Per-Medjet)

The Great God

Who appears in the horizon with four faces
The Lord (Chief) of the Horizon
Who illuminates the Sky and the Eath with His rays
The Bull of the Sky
Who Rises in Dendera
The One with Glowing Rays
The Wind upon Everyone

Who Couples/Mates in the Fish Nome (Djedet/Mendes)
The Lord of the City of Mendes
Who is in the midst/middle of the Fish Nome (Djedet/Mendes)
The Great Ruler in Abydos
The Ram of Mendes
The Lord of Ds-SHn (a district of Mendes)
The Divine God in the Throne of Heru (Edfu)
Who is in the midst of Heliopolis
Who is in the midst of Edfu
Who is in the midst of Hibis
Who is in the midst of Saft el-Henna
Who is in the midst of Sehel
The Ruler of Edfu/Behdety
The Divine Power in Dendera
The One of Great Reputation on the Banks of Heru
Who keeps the two countries alive
Whose Body is bent in the House of the Benben (?)
Whose ba enters into the tnnt-sanctuary
The Lord of the House of the Ram
The Great God of the Temple of Ra
The Great God in the House of the Ram (Mansion of the Rams)
Whose Manifestations Hide the Lord of the Palace OR Who Hides his Manifestations as the Lord of the Palace
The Lord of the Houses where they weep for Wesir
The Lord of the Thrones of the Gods (at Edfu)
The Lord of the Sublime Seat/Residence
The Lord of the Lake of the Pharaoh, who lives and is safe and healthy (?)

The Hawk
The Lion
The hsbtt-bird
The Ram
The Strong Bull
The Begetting Bull/The Bull who Begets

Who Comes as the Flood(ing)

Development of the World:
The First of the Primeval/Primordial Gods
Who Arose from Himself
Who Creates (Generates) the Gods
The Ba Who Creates What Is
The One God who is Devised of Four

Der das Leben dessen wiederhold, der unversehrt erwacht
The Rejuvenated (The Adolescent)
The Lord of Life
The Living God

Physical Characteristics:
The One with Great Power on the Day of Fighting
The Lord of Strength
The One with a Strong Arm
The Great Strong One
Who Creates Lust
der mit lebenden leib als begatter (Whose copulates as the living body?)
Who Copulates (The Copulater)
The Copulating Ba
The Copulating Ram
Who Copulates in the Fish Nome
The Copulating
The Lord of Lust
The One with Stiff Phallus
Who is Above/Over the Beautiful Cattle
Who is above (About?) Women
The Copulating Ruler
Who Mates with Women
Who has Four Faces on One Neck
Who is Above his (people's?) stench
Whose Mummy is 36 Cubits Tall (?)
The Huge Figure/Form
The One with a Shining Figure (? by author)
The Raised Forehead/Brow/Front

Personal Characteristics:
The Living Ba of Wesir
The Living Ba of Ra
The Living Ba of Shu
The Living Ba of Geb
The Great Ram/Ba
The Ba of Bau
The Begetting/Copulating Ba
The Ba of every god
The Ba of Ra
The Magnificent Ba
The Four Bau
The Four Bau United as One
The Lord of Ba
The Pleasant One (? der mit angenehmem Ach?)

Behaviour as a Deity:
Who Smites His Enemies
Who Keeps the (form of the) King of Upper and Lower Egypt Healthy
The One of Sweet Rejoicing
Who Rejoices (triumphs?) over the Cow(s)

As a Ruler:
The King of the Gods
The Ruler of Rulers

Familial Relationships:
Who is Among His Children

The Beloved
The One of Huge Form
The One of Great View
Who Looks Keenly on the Shores of Heru (Egypt)

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Re: Epithets of the Names
« Reply #331 on: September 27, 2019, 10:18:58 am »
Here are some translations of Hatmehyt's epithets from the LAGG (and some that were not included in the LAGG from Dendara temple). I added sections C and X with information that was found elsewhere in the LAGG but not included in the epithets listing.

I am not a German speaker, so these are all approximate translations. I tried to distinguish between some of the different words that were translated into German as "Die Herrin" to make it easier to start to find patterns in the original Kemetic.

A. Cosmos:
1. Sky/Horizon:

Nbt-pt: "Mistress of the sky”
2. Sun
Ítyt-m-šn-n-ítn: “Sovereign in the globe of the sun”
6. Water:
Ḥḥt-sn.s-ḥr-mtr: “She who looks for (the members of) her brother over the flow”
Ḥḥt-sn.s-ḥr-nwy: “She who looks for (the members of) her brother over the flow”

B. Topography:
1. Nome:

Ḥnwt-ḤꜢt-mḥyt: “Lady of Nome 16 of Lower Egypt”
Ḥryt-ib-I͗mntt: “She who dwells in Nome 3 of Lower Egypt”
Ḥryt-ib-hꜢt-mḥyt: “She who dwells in the Nome where Mendes (Djedet) is”
2. Place names:
ꜤꜢt-m-Ḏdt: “The great one of Mendes (Djedet)”
BsꜢt-Ḥr-m-Pr-nṯr: “She who protects Horus in Pr-nṯr (at Athribis?)”
Nbt-Šdt: “Mistress of Crocodilopolis”
Nbt-Ds-šn: “Mistress of Ds-šn (unsure reading; a district of Mendes [Djedet])”
Nbt-Ḏdt: “Mistress of Mendes (Djedet)”
Ḥnwt-mnḫt-n-Ꜥnpt: “The excellent mistress of Mendes (Djedet)”
Ḥryt-ib-I͗wnt: “She who dwells in Dendara (Iounet)”
Ḥryt-ib-I͗wnw: “She who dwells in Heliopolis”
Ḥryt-ib-Nṯrw: “She who dwells in Behbeit el-Hagar”
Ḥryt-ib-Hbt: “She who dwells in Hibis”
Ḥryt-ib-Ḏdt: “She who dwells in Mendes (Djedet)”
Ḥryt-tp-m-I͗wnt: “The cobra in Dendara (Iounet)”
Ḥntyt-Wṯst-Ḥr: “She who presides over the throneseat of Horus (Edfu)”
Hntyt-Bḥdt: “She who presides over Edfu”
Ḥntyt-TꜢ-n-Tm: “She who presides over the land of Atum (= Dendara [Iounet])”
3. Countries, regions and people’s names:
I͗dt.s-pḫr.ti-m-tꜢwy-iry: “Her scent pervades the two lands”
Ḥnwt-Pwnt: “Lady of Punt”
Ḥnwt-tꜢwy: “Lady of the two lands”
4. Sanctuaries:
Ḥryt-ib-i͗Ꜣt-di͗t: “She who dwells in the Isis-Temple of Dendara (Iounet)”
Ḫntyt-I͗Ꜣt-di͗t: “She who presides over the I͗Ꜣt-di͗t (Isis-Temple of Dendara [Iounet])”
Ḫntyt-pr-bꜢ: “She who presides over the Temple of the Ram”

C. Fauna/Flora
1. Animals

I͗tn: “Mendes-fish”, a type of fish typically interpreted as either Shilbe mystus or Oreochromis niloticus (sometimes translated as dolphin)

E. Creation:
1.  Primordial godhead:

ŠꜢꜤt: “The primordial one”

F. Life/Death
3. Other

Ḫnmt-Ꜥnh: “She who is full of life”

H. Physical characteristics:
5. Physical features and body parts:

Ꜥnt-r-nṯrwt: “Beautiful one among the goddesses”
Mfkt-i͗nm-ḫsbḏt-tp: “Whose skin is in turquoise and head in lapis-lazuli”
Nṯryt-ḫprw: “Divine of manifestation”
ḤꜤꜤt-nṯrwt-m-ḫnmw.ns: “She who lets other goddesses rejoice on her scent”
ḤḳꜢt-nfrt: “Beautiful regent”
St-kmt-šny-dšrt-i͗nm: “Woman of black hair and pink skin”

J. Crown gods (also cobra):
Ḥnwt-šwty: “Sovereign of the šwty crown”
Ḥrty-tp: “Cobra”
Ḥrty-tp-m-I͗wnt: “The cobra in Dendara (Iounet)”

K. Eye goddess:
I͗rt-RꜤ: “Eye of Ra”

L. Person elements (Ba, Ka etc.):
Mrt-kꜢ.s: “She who loves her Ka”
ḤꜢ.s: “Who whose Ka labdanum is burnt/sacrificed”

M. As an acting god:
1. As endowing/supplying/sacrificing deity

I͗r-sṯi͗.ḥb: “She who makes perfume of festivals”
I͗rt-sṯy-nb: “She who creates everyone’s fragrance”
4. As a protective deity:
I͗r-sꜢ-Ꜣms: “She who protects the ames-scepter”
BsꜢt-Ḥr-m-Pr-nṯr: “She who protects the Horus in Pr-nṯr (at Athribis?)”
SwḏꜢt-ḏt-m-ḫnw-ḏbꜢt: “She who protects the corpse in the sarcophagus”

N. Receiver of the actions of others:
2. Recipient of sacrifices and the like:

ḤꜢ.s: “Who whose Ka labdanum is burnt/sacrificed”

P. Familial relationships:
1. Relationships:

Ḥḥt-sn.s-ḥr-mtr: “She who looks for (the members of) her brother over the flow”
Ḥḥt-sn.s-ḥr-nwy: “She who looks for (the members of) her brother over the flow”
Snt-mnḫt-Rs-wḏꜢ: “The excellent sister of the one who awakens healthy (Osiris)”
2. Marital status
Ḥmt-nṯr: “The god’s wife”

R. Social/physical position
1. As a popular/contented deity:

I͗dt.s-pḫr.ti-m-tꜢwy-iry: “Her scent pervades the two lands”
ḤꜤꜤt-nṯrwt-m-ḫnmw.ns: “She who lets other goddesses rejoice on her scent”
2. As a reputable/respected deity:
Wrt: “The great one”
Špst-wsrt: “The magnificent and powerful”
Špst: “Noble lady”
4. As a perfect/excellent deity:
Nfrt: “The lovely one”
6. As a powerful/successful deity:
Wsrt: “The powerful one”
Wsrt-wrt: “The very powerful one”
8. More on the social/physical position:
Nbty-rḫyt: “Mistress of mankind”
Ḥnwt-nṯrw-nbw: “Mistress of all gods”
9. Relationship to other deities:
I͗rt-RꜤ: “Eye of Ra”
BsꜢt-Ḥr-m-Pr-nṯr: “She who protects the Horus in Pr-nṯr (at Athribis?)”

T. Temple and cult:
1. Ritual:

Nbt-Ꜥntyw: “Mistress of myrrh”
5. Holy object
Mr-i͗nsy: “She who loves bright red (cloth)”
Nbt-sḫm-mni͗t-sššt: “Mistress of the sḫm-sistrum, mni͗t-necklace, and sššt (naos)-sistrum”
Nbt-sšd: “Mistress of the headband”

U. Mortuary cult:
1. Miscellaneous:

SwḏꜢt-ḏt-m-ḫnw-ḏbꜢt: “She who protects the corpse in the sarcophagus”

X. Identification with other Deities
Ꜣst: "Aset"
Ḥwt-Ḥr: "Hethert"
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Re: Epithets of the Names
« Reply #332 on: November 22, 2019, 12:38:29 am »
I don't have the patience to format a long post right now, so here's a link to a PDF of my translation of Sokar's LAGG epithets. The usual caveats apply - I don't know German or any ancient Egyptian, so these are all my best work with the help of ol' reliable (Google Translate). Enjoy!

Sa Sokar
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Re: Epithets of the Names
« Reply #333 on: November 22, 2019, 11:26:26 am »
Just a reminder, the list of Names in this thread is here:
"Aset has concern for/thinks of me"
Sat Aset-Serqet
Meryt Sekhmet-Hethert, Nebthet-Nit-Seshat her Heru-Wer
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Re: Epithets of the Names
« Reply #334 on: January 14, 2020, 07:42:03 am »
Here is a list of some of the epithets I recite during prayer

Divine Horus:  hru: Lord of mortals and human beings
Father: Divine Ausar: Lord of Eternity
Mother: Divine Auset: She who is clever more than a million God's
Brother: Divine Anubis: Lord of Mummification
Sister: Divine Bastet: twin of th Sundance God

Some Divine Names of the God Horus from Pyramid Texts. Part 1. Reconstruction of the Sacred Ritual Barque of Horus in the "Sacred Seat"
The Chapel of Horus in his Temple at
Behdet/Apolliniopolis Megale

Young Child
Great God
King of the Gods
Lord of the Horizon
Lord of the Sky
Lord of the Green
Lord of Human Beings
Lord of mortals and Gods
Lord of the Two Lands
Lord of Food
Great One, son of the Great One
Sole One
Ba (Soul) dwelling in his (Kings) blood
Divine Falcon
He came forth from Happy (the Nile God)
Heir of His Father
Long Striding Eastern
He of the Horizon
Great One dwelling in Heliopolis
Dweller among the falcons
Dweller in Sothis( Sirius)
Dweller in the Great Green (the sea)
Dwellee in the Broad Hall
Dweller in his house
Bright Green
Living of Dawnings


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