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Author Topic: In name of Master Osiris I've pondered some questions  (Read 1460 times)

In name of Master Osiris I've pondered some questions
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:36:06 pm »
I have been studying, ruminating, pondering some questions about Kemet, heathendom, panentheism, henotheism, magic, the meaning and implications of a name(ren) of both human beings (mortals) and heathen/kemetic gods and goddessess.

I hope you find some of my thoughts interesting and informative.

Also, I am thinking about 'joining' undergoing the rituals of this kind and wise community. But I feel not ready yet. Anyway, here are some of my thoughts:

1. About A Name (view from a Kemetic/heathen point of view)

A name is first of all merely a name, but a name stands for and signifies also the Entire Being, the human being, but also his Character influence in creation of Atum.

2. About a 'Legacy' and a Name

First of all, a Name is less than a Legacy, but someone's name and heathen character is contained within someone's Legacy. But I would surely not call a Ren/Name the same as a legacy, for a legacy is much more than merely someone's Ren. How many adherents a Being has is very important, and luckily he/hitler(it!) has almost no adherents anymore, except for the most stupidest of the stupid on the planet.

Often christians or people of monotheistic faiths speak in terms of Legacy after someone has died. But, in the world conception of the people of Kemet and heathens in general, someone's legacy can be PARTLY called the still living and breathing Name(ren) of a person. But a legacy is more than a name/ren for sure.

Two examples, one Good/Maat and one Evil/Isfet:

Imhotep, the Kemetic polymath. This man was a Kemetic mortal, but became Deified and immortalized, for his name is still known and so are his works that can still be discovered in the world and in Kemetic archeology. His name--praise him!--lives on. That good old Imhotep! (And what a great name he has!)

Adolf Hitler/Karl Marx/Stalin. These people are called dead by 'our' current monotheistic/new age/post-modernist view of the world. But, in Kemetic/heathen terms, are these monsters and beasts truly dead? I say no, because their Name or Ren still lives on. I'd say that the Ren of hitlxr is to be grouped with Isfet/Apep/Chaos generally.

I belief Hitler, being dead luckily!, his name is still spoken and thus he is partly alive. His name for us is a warning for the Ultimate Evil/Isfet in the world. So while he lived, he was a force of total isfet and evil. But now that he is dead, he is mostly a warning for potential evil in the world (as a kemetic sage once said, "Recognize the seeds of evil in the world". No doubt nazi literature are the seeds of evil in the world.

I feel grossed-out speaking of Hitler in heathen/kemetic terms, but it does make my point that he is not completely dead hitler, his name and remnants of his character still rotting and decaying in creation.

This is the last time I speak this name, for it is cursed no doubt.

3. On The Origin and Creation of Gods

- Divine origin: revealed by Atum into creation, becoming an Aspect of his essence, in which he takes pleasure amongst many other things. No doubt the creation of Gods by the Source/Atum-Ra is very important, doing this with the purpose in Mind of maintaining or creating Ma'at.

- Human origin: Humans can also create Gods, but it can be extremely dangerous, and I belief this is not how the creation and brining to life of a god should be. So called 'creation' by purely human origins is Isfet I belief.

- Natural origin: By perceiving and viewing certain aspects of Nature, one person or a group of persons might begin to perceive a Netjer in Nature, which will then in truth and wisdom come alive.

- Mixed origin: But overall, I think any Netjer/God/Goddess that is brought to life is a mixture of all these origins. Perhaps Mixed Origin and Divine origin are the only True Ways of Creation and Life of Gods and Goddessess.

4. Socialisation and Communication in Kemetic and heathen terms

Truly with socialization and communication you can answer many questions and mysteries of creation of Tem.

Some say it's a question of Nature, Nurture, Culture. But I say it is much more: It's a question of Atum-Ra and his Power in creation, the Ka (of course)& Nature (talents, predispositions, inclinations, inborn traits), Nurture(by parents, family, and the gods and goddessess of Kemet, and Culture (again a complete mixture of the Power and Influence of all living and existing Netjers, parents, society, media, and everything else that creates the personality of a child and mortal, and also, lastly, the power and influence of the infinite waters of Heka in creation, which are plentiful but which are a mystery mostly. I'm still pondering the how and what of He-Ka.

Anyway, these are some of my thoughts. They might contain many mistakes, for I am just beginning to interest myself more and more in Kemetic thought and culture.

And comments maybe?
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