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Author Topic: Some ruminations about Pre-Creation before Zep-Tepi  (Read 1354 times)

Some ruminations about Pre-Creation before Zep-Tepi
« on: August 11, 2012, 06:11:06 pm »
I simply love to ruminate a bit about ancient Egypt, that shining white light of the ancient world. Sometimes I loose myself in the magical world of Kemet. Anyway, I was thinking about how it would be for Netjer or Atum/Tem to pre-conceive, in His Mind, the creation of earth and the universe.'

I just thought I'll just share some of my thoughts, perhaps some people will be interested.

So before creation, there existed Pure Potential in the Mind of Netjer. The first two Thoughts must have been the following:

1. I want to live in Community with Human Beings, with a Ka.
2. I must find (so to speak) a brilliant Idea to solve a difficult Problem. I must curve Space-Time upon itself in infinity, so the question of the infinite universe of space disappears, for a material universe that is in infinity in space sounds (to me personally) bizarre and impossible.

Having solved this Problem, he proceeded.

I will now Conceive in my Mind the foundations of the Universe: I use immense Spheres, Circles, Squares, Triangles, Cones, and Language and Mathematics; in other words, I use Sacred Geometry in my conception. Having conceived the foundations of the universe, being still in pure potential in His Mind, he proceeded.

I will now think of a Major Overruling Concept and Law of the Universe: Ma'at: Truth, Order, Balance, Justice. And as he conceived It, He no doubt thought it was good. (A little biblical here sorry; it's still a bit part of my roots).

Anyway: after He had Conceived All of This, and other major and minor questions and problems were solved, He (Ptah?) Uttered the Word and brought into being the Universe: Zep-Tepi, the Big-Bang.

Having done all this, he proceeded to evolve the Galaxies and Stars; then, he evolved our Solar System; and then, he evolved and shaped the Earth; and then, he evolved Life on Earth, the Great Tree of Life; and then, finally, he created the first Human Beings, with a Soul or Ka.

This is, I think, how things might have gone Upstairs, so to speak :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share this. I just love to think things Egyptian. Em-hotep!
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