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Clothing the Homeless for Winter!

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Em hotep everyone!

This was an idea given to me by an Unidentified Name the other day.

Many of us have excess clothing that we very rarely or never wear. Many people in the US donate said clothing to Goodwill or Salvation Army, which in turns sells them. This still leaves one vital group untended during winter... The homeless that need those clothes most.

So I've cleaned out my hat and glove box for beanies and extra sets of gloves I haven't used in forever, or won't use due to getting new ones. I took a hat and a set of gloves and wrapped them up like a christmas gift.

Today after work I'm taking the packages to an intersection where many homeless hang out. One guy already agreed to spread the packages throughout the neighborhood to those that need the stuff.

I labelled them all to 'Someone Special' from different Names, like HetHert - Goddess of Joy and Dancing, Ma'at - Goddess of Justice and Truth.

I figure this way I can serve the community and clean out my closet for winter.

Why not do something similar?

That is a great idea!  It has always bothered me how Goodwill resells the stuff donated to them.  I will be cleaning out my closets too.

Same here. I don't think I have any extras though. I'll have to double check. We don't have areas where the homeless are just around, as I live in a fairly small town, but we do have a couple of shelters.

Brilliant idea!
I was actually knitting scarves and hats for the homeless, myself!

That's a fantastic idea, Tabau!


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