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Author Topic: Sokar - Sources and Prayers  (Read 1984 times)

Offline Khenneferitw

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Sokar - Sources and Prayers
« on: March 11, 2013, 12:59:04 pm »
Hotep, all!

I am looking for sources (textual) with information on Sokar, as well as prayers (ancient or modern) to Him. I'm working on a rite for Him, but don't want to rely entirely on doxa here. I'm not fantastic at finding things however, so hoped some of you might have book ideas that you would share.

Sources relating to the lunar cycle in Kemet also welcome for this. :D

Books I currently have (or that the Library has):
Red Land, Black Land (Mertz)
The Ancient Gods Speak (Redford et al.)
Temples, Tombs, and Hieroglyphs (Mertz)
The Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods (Meeks)
Complete Gods and Goddesses (Wilkinson)
Conceptions of God in AE (Hornung)
AE Prayerbook (Rev. Siuda)
Khenne | they/them
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Offline nellethiel

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Re: Sokar - Sources and Prayers
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2013, 02:45:06 pm »
Em hotep ^^

Have you checked    Sokar's page on Henadology? I always turn to that website first when I need to quickly find info on a God or Goddess...unfortunately, there's not much there in terms of prayers/hymns. I'll keep thinking about it though, and if I stumble across anything I'll let you know! The books you listed are all ones I've either read or know of, so I'm not sure what else might be out there...hopefully more informed people can help!

Good luck with it! ^_^
"For I have a word to tell you, / a message to recount to you: / the word of the tree and the whisper of the stone, / the murmur of the heavens to the earth, / of the sea to the stars." -The Ba'al Cycle

Offline Rev. Raheri

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Re: Sokar - Sources and Prayers
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2013, 09:08:29 pm »
 This link seems to have decent information along with some prayers. Everything is referenced.

Anything related to Saqqara or Memphis should have some information but you run the risk of stumbling across Ptah-Wesir, and later Ptah-Sokar-Wesir.

I did find this from the papyrus rhind in my database:
"Hail, Prince, Who comes forth from the womb. Hail,
eldest son of Tatenen.  Hail, Lord of multitudes of
aspects and evolutions....Hail, Lord of Time and
bestower of years.  Hail, Everlasting Lord of Life."
Son of Wesir-Sokar | Heri-sesheta
Awakening in Amenti |

"O my Mother Nut, stretch Yourself over me,
hat I may be placed among the imperishable stars which are in You, and that I may never die."

Offline IbuPtah

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Re: Sokar - Sources and Prayers
« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2013, 11:13:33 am »
Em hotep Khenne!

 Sokar in the Pyramid Texts has a lot of references to Sokar, which, while not necessarily prayers, are interesting since they date to the earliest religious literature.

 The Tomb of Pashedu has not only a beautiful painting of Ptah-Sokar in His falcom form, but a prayer that says "Ptah-Sokar, Lord of the Shetyt Shrine, Great God, Lord of Rosetau, in the midst of the Sacred Land, I have come before you, Lord of Ma'at, (in your)name of Good God, established in the Two Lands,you are ferried across the sky illuminating the Two Banks, providing for the Akhu in the Duat and giving offerings to the Gods" (my rough translation :) )

And finally, this is from the "Ritual of Bringing in Sokar" found in the Bremner-Rhind Papyrus, (which is, I think where the prayer translated by Hemet in her prayerbook comes from)  this one translated by Faulkner in the JEA #23.

"0 thou who didst wear  the White Crown even when coming forth from the womb!
0 eldest son of the First  Primeval One!
0 possessor of (many) faces, manifold of forms!
            0 "phr" of gold in the temples!
0 lord of time who grantest  years!
0 possessor of everlasting life!
0 lord of millions, rich in myriads!
0 thou who shinest when rising peacefully!
         0 thou who healest for thyself (thy?)  throat!
0 thou lord of fear, (at whom men) tremble greatly!
0 possessor of (many) faces, rich in uraei!
0 thou who appearest  in the White Crown, lord of the wereret-crown!
0 thou august offspring of Har-Hekenu!
            0 Soul of Re in the Bark of Millions!
             0 weary Leader, come to thy Shetjyt-shrine!
0 thou lord of fear who came into being of himself,
0 weary of heart,  come to thy city!
0 thou who rejoicest, come to thy city!
            0 thou well-beloved of the gods and goddesses,
0 thou whose waters are great, come to thy temple!
0 thou who dwellest in the Netherworld, come to thine offerings!
0 thou who protectest  thyself, come to thy temples!
0 thou whose darkness is more enduring than  the light of the sun!
             0 august  kiki-plant  of the Great Temple!
0 august  rope-maker of the Night-bark!
0 thou lord of the henu-bark, youthful  in the Shetjyt-shrine!
0 thou excellent power who art  in the realm of the dead!
0 august controller of Upper and Lower Egypt!
             0 thou hidden one whom the common folk know not!
0 thou who blindfoldest him who is in the Netherworld from seeing the sun!
0 lord of the atef-crown,  great in the temple of         Herakleopolis!
0 thou who art  greatly majestic beside the na’ret-tree!
0 thou who art in Thebes, who flourishest forever!
0 Amen-Re, King of the Gods, who dost perpetuate  thy flesh in peaceful rising!
0 thou who increasest offerings and sacrifices in Rostau!
0 thou who placest the uraeus on the head of its lord!
0 thou who establishest  the earth  in its place!
0 thou who openest the mouths of the four great gods who are in the realm of the dead!
0 living soul of Osiris when he appears as the moon!
        0 thou whose body is hidden in the great Shetjyt-shrine in Heliopolis!
0 divine one who hidest Osiris in the realm of the dead!
0 thou whose soul rests in heaven, whose foe is fallen!"

Sa Ptah-Sokar
Mery Amun-Ra, Sekhmet-Hetheret, her Nebethet-Nit-Seshat
Fedw Diviner for PtahSokar


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