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Author Topic: Thesis: Resurrection of ancient Egyptian language  (Read 1296 times)

Offline Pawabitui

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Thesis: Resurrection of ancient Egyptian language
« on: December 13, 2013, 06:51:51 am »
Em Hotep.

I had many thoughts and ideas during the last days, through which I learned many things since I am just a beginner to all there is about the house of Netjer and the Kemetic Orthodoxy. Tanebet encouraged me often to pose my questions, and so I finally decided for one to give it a try, but there are many more. ^^”
And what I'm going to write here is just a thesis, just a thought, nothing full-out serious in terms of “it has to be done” or anything like that. :)

As mentioned in the title I think about the resurrection of the ancient Egyptian language. Like Latin it's a dead language since long and the hieroglyphs still have their riddles and secrets for the archaeologists. But I learned by now that we have many texts that we can read, we have an idea about how to pronounce words and especially the purifications give us an idea of grammar.
There is the counter part that we have only the written language to guide us, and we can't tell for sure it follows the same rules as the spoken language of ancient Egypt. But we have a pretty good idea of how it >might< have worked. There is plenty of information towards how words were constructed and pronounced, one could reconstruct how new terms were formed so authentic words could be created for modern things like cars and computers.

There are of course many more problems to it. The texts we have origin from a time span of about 4000 years, wherein the language had changes while it was still alive. But my idea isn't of recreating exactly the language of old. There is a language that was created solely on the thought of most easy to understand grammar and meanwhile it's considered alive because it is in use on a daily basis.
I think there would be a good chance to create a new language as well, based on what we know of the ancient Egyptian language. If several people were to use this new language these people together would soon find problems and solutions for many situations, thanks to the concept of Collective Intelligence.

The thing is: If there was a group of people starting to speak the language and by that filling the gaps history can't provide any more, there would actually be a high chance that this new language on its own finds the secrets which texts alone can't tell today.

I hope my explanation is understandable and not too weird. To be honest: I'm greatly inspired by the concept of resurrection I can see everyday when Ra rises in the east. And what little I have learned from my linguistic studies is enough to tell me: The language could have the same chance. Why not try to give it?

Sa Wesir her Yinepu-Wepwawet mery Sekhmet-Mut

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