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Revealing our true self

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Hello everyone!

The reason I have written this thread, is that from time to time, I am thinking about people's fear to talk about their beliefs and religion outside the forum. In addition, some recent events in my life and threads that have been posted here played their part as well. (I am not attacking anyone!!!)

When we talk about this subject, we should consider the large amount of reasons, because of which, people are afraid to talk about their inner world.
In every community it's different, thus, the solution to every individual's problem also varies.

In many cases, people are afraid to reveal their true self because of things like isolation, judgment, and negative comments.

For example, a person who worships any sort of Paganism, practices Druidism or any other sort of things will often hear things like:"Do you worship Satan?" in the better case.
In the worst, he might hear more offensive things, being hit by someone or just isolated from the rest of the community if he tells about his beliefs in a place where most of its members are Christians, Jews . Muslim or any other belief system. (Again, no offense)
In this case, it would be better for him not to tell anyone about his true beliefs, in order not to be hurt somehow. By all means, you lie to whom to speak the truth is dangerous.
We neither have the ability to change other people's faith, nor make them think in a different way about the universe. But we can influence by asking them to look on what this religion turns its followers into.
By doing so, maybe the number of negative opinions will be decreased.

Any opinions will be most welcome.

Em hotep *henu*

On an odd note, you probably were better off posting this elsewhere, such as "All things Egypt", as this is for Hemet's (aus) blogs and podcasts and discussions about the information within.

My take on this subject is simply: I don't hide my faith nor my activity within this community. My mother knows about it, my stepfather knows, various other family members know, some of my coworkers know and those who don't simply don't ask. Every day I wear ankh earrings and every day I carry a small "statue" of Yinepu and Bast on my keychain. I'm not shoving my beliefs in anyone's nose by doing so, because my ankhs are commonly misinterpreted as crosses and no one sees my keys. But when/if people ask what I believe in and what I do I tell them. People are pretty comfortable with that side of me.

As for my other less obvious/shining parts of my true nature, that's something I hide not out of fear of rejection by others, but fear of rejecting myself. :) I'm more concerned about what I think/know/feel about me than what others think/know/feel about me.


Hi Gleb!
I take another point of view.
I would never reveal my "true self",because i know that no one would understand.I believe that one can live 10 or 20 years with someone without knowing the person.The human being is a complex creature,with many sides.
So...i like to be myself,always,but i only reveal something about me when i want to,and if i can`t reveal nothing,it`s fine by me.  :)

To be honest, it sometimes makes me crazy, when people can't deal with other people's faith. Everyone's reality is different, so why can't one accept the fact that the other doesn't believe in what  he does?

But thanks for the comments! :)

I know how you feel...
When i was younger,i used to listen someone talking about their faith for some time,then,when i started to talk about mine...it doesn`t work.Now,when someone with a faith different than mine,that i already know that wants to preach me, starts talking...i just say:
- I`m an atheist.DonĀ“t believe in none of that.
They shut up and end of conversation.
If they don`t let me share,i don`t let them share,too.I think it`s fair enough.


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