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Author Topic: Family vs. Dedication? I'm not sure about how to call it.  (Read 1574 times)

Offline Gleb

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Family vs. Dedication? I'm not sure about how to call it.
« on: May 23, 2014, 11:36:53 am »
Participation in and respect for the community[edit]
As part of reconstructing Egyptian religious practices, members of Kemetic Orthodoxy strive to support a thriving religious community, both on and off-line. Every person in the community is required to respect all other members, regardless of their commitment to Kemetic Orthodoxy. This is not to say that all members must actively dedicate all their work and time to help the Kemetic Orthodox community; rather, all members should respect members of all levels, and should make an effort to encourage community between all.[3]

Family is another important aspect of this principle. The Kemetic Orthodox emphasizes the importance of family in the personal lives of adherents. Family was an important aspect of ancient Egyptian life, and as such, the faith does not seek to separate individuals from their families. It encourages increased relationships and understanding of an individual with their family members. This concept ties heavily in with the principle of Akhu veneration

The thing is... That my family doesn't approve very much my being Kemetic. Many of my relatives don't accept my desire to fully dedicate myself to Kemetism and The House of Netjer.
I really want to be a formal follower of Kemetism and research more about the faith. But I'm still a minor (16), and it's written that either one of my parents or a guardian must approve this stuff. What should I do?

On one hand, I really want to go forward with Kemetism, on the other hand, I can't go against my family.
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Offline Vaalea

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Re: Family vs. Dedication? I'm not sure about how to call it.
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2014, 12:11:41 pm »
Em hotep Gleb,

I'm afraid that rule about families is in place for a reason, though it's not entirely a stop. Talk with your family more, if it's possible, get them to see there's nothing harmful about the path itself, study more of it, be confident about your faith, show it leads to good action (and it does, of us as followers of Ma'at.) Show them the dedication you personally have, and how does kemetism help improve your life and your relating to peaceful life. Things like that.

You can't force change on anyone; you can't force hard disapproval out of anyone, but you *can* negotiate your stance; if the disapproval is simply rooted in misinformation, then be informed and provide information. If the disaproval is rooted in belief in harmfulness of the practice, show there isn't such harmfulness. If the disapproval is rooted in belief it's personally bad for *you* and concern for you as their child, then show that it's *not* bad for you and helps to enrich your horizon and how you react in the world afterwards. Address things on the level they arise.

There's, sadly, also a chance their disaproval is simple disagreement with anything that's not their path, but then, time may help lessen those constraints. You're still very welcome to study kemetism and study Kemetic Orthodoxy itself, you just need to aim yourself with extra patience as you do so, for those years it's necessary to wait to not need some permissions anymore.

Also, this is probably something to bring up to Hemet and clergy directly, to be honest about specifics and concrete situation you're in. I believe they'll all be very understanding of your difficulties. ;) This is not an end-time situation, this isn't cutting out your spiritual path; there are just difficulties that need multi-sided communication about where the problem lies, and time to be sorted out.

Please don't let that discourage you from the world of Kemet.
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Vaalea, Shemsu em Kemet.
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Offline Gleb

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Re: Family vs. Dedication? I'm not sure about how to call it.
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2014, 12:26:14 pm »
Thanks very much, Vaalea! ^_^ You have really helped me! :)
I didn't know what to do anymore about it. I do now. Thanks very much, again! :)


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