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Planned TV Documentary on Akhenaten and Atenism



I work with Tile Films (http://www.tilefilms.ie), a television production company specializing in history and archaeology documentaries. We recently completed a documentary for the Smithsonian Channel, the official channel of the Smithsonian Institution, on sacred sites in ancient Ireland. The documentary, which featured ritual performances by Druidic group the Owl Grove, was praised by Heather Greene of "The Wild Hunt" blog for "respectfully incorporating modern day Pagan practice." See http://wildhunt.org/2014/07/new-tv-pilo ... ntext.html

We are now currently developing a program for the Smithsonian Channel on Akhenaten and Atenism in ancient Egypt. In the program, we are interested in featuring the participation of a present-day group or groups whose beliefs and practices are inspired by Atenism, and who perhaps carry out rituals based on this. I was wondering if anyone would have further information or suggestions for how I could get in touch with an Atenist group? I'd greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions. My email is roisin.phelan@tilefilms.ie.

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