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Author Topic: How to worship with low energy  (Read 2018 times)

Offline Biwimuti

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How to worship with low energy
« on: October 19, 2015, 08:23:54 pm »
Exactly what the title says. How can I worship and be active in my religion when I have very low energy?

For context, I'm autistic and mentally ill (with executive dysfunction). Autistic people generally have lower energy than allistics anyway, but my mental illnesses drain me even more, along with working almost every day and trying to take care of myself. I can barely leave my house, and everything has to be planned or else I have a meltdown. Even when I do have enough energy to get other things done, my executive dysfunction gets in the way and makes me waste hours on nothing.

The House seems to emphasize active worship and being active in our communities, and I feel like a failure when I can't achieve that. I'd love to hear any advice you all have.

Thank you.
“My two mothers set a good example (for me).”

Child of Sekhmet-Hethert and Serqet-Aset.
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Offline Senui-Iry-I

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Re: How to worship with low energy
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 09:21:58 pm »
Hello!! :)
I am new to Kemetic Orthodoxy, so I hope this isn't overstepping my bounds as a newbie, but I have mental illness
Community oriented worship activities outside of the internet would be extremely difficult for me, so I don't do them. I tend to do things that foster the spirit of community without having to actually interact face to face with people, things like donating old clothes/canned goods/donating to pet shelters, those places I just drop off the supplies. I don't have to completely drain myself by constant interaction and experiencing a sensory overload but I know that I am still helping out.

Usually I am like you and don't have much energy. I go to school and recently started work (though I'm on hold with that until the store is fixed), and I spend the majority of my free time napping because I literally can't do anything else.

The Netjeru are extremely understanding. They know what you are or are not physically capable of. Active worship doesn't have to be just physical/social activities in the outside community. Active worship can be done in your own home.
Pretty much anything can be turned into a devotional activity. The Netjer understand our limitations and will accept daily activities as offerings when they know you are genuinely unable to do anything else.

Some of the things I do when I'm low on energy are:

Taking the time to think of the gods and praying to them. Both of those things can be done while lying in bed or on the couch.

Offer self care as a form of worship. On days when I just can't get up, I offer Anpu a nap as a way of honoring myself by taking care of my physical needs. Same with showering, brushing teeth, eating, etc. On days where energy is low and even those activities are strenuous, I keep the gods in my thoughts while doing them.

I don't know if you're into this sort of thing, but I occasionally do meditation/astral projection to communicate with the gods. I do this while lying on my bedroom floor so it requires no physical energy.

Sometimes I read and research as a form of worship.
Sometimes I listen to music that makes me think of Netjer as a form of worship.
I like crafty things, so sometimes I knit or crochet while I'm recuperating from the of the day.

Sometimes I need to take a step back from everything for a little while and come back to worship when I'm refreshed.
I've never been scolded or reprimanded by any gods for it. I haven't had other members that I've talked to about these forms of worships tell me they aren't acceptable.
We each do what we can and that varies person to person, everyone worships differently.
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Offline Shezatwepwawet

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Re: How to worship with low energy
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2015, 09:26:19 pm »
Em hotep!

Coming from another spoonie, do what you can. It isn't a contest to see how much you can do or something where you are to be measured against others. The Gods (and ancestors, and other spirits you may have a relationship with) do understand these things. There was a concept in Kemet known as eating your heart, which we now refer to as beating yourself up over something. In the eyes of the Gods, and M/ma'at, it is better to give and do less without imposing guilt on yourself than to do punish yourself, or overexert yourself. Also, are there things you can do for Them? Focus on that.

And anyone who gives you grief for not doing more than you are able can take a long walk off a short pier.
Zat (She who makes Sekhmet laugh)
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Offline Basttjamheri

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Re: How to worship with low energy
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2015, 11:32:25 pm »
I'm also a spoonie who suffers from executive dysfunction and OCD. I have found that doing the little things to take care of myself are valid ways of honoring Netjer. I also pray and think of them when I'm feeling too tired to do much else. Reading and researching about Netjer is also a devotional act. I often feel too tired to do much else than lay in bed and watch Netflix or read. Taking care of yourself is important and Netjer understands that. Don't feel guilty or bad or that you are not a good enough devotee. As you can see, there are quite a few of us who go through similar things as you :) So you are not alone!
Daughter of Bast.
Beloved of Nit-Nebthet-Seshat and Ra-Heruakhety.
Dua Netjeru!

Offline Biwimuti

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Re: How to worship with low energy
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2015, 09:34:39 am »
Oh my gosh, thank you all so much. It's such a relief to know that there are other spoonies here, and all this advice is incredibly helpful.
“My two mothers set a good example (for me).”

Child of Sekhmet-Hethert and Serqet-Aset.
Beloved of Khonsu, Set, and Wepwawet-Yinepu.

Offline Maretemheqat

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Re: How to worship with low energy
« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2015, 08:35:22 pm »
Em Hotep Handmaiden,

Everyone here has offered some great advice, and I am glad that you find it beneficial.

Zat touches on something super important, in regards to "Not eating your heart". In modern context, it means "kicking yourself while you're down." Doing so is not helpful to you, or anyone else. The Gods (like everyone has already said) and ancestors are forgiving and understand when you need to adjust yourself in order to give what you can, when you can, and not feel guilty about doing only those things.

TL;DR- Its OK. Really. You do what you can, and that's all the Gods and ancestors ask of us. :D

Rev. Mesetibes
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