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Author Topic: Approaching Wesir  (Read 7965 times)

Offline Satsenu

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Re: Approaching Wesir
« Reply #15 on: February 15, 2017, 08:41:50 am »
One of my beloveds is Wesir-Sokar, the "growing" or "creation" style Wesir. I sense him as a green skinned Wesir, his essence between the fertile soil and the dark green stems of plants where the sun doesn't directly hit. He has loved a handful of rich soil or seeds as offerings from me as well as things handmade and cool water. Personality wise, I experience him as a quieter, contemplative and observing entity. I have experienced him as lively on occasions, but this is my general feeling with him. I hope that helps a little!

Kind regards,
Satsenu, Daughter of Two
I am the daughter of Wepwawet(-Yinepu) and Bast, beloved of Wesir-Sokar and Amun-Ra.

Offline Pakhutueben

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Re: Approaching Wesir
« Reply #16 on: February 20, 2017, 03:03:15 pm »
Em hotep,

I experienced Wesir as a calm god of deep wisdom. He has many different aspects and when I see him, he is surrounded by a kind of dark blue light. Wesir loves, if you play an instrument for him and sometimes he also starts to dance. He can bringe change/transformation or stability into your life. Wesir is the king of everything that lives and dies. He is the guarantor of the circles of neheh and the eternal afterlife. Wesir brings happiness and hope to those who have great loss or depression.
A less known aspect of him is the one as god of fire - often connected with Ptah.
He ist also an astral god, connected with Orion, who knows everything. The all-knowing-aspect of Wesir is also shown by the eye-shaped hieroglyph "irit" in his name. To see everything means to know it all in the secondary symbolic meaning. Hieoglyphs have layers of meaning. They are much more than our alphabet.
The throne-shaped hieroglyph is a connection to his wife Aset.
« Last Edit: February 20, 2017, 03:13:54 pm by Pakhutueben »
"I am the flame enlighting the night. I am Wesir-Chontameni, lord of the great beneath and my heart burns like the Eye of Horus at the brightest day. Truly I am the one of Djed and evil shall fear me. The light of Wesir-Chontameni casts out the darkness, turns it into the purest essence of Ma'at."

Offline Nehwen

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Re: Approaching Wesir
« Reply #17 on: February 23, 2017, 06:01:41 pm »
Em hotep,

Adding my two cents, I've had the (perhaps dubious) privilege of experiencing two very different sides of my Father. For context, when I found Kemetic Orthodoxy in 2003, I was in a very different place both emotionally and spiritually. The Wesir I encountered for many years was very fatherly and gentle; I think He knew I couldn't handle anything else at that point. And he was right, I was terrified of males in authoritative positions, and it doesn't get a lot more authoritative than King of the Dead. My Shemsu name, in and of itself, reflects that fatherly role. "Protected by His (strong) arm."

More recently, however, as I've healed and started finding my own strength, the King has been there much more often. I went through a period where I felt abandoned, and I was very angry. It dawned on me later that They knew that Eric would be entering my life, and that I wouldn't need Them as much. At the time, however, I just felt abandoned. Eric and I went to an exhibit at the local museum about Ancient Egyptian burial customs, and the first figure of Wesir I stopped in front of carried such a wave a power that I almost dropped into full henu in the middle of a crowded exhibit. There was a very real sense of "I do not exist to serve at your every call." It was a much-needed reminder that, for all I have experienced Wesir as a father-figure, He is a Name of Netjer, and a King.

These days, it's a mix of the two that I get. I think Wesir (like any Name, maybe) responds to you the way you need Him to, which is not necessarily the way you think He should. Approach Him genuinely, without the expectation that He is going to do something for you. From a practical standpoint, as others have mentioned, living things (plants, not animals), ales, and not sand or fish. Dark, rich soil. Pinecones have somehow become a thing. I connect better walking in nature. Be careful not to confuse Him with a sort of Green Man. He is not.

Sat Wesir | Meryt Bast her Serqet-Aset

Now not only day shall be beloved, but night too shall be beautiful and blessed and all its fear pass away!. -J.R.R. Tolkien

Offline Sedjfaiemitui

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Re: Approaching Wesir
« Reply #18 on: February 24, 2017, 12:06:46 pm »
Yay! I love Wesir threads! ;D

Even though this thread is a bit old and the questions asked already well-satisfied by the lovely responses above, I'd like to interject with a Wesir-thread Rehen initiated a while back. I want to do this both for the sake of linking-together "what's Wesir like?" conversations, as they are fun and interesting, and for the sake of making my own two shekels I'm throwing in here a bit less redundant. :)

What follows from here is going to be (more than just a little self-indulgent) "mysticbabble" and elaborations upon Wesir's multifarious nature that I don't often touch upon "out loud" and/or all at once. :P Just in case Rehen's thread ever disappears for whatever reason, I will preface my hot mess below with a disclaimer that my personal interactions and understandings of Wesir come primarily through the "lens" of Herishef. When I underwent the Rite of Parent Divination, Wesir and Herishef specifically requested to occupy the same Beloved-space, while emphasizing that They're not precisely the same deity and aren't acting entirely syncretically -- at least in my case. They may very well step forward differently for future beloveds-of and children of Theirs. :)

What my input here is intended to convey is that 1.) Herishef might be a God one may wish to consider when trying to understand Wesir in His various manifestations and roles, given Their very close association; and 2.) when approaching as multifaceted and diffuse a deity as Wesir, it's perhaps best to try gaining understanding of Him through His intersections and interactions with other deities. :)

I hope all this is of interest and/or helps!



Where Wesir has occasion to "be Herishef" : He is Wesir-Naref / Narefy, the Lord within His Pomegranate Tree in the Naret Nome; He is the Perpetually-Living God; the Ba of Wesir-Re; The One from Whose Nose Qebui Comes (Qebui = God/Netjeri of the North Wind and one of the many Inundation-Gods/Netjeri); Brilliant Appearance with the Atef; the Noble Ba-Ram in Naret, the Majesty of every God, Ser-Shepes ("The Ram of Splendour"). And so very, very much more beyond this modest and incomplete list.

Wesir(-Herishef) in His name of Wesir-Naref / Narefy is the God Who was buried outside Henen-nesu and, rather than succumb to perpetual inertness and "leave no place without His Lordship," flourished into a fruitful tree. He is the persistent, unstoppable, most-secret force of life, with one foot in the Seen and the other in the Duat. As others have already noted here He manifests in the vital (and sometimes violent and destructive!) inundation of "sweetwater" from within the Earth (which is an emanation of Nun), as well as within the grains (Nepri) and greenery which sustain the Earth and all its people. He is a God Who cools and refreshes (Qebui, and Others). He is a God of provision and providence. He is a God Who not only has power to routinely transcend death and be transfigured miraculously by it, but also has the power to heal and to create (Ptah and Sokar). Rather than thinking of Him as being diminished and shuttled-off almost helplessly into another realm of existence, it is more true to His immense and all-encompassing nature to think of Wesir(-Herishef, and "all the Wesirs") as having expanded His Lordship throughout all Creation in ways and to places His Lordship previously did not extend.

In the Duat, Wesir(-Herishef, and -Banebdjedet) is the Begetting Ram through Whom the ancestors "ejaculate" Themselves as Glorified Spirits, and He is the Shepherd (Andjety of Djedu/Busiris) of all people, both living and "gone Westing." He knows every heart. He is the Rejuvenator of the Sun (Wesir-Re); alternatively, He is like unto the womb in the belly of Nut where the Sun God joins and gestates to be born anew in the Vault of the Heavens. He embodies the Mystery of Rebirth contained within the Moon's continual phases in His name of (Wesir-)Iah. By Sun and by Moon, He perpetually shines throughout all Creation. Wesir(-Herishef, and "every other Wesir"), at least in my understanding, is not so much a "Dead God" or merely a "God of the Dead" as He is the Preventor of Death where death would otherwise attack and triumph. 

Wesir(-Herishef) in His names of Ser-Shepes, "The Ram of Splendour," and Ba Shepes em Naret-Pehut Hotep em Djebau Khau Netjeru Peru im [Amun-Re], "The Noble Ba-Ram in Naret Which Stays in the Ten-Thousands and Thousands of Gods Who Came from Amun-Re" (see also the Late Period hymns to Amun-Re at Hebet/Hibis Temple), is the God Who embodies and endows all the Netjeru with Their Majesty. In His names of Harshefy ("He with a Magnificent Face"), Aashefyt ("He of Great Appearance"), and Ashashefyt ("He with a Multitude of Appearances"), He is the primary possessor of shefshefyt, the collective Divine power of respect, dignity, indomitable strength and bravery, terrifying name, brilliance, and magnificence. It is not merely the Atef-crown bestowed upon Him by Re (as per the mythic episode recorded in Chapter 175 of the Book of the Dead) that imbues Him with this "soul of authority." He also imbues the Atef with His unique heka and confers His authority upon it in turn. It represents Him, and He it, and every God Who is depicted wearing the Atef can be connected to the identity of Wesir(-Herishef) in varying capacities.

An aside about offerings: While Wesir(-Herishef, and "every other Wesir") is an incredibly powerful and majestic God with an overwhelming presence, He is absolutely disposed toward hearing prayers and receiving the offerings of all people. If you come to Him in a genuine and adoring spirit, if you are dedicated, He will receive you and what you have to give Him (provided your offerings are not cult-taboo items such as tilapia and other Nilotic fish species associated with His dismemberment and disappearance into the Nile, leaning toward greater specificity; and/or "all fish," erring on the side of caution). I know it probably sounds trite and like a "non-answer" for all its open-endedness, but there is truth to it. Your offerings can be as simple as cool water and bread, or as elaborate as pure oils and resins and heaps upon heaps of flowers. There are certain items that are specific to certain rituals and festivals within the cult(s) of Wesir(-Herishef) that I personally don't see as "anytime offerings," though they more than likely wouldn't go amiss if offered "off-occasion" -- among these being the dates I mentioned in the thread linked above.
"Endowed by Two Fathers"
𓁣 𓁠
Sat Set her Amun-Re-Banebdjedet
Meryt Herishef, Wesir-Narefy, Heru-Wer, her Yinepu

Offline Saheru

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Re: Approaching Wesir
« Reply #19 on: February 19, 2019, 06:26:09 am »
There was a very real sense of "I do not exist to serve at your every call." It was a much-needed reminder that, for all I have experienced Wesir as a father-figure, He is a Name of Netjer, and a King.

Yeah, I've had this before. When Wesir first appeared to me it was this immeasurable sense of love that just hypnotised me. A couple of years later though I was drunk, and was being a bit disrespectful.... and Wesir quite literally and very physically, drove me to my knees... and wouldn't let me stand until I apologised.

The message was simple "I don't mind a joke... but don't be disrespectful".

It was a very humbling reminder that yes, he is a King, and very much a presence of authority. It was also a reminder of how much he loves me really. A lesson in much-needed humility at the time.

Anyway... this thread just jumped out at me again. So I thought I'd reply.


"You and I together are a single creation. Neither death nor spite nor fear nor ignorance stops my love for you..." - Hymn to Wesir from Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead by Normandi Ellis.


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