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Author Topic: Gods and heka for the health of animal companions  (Read 1700 times)

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Gods and heka for the health of animal companions
« on: March 31, 2016, 09:06:41 am »
Hotep family and friends!

As many of you are aware, my dog Mordekai has been having recurrent digestive issues. I've noticed other shemsu and remetj have been having similar pet health issues. I was wondering what you all have been doing to help your pets (aside from vet visits, of course). The Netjeru have kindly reminded me that I can use heka to aid both in discovering the underlying cause of illness and in recovery for my pet.

 Here's where I turn to you. Which Gods have you been working with on this? At a Sekhmet healing ceremony one year at retreat, Sekhmet advised me to go to my Father Yinepu. Are there any other Names you might recommend?

In the realm of heka, I have considered a few avenues:

1. A healing tag for Mordekai's collar
2. A heka charm on his crate for healing rest
3. Infusing his drinking water with healing heka

Thoughts or suggestions? I expect this might be useful for many folks here. Thanks.
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Re: Gods and heka for the health of animal companions
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2016, 12:02:13 pm »
Em hotep Tarytenyinepu -henu-,

So sorry about your dog.  I don't have any pets at the moment but I've had my share of dogs and have worked with them my entire life and I've used healing heka (as well as magic) before on my dogs to treat different sorts of issues. 

I imagine Sekhmet told you to go to Yinepu because of His associations with the jackal, the golden jackal or what is now called the African golden wolf.  They are in the same family as domesticated dogs.  Perhaps that is why She told you to go to your Father?   

Definitely speak with Yinepu and ask Him if there is anything He could offer to you on this subject.

Personally, I've used heka (and magic) on my dogs' food and drink bowls and I've found fantastic results.  I like it because it's easy and not so out of your way.  Tags and charms are great but in my opinion, they're harder to use.  But that's my experience.  I'm sure that other people have found the opposite. 

For one of my dogs, she had a really nasty gash on her thigh I was trying to heal and I was trying to use medicinal and other preparations in addition to heka. 

For your dog, you could whisper healing words over their food or water, such as, "Hear me, Netjeru.  Turn Your faces to me.  Do not look away.  Hear me and act upon my will.  Do it now.  Carry this prayer out so that it becomes as I have said it.  May as Mordekai drinks this water, his health issues cease.  His digestion repair.  His health improve and his happy days return.  As he drinks it, may it become as I have said it." (I assume Mordekai is a he, so I apologize if Mordekai is female). 

In addition, you could trace the word, "Health" along the water in the bowl, for example, and say, "Health", as if you're enforcing it onto the object so that when Mordekai drinks from it, he absorbs it and becomes a part of him/her.

Of course, you'll want to do this with a commanding voice.  A command is a direct form of will and that is very strong in of itself.  Let there be no room for nuance.  Command it so that it be done. 

Words have power and words are heka.  Your words resounding over the water or the food impact the object and the outcome.  They bring your perception to be. 

Dua Sekhmet!  Dua Yinepu!

I pray the best outcome for you both.


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Re: Gods and heka for the health of animal companions
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2016, 09:06:48 pm »
Em hotep Taryt,

In addition to medical intervention when Roo was deathly ill from mold consumption, I set up a Wepwawet shrine for him.  I prayed to Wepwawet to open the way to good health again for Roo.  The shrine was set up in our bedroom, since that is where he sleeps.  Note sure if it helps, but it at least made me feel better knowing he was being looked after.

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