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Author Topic: The path of a god  (Read 2111 times)

Offline Gleb

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The path of a god
« on: July 20, 2016, 02:10:36 pm »
Em Hotep everyone! -runs across the forum hugging everyone-

I wasn't exactly sure where to post it, so if it's the wrong section, please forgive me and move to the right place.

So I read a lot about the Path of [insert god(dess)'s name]. Especially it came in Kane Chronicles, by Rick Riordan. These books have had a great influence on my belief system and drew me closer to the faith.

So I focus on the paths of Djehuty and Bast. Now when it comes to them, especially Djehuty in a way, though Bast has a huge role in it as well, I think they want me to be less like THEM as persons, but to understand the laws of life and how the universe works, in order to find common understanding and have a wider perspective on things.

It also helps to have a better understanding of things from other religions' perspective. It's important to me when I interact with other religious people, pagan or not.

So how does the path(s) of your god(desses)s come into action? I'm curious. :)

-runs across the forum hugging everyone again-
Sorry I'm weird.


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