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Em hotep, all!

I wasn't sure where to put this, but.

I've noticed that in many recent threads, Mama Sekhmet's been brought up; a while ago I stumbled across this, which seemed to catch Her attention very strongly, so I thought I'd post it here:


Pretty much since my RPD, I've wrestled with how I "should be" Sekhmet's kiddo. Set's? No problem-o, I think I've got that covered. But given that I'm not a "fighter," not in any community organizing or social justice-y or activist sense of the word (actually any sort of confrontation about politics or when people get angry about anything, really, leaves me very scared), I kept thinking, "Mama Rage-and-Justice-and-Deep-Love, okay, what am I supposed to do?"

And you know what?

She reminded me (when I first stumbled across that site) that to fight can be, ironically, through something just like that: through the smallest, intentional acts of random kindness and gentleness and love.

And it's really just about being a good, kind human being, and Gods knows there's enough nonsense in the word for every act, however minute, to help. :)

(So I guess, maybe in my own quiet way, even li'l ol' Gezausenu could be a fighter, too?) ;)

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to some of you as well. <3


* I've gotten the occasional Christian-themed banner ad, so do bear that in mind, but none of the acts I've encountered have ever espoused Christianity, if that makes you uncomfortable. It's all rather generic but beautiful stuff--although I'll grant that one should take it with a grain of salt, since not every act is necessarily feasible, and for that I'd suggest just refreshing the page. ;)

Rev. Tjemsy:
Oh, how lovely and wonderful this is! <3 I do identify as a "fighter," though I'm not like to be marching at the front lines of protests or anything like that. I'm small and frail and that's just a bad idea. I am, however, quite enthusiastic in my support of such. ^^;

I identify as a "fighter" of personal adversity, which seems to be what Sekhmet's going for with me. Set seems to be about fighting what injustices have happened to me, where Sekhmet is more about accepting what has happened to me, turning it into a strength, and then using it to move forward in life.

And, of course, I would also be a fighter of injustice and isfet. ^^;

Heehee, it's interesting to hear that, twin: reverse the Names and you'd have my relationship with Them. :P

Anyway, when I was growing up and in seminary, I was surrounded by authority figures who believed so strongly in their causes that they believed anyone who didn't believe in those things too was Fundamentally Wrong and a Bad Person Who's Stalling Progress And Supporting Injustice Through Apathy. (i.e. Mom was a feminist who railed against men every chance she got--not great for a kiddo who knows they're not a girl but sure can't say it. At seminary, once I wrote in a paper that, hey, protesting is not the only way to preach the gospel, but I found it frustrating that all of what we were being told to do was go to protests and get arrested. Said paper got an F and some harsh remarks about my "level of intolerance".)

*deep breath* All of which is to say, I guess, that it's been an interesting process, trying to figure out what kind of action Mama's calling me to, and that it need not all be so blatantly "radical," and Her response to something like acts of random kindness makes me happy--it's a reminder that there are many ways to fight isfet.


Try to think of it this way - Sekhmet is also the goddess of healing, right? I think today people lack a lot of kindness, love and laughter, giving that today there is a lot of darkness, depression and anxiety in the world.

I never worked with Sekhmet but I think you're doing great! Reminds me of something Gandalf said in the first film of the Hobbit - that peace is done not through the big deeds, but through the small ones and I'm quoting - "Simple acts of kindness and love".

Just my 2 cents. :)

Gleb, you are a flipping smart cookie. Thank you so much for your words. <3 That means a whole lot, really, just hearing you chip in your two cents, hearing another perspective on Mama Sekhmet, reminding me, among other things, all the facets of healing there are. And, oh, yes, the world can use all the kindness it can get, that is for sure.

Senebty! Thank you again.


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