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Fundraising for HoN: Custom Netjeru Coloring Sheets

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Em hotep nefer, Temple-family and friends!

(Hopefully this is an okay-place to post this. I wanted to place this notice somewhere public on the fora so that beginners, guests, and wanderers-in can also get in on this opportunity if they are able and willing.)

With our Fundraising Bak A'Aqytsekhmet's blessing, I am offering my modest artistic services to help raise sorely-needed funds for the House of Netjer. For a $15 donation directly to the House of Netjer, I will create a custom coloring sheet, made available as a digital download, featuring the Netjer(et) of the donor's choice. For a $25 donation to the House of Netjer, I will include YOUR name (whether it's your Shemsu name or a name you prefer to go by in your daily life) in a Middle Egyptian benediction or hymn to the Netjer(et) of your choice in an original artwork -- basically, a 2D devotional stele! (I am only proficient in Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs; I am not proficient in Hieratic or in Demotic).

All you have to do to be eligible for a custom design is email me proof of donation in the form of a forwarded confirmation email or screencap to sedjfai(at)gmail(dot)com, along with which Netjer(et) you want me to create an image of. If the "donation" bar and button don't appear for you on the forum, you can begin the donation process here. Feel free to include reference images from sculptures, temple reliefs, etc. in your email to me, along with any descriptions of details you would like me to include -- the Netjeru each have a variety of forms, after all, and I need to know which form of which Netjer(et) you want depicted! ;)

Each image will be in a traditional Egyptian style, unless otherwise indicated. I can also make images in a semi-realistic style. Click here to see an example of traditionally-styled image I have made, and here for an example of a semi-realistically-styled image I've been working on.

I will release rights to the images to their respective donors. That means you are free to do with those images what YOU wish, since you will have effectively "bought" them, whether it's for a tattoo design or something you would like to incorporate into your own artwork. PLEASE SPECIFY WHETHER YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR COLORING SHEET TO BE MADE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE / FREE TO DOWNLOAD WITHOUT A WATERMARK FOR OTHERS. You are not obligated to make it public, or to keep it private; I leave that decision entirely to the discretion of you, the donor.

Each coloring sheet will note who sponsored it with their donation, along with my signature and the year. A watermarked copy will be uploaded to my DeviantArt page, for the sake of my maintaining a digital portfolio.

All of these pieces will be hand-drawn and hand-inked, by me. These are not digital artworks. It will take me anywhere from four to eight days (rough estimate) to complete each, depending entirely upon the intricacy of the design, and they will be completed in the order received, so please be patient. :)

There are five slots available for the $15 tier, and five slots available for the $25 tier. Get 'em while they're hot!


Rev. Tjesi:
Wow!!!!! What a generous offer!!!!

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Rev. Tawa'u:
This is an amazing offering! 

If any are left on payday you can bet I'll be here.

Commenting to update that the first $25 slot has been secured by Ibi! Thank you so much for your donation! ;D ;D ;D (Got your emails; check your inbox for my reply. :) )

As of this moment, there are 5 of the $15 tier slots and 4 of the $25 tier slots still available.


Rev. Shezatwepwawet:
Dua Netjer enten for doing this Sedjfai!


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