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Sekhmet and Ma'at Drawings (free and per request) <3

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Em hotep, everyone!

As as service to my Mama Sekhmet as well as to my Beloved Ptah, I would like to offer to any who request it a drawing of the Gods of the Year--this coming year that is--Mama Sekhmet and Ma'at.

Ideally, I want this to be something I custom draw for anyone who asks, anyone who seeks to have an image of Mama Sekhmet and Ma'at in their home for the coming year. This will take time, but I want to do it, very much.

I also want these to be free of charge, because I understand that finances can be very tight. However, if you are able, donations to the House would be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, I'm open to suggestions, if there's a particular way you want Sekhmet or Ma'at depicted.

Drawings will be in the style of my Epagomenal offerings, as found . . . at the end of this post! Sorry, I made a boo-boo--check below for links to dA. ^_^ They will likely be a little bigger, simply because those drawings were done on 4 by 6 notecards, and I have some really nice 5.5 by 8.5 paper that I should use . . .

From a "first things first" standpoint, I will begin working on these starting on Wep Ronpet. Just FYI. ^_^

Much love to you all. PM me if you're interested. <3









Em hotep Gezausenu,

I am humbled by your offering to us all. I love your work and would love to take you up on your kind offer. I especially loved your picture of Nebthet. I could almost hear her speaking to me.

Many thanks.



I just read that it said to pm you lol

Em hotep, everyone!

First, thank you to all who have requested a drawing of Mama Sekhmet and Ma'at! They were all a joy and honor to work on. <3

Second, thank you to everyone who's stepped forward recently! I'm truly thrilled to serve my Mama (and Ma'at!) in this way.

I do want to clarify that this was intended as a service to Sekhmet and Ma'at, as They are the Gods of the year. For those who've asked for Sekhmet alone recently--don't worry! That's peachy! I don't mind and will 100% happily draw my Mama!

However, as of right now I have limited time and spoons, and creating art for the Gods is a form of heka--a taxing one, at times--so, going forward, I want to devote as much time as possible to carry out this service as intended. Sekhmet and Ma'at, Together.

This having been said, I also want to apologize to those who are asking for drawings now: I'm back at work full-time and still recovering from surgery, so I can't whip these drawings out as quickly as I could when I was just at home. It will take longer, but I will create them with just as much love and respect. <3 All the same, I beg your forgiveness and patience.


Rev. Tjemsy:
Thank you for doing this, twin. <3

I didn't see your Nebthet before somewhy, but she's lovely. <3


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