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Author Topic: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work  (Read 4151 times)

Offline Sekhepenaset

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PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« on: August 08, 2017, 01:52:00 pm »
Iwy em hotep nefer, everyone

As I'm working through my list, I really feel a need to make a few comments while offering some general rule of thumb about what to expect and how to interpret your oracle when you get it. 

I honestly can't help but feel a little offended when I get disparaging remarks or remarks that suggest the other person built me up to be something I didn't claim to be.  It's this unspoken mentality of, "well, this could apply to everyone so therefore it's not specific enough to me and since it's not specific, it's not an oracle and this so called oracle per se is not so great"

It's offensive because I never expected you to shirk your intelligence.  I never expected you to trust me when I said I had x skill.  I write a disclaimer in near every oracle I've sent out saying to take it all with a grain of salt and disregard it if it's not useful to you. 

The first part of my list was harder because I kept watering down the process by demanding Aset deliver me specifics and, as you can imagine, She really doesn't like that (e.g. me demanding names to people specific in your life because I want you to believe in my ability vs contemplate what They're telling you).  She doesn't like being told what to do or having to obey someone.

And that's been one recurring problem I've had in trying to revive mediumship work.  One thing I'm glad I could identify and point out by this experience - I am no longer going to put demands on the Netjeru or any pantheon I do this for to "prove Themselves" by listing out specifics because They really don't like it. 

Now, I will say this.  They don't mind being specific...They just don't like me demanding I be specific so you either believe They exist or "test" me as to my validity.  And it's only because when you come to me for something, They are ultimately trying to help you and you are taking away from the experience by playing a "test" with Them. 

I don't mind someone telling me, "this is not relevant to me" or "this is really off-point".  That's to be expected and necessary.  I want you to question me but I do not want you to question me in a way that is, "well I know this exists and I can't believe it because it's so interesting so let me keep pushing the button that proves it exists because it's so cool"

But I have done this for awhile and it's something I've had a lot of "wow" experiences with...but also a lot of learning, "this needs to improve" experiences with. 

Oracles are often very mysterious and complex.  Things that sound like specifics are not always specifics.  And vice versa for metaphor.

If your oracle talks about "Death and dying" it's probably talking about a major transformation about to happen in your life vs actual, physical death.

A lot of people have been getting oracles talking about "All is One, One is All" and my honest interpretation is that Aset is trying to tell people to be transcendent and not focus so much on pieces of the puzzle itself but the entire puzzle.   

Aset is known for being extremely blunt.  But She isn't blunt to a fault.  She's cunning and tactful as well.  If you need mystery and complexity to motivate you, that's what She'll give you. 

The people who get the bluntest oracles where all the specifics are actually specifics and it calls out all the major stuff going on in their life are typically blunt to begin with, like blunt answers, or need it at that time. 

Your oracle will be specific to you, in some way or another. 

And that's what I'll say about it for now.

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Senebty -

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Offline Rekeh-Wer

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 02:11:31 pm »
I think if They wanted us to know more, They would've told us, so I don't see why people are trying to pry open Their mouths for a mystery they'll ultimately have to discover themselves.

Something a lot of folks don't understand is that the vague readings aren't the fault of the diviner. In this case, you're asking for words from Aset, and She'll make things vague or extremely metaphorical for a reason. Sure it's good to get follow-up info, but there comes a point where you're just gonna have to find out yourself.

I'm sorry you've been treated this way. I hope things go over a lot better from now on!
Great Burning
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Offline Khenneferitw

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2017, 02:24:39 pm »
Em hotep, Sekhep!

I am so sorry you have had this experience. How sad that you put yourself out on the line to get negativity in return!

I for one found your work moving. I've neglected to reach out with further commentary due to Retreat, but hope to do so soon.
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Offline Ushedimuti

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2017, 02:27:00 pm »
Em hotep, Sekhep,

I'm sorry you've had bad experiences with this, especially when you offer it free of charge.

I agree with Anaputuwet; generally if I don't understand something, I probably will down the line. And if I don't after a great amount of time; well, can't fault the diviner for it. I've had experiences as both a diviner and divinee trying to get more detailed information and it's usually... well, not a great idea. And not the point of divination, really.

Anyways, I want mostly to thank you again for the service you're providing to us, and making us aware of a larger issue. It's good for us to think on these things.

I hope you're taking care of yourself, too, in all this.

Ushedimuti | "My Mothers address me."
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Offline Ra'awyserqet

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2017, 02:31:57 pm »
Em hotep Sekhep

I'm so sorry to hear you are getting this type of response from people. I hope that it is not the case going forward, but unfortunately in this type of work, there's always that person. (Usually a few of them to be fully honest.)

I feel that, unless a person is open to knowing it, in whatever form it comes in (specific or vague), they simply should not ask. The Gods (and oracular work) are not there for our entertainment or to prove Themselves to us. We will believe or not in our own time.

Much love and senebty

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Offline Teritui

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #5 on: August 08, 2017, 02:57:17 pm »
Em hotep!

I'm saddened to hear that you've been getting negative responses, especially because you're doing it to help people and do it for free. You're always so careful to tell people that things can be misheard or innacurate, I'm surprised someone (or someones) would be so rude!

Divination is not always clear, and sometimes the gods make things a bit hard on purpose. Not everything is meant to be easy.

I'd also like to add for anyone that is reading and may be puzzling over their oracle: it was said that the oracles may go over a bit of the past year, but would mostly be things for the upcoming year.

This means that though you may not understand or find something relevant now, there's no reason it can't become relevant in the next year.

And even if it doesn't, diviners are only humans and make mistakes, just like anyone else. Try to take what you can out of a reading, whether it's advice, introspection or what have you.

Sometimes, divination that indicates negative things to come can make us angry and prone to lash out. I'm not sure if that's contributing here, but I'd just like to add that rarely in life are things always great. My father once told me life is ups and downs, and just as we ride the ups, we must also ride the downs.
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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #6 on: August 08, 2017, 04:12:46 pm »
Em hotep, Sekhep!

I'm so sorry to hear that some have reacted to your work with negativity. You're just the messenger. There's an adage about that, isn't there? ;)

But seriously, friend, I'm so sorry. You do such wonderful work for this community and it breaks my heart that this is in part what you're getting in return.

As I can speak only for myself, I will say that you've done nothing but good things for me, and I also want to apologize if any of my snide humor has come across the wrong way. <3 I am nothing but grateful for what you've done, and hope to support you in any way that I can.

Senebty, and be well, friend,
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Offline Senui-Iry-I

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #7 on: August 08, 2017, 05:42:57 pm »
As everyone has said, it really isn't fair that some people are giving you negativity for your oracles, ESPECIALLY since you are doing them from the goodness of your heart, free of charge.

I really believe that those giving negative responses should give more time to reading the oracles and think about them before responding. They aren't things to read out the first time and fully understand everything clearly. Gods can be mysterious and use metaphors and sometimes things get a little muffled in translation (which is not your fault, it's bound to happen on occasion!)

I hate that you're getting bad responses, I hope that doesn't stop you from continuing on with them as you are very talented!!
I also want to say that every reading, oracle or divination, that you've done for me has been amazing and I am grateful! (Still want to donate to you if you could PM me how to!)
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Offline Shezep_shuty

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #8 on: August 08, 2017, 06:06:37 pm »
Frankly I think it's amazing that you're doing oracle readings for free. When I asked for a reading I didn't realize that would be the form that it would take. Just about anyone can lay out a tarot spread, though interpreting one is harder. Few people have the knack for doing oracles.

Any old random thing can be divination fodder, but different methods yield different results. All of them require the receiver to put forth some effort in the interpretation of the results, and in being honest enough with themselves to receive the answers without shoving them under the rug, or asking the same questions over and over again until they get the answers they want to hear.

People need to remember that often the questions that are at the forefront of their minds, the ones that cause them to chase their tails in circles, are also the ones that can't be answered directly. At some point Netjer has to step back and say, "No, this really is up to you to figure out or decide. It wouldn't be the same if I told you." It's very frustrating when that happens, but reacting negatively to the messenger, whether it's a person, especially if it's a person, or a deck of cards, does no one any good.

We had some SPG going around that Heru-wer hates doing divination for exactly that reason. People always argue with it, and most of the time they can figure it out on their own if they listen to their hearts. Other times, knowing the answer just doesn't help all that much anyway. The best answer I ever got from HW was when I kept asking, "Is this true?" He finally told me to act as if it was true. If that was what was in my heart, then I needed to walk my talk. A simple yes or no to the first question wouldn't have had the same result. I probably would have argued with it either way to be honest. Sometimes questions have to be answered sideways to get a good result.

My reading was pretty spot on, and yes Aset scolded me a little. I'm a child of Heru-sa-Aset, so naturally it's Netjer-Mom's right to tell me to sit up straight and clean my room. I wouldn't have expected anything less.
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Offline Temseniaset

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #9 on: August 08, 2017, 06:21:30 pm »
I hate that you are going through this.  If they don't want to hear what Aset has to say, or are doing it to test either Her or you, screw em.  You are talented and so kind to do this free of charge and use that much energy to do a service.  Just know that you are loved and appreciated by pretty much everyone, especially our Mother.  Love you Bro!
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Offline Tjemsy

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #10 on: August 08, 2017, 08:07:47 pm »
Sekhep, I'm so sorry to hear people have been treating you this way. In the future, I think it's perfectly within your rights to decline further readings for these people. When people go into divination looking for a specific result, it always skews the whole thing. When you're looking for something in particular, you might be missing something else that is very important. And might be that they don't want the truth, but validation. Validation is good, at times, but I think that going in, one should acknowledge that things may not turn out the way they anticipated. Just like with the RPD.

More "specifics" might be nice, but we can't control what NTR (or otherwise) chooses to say to us. And I do know that at times, they like their riddles. Even in mine, which was pretty to-the-point, I identified some areas that could be interpreted in multiple ways. I do think I've zeroed in on the most likely answer (which is, unfortunately, not the one I wanted), but I acknowledge that there might be things I'm misinterpreting. Often my gods know something I do not, and it can take some time for me to catch up with them.

I'm glad to see so much support for you in this thread. I've said this before, but you don't need to prove anything to me. And I think it's wonderful that you would offer this service to the community. You're very talented.

Tjemsy - "Two Red Ones"

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Offline Menqebetheru

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #11 on: August 08, 2017, 09:34:19 pm »
Iwy Em hotep Sekhepenaset !
      I'm also so sad for know that people can be so ungrateful when you was offering your work for free ! And everybody knows that when we go to any oracle or tarot, any kind of divination, is not always that we will hear what we want. Even in life, neither all happens the way we want.
  Don't feel bad, you had good intention, and what you was doin was only the good for the people, but there are some ones that can't understand it .

  Senebty !
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Offline Taqerisenu

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #12 on: August 08, 2017, 09:59:09 pm »
I'm really sorry to hear that people have been behaving so badly, Sekhep. You are offering an amazing service, and I admire deeply that you took such a monumental task on.

I don't have a great deal of experience with oracular readings, but I'm not surprised that Aset might choose to bring to light broader themes and the patterns of our life that are bigger than what we can normally see, focused as we are on the nitty gritty mundane day-to-day. I wouldn't expect everything to be immediately clear, either. In my experience, at least, Aset likes to make me work for the understanding and enlightenment that I reach. I really have to reflect on what she has to say to me. This has often been my experience with the Aset oracles for Wep Ronpet.

Anyway, this has all been my rambling way of trying to express how much I admire the work that you do! You rock. :)
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Offline Paserutaset

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #13 on: August 09, 2017, 12:16:10 am »
Em Hotep, Sekhep!

I'm sorry you have to go through this.

May our Mother always smile at you!

Keep being that wonderful and kind person!

Paserutaset "The prophecies of Aset"
Sa Aset-Serqet
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Offline Sekhepenaset

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Re: PSA on interpretation of oracular process work
« Reply #14 on: August 09, 2017, 11:45:03 am »
Thank you all for your comments.

I was be rushed typing this up and there were some things I didn't mention or edit out of my previous thought.

Some of this is my fault because of my own naievete and not laying down enough specifics so people know what they're asking for

But my Mother, in particular, will handle you in the way you need vs how you expect Her too

And my observations of people who get the scary on point oracles remains true
Senebty -

Sa Aset-Serqet
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