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Author Topic: Where do you do your shrine shopping?  (Read 5965 times)

Offline Shariwepwawet

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Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« on: August 21, 2017, 03:01:05 pm »
I thought it would be a good idea to have a list going of where everyone buys things for their shrines, especially for Beginners who might be feeling overwhelmed (I know I was!)

I honestly bought most of my supplies at Target. I house my shrine and supplies in a plain gift box that I plan on decorating. The lid serves as a backdrop of sorts. I also bought four dark blue bamboo bowls from Target to use as my offering dishes. I like that bamboo is such a bio-friendly resource and I love the color of them. I keep my natron in an acacia salt dish, also from Target.

I used to use a sandalwood and myrrh candle until I almost set my bookcase on fire. I just used Morning Star myrrh incense today and I love it. It's also ritually pure for Senut, unlike most Indian incense (no urea or cow dung!) It can be bought from but I got it from a pagan store in my neighborhood.

I have a few bits of kyphi/kapet and a portrait of Ra I bought on Etsy from I'm eagerly awaiting matching prints of Wepwawet and Set in the mail! I also have a lovely Ra bracelet from Nou that I use to decorate my shrine when I'm not wearing it.

I also have a large salt block candle holder and a selenite candle holder that I found at either HomeGoods or TJMaxx. I use LED tealights in them that I probably bought at Target or the Dollar Store.
Child of Wepwawet. Beloved of Set and Ra.

Offline Pairysenu

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2017, 04:29:58 pm »
Ooh, now I'm trying to think where I got everything...

The stand my shrine is on I inherited from my grandmother, so I didn't buy that. The shrine cloth and ankh I got from the British Museum. A couple of libation vessels I have were from the dollar section at Michaels. I got a pack of 50 tea lights from Walmart, and my oil warmer is from there too ($2.50, a steal). I have one bowl from an independent fair trade store near where I live. I'm pretty sure everything else was from the transfer station in my parent's town - there's a swap area there, where you can leave pretty much whatever and anyone is free to take it. I've got lots of plates, bowls, candle holders and so on there. The bookcase my akhu shrine is on is from there as well. I didn't buy anything on my akhu shrine, except the shrine cloth which is a plain white bandana from a craft store (Michaels, Jo Anns, or A C Moore most likely). I'm planning on getting some white ostrich feathers, most likely from Michaels.

The only statue I have I got from DeeEgypt on ebay/etsy. I highly recommend, stuff tends to be pricey but it's very nice and the customer service is great! Different stuff is sometimes listed on the ebay and etsy, so it's worth checking both.

I'm a huge fan of antique shops in general, as well as craft stores. Large stores like Target and Walmart often have nice stuff as well (even if I now live in a state without a single Target :'( ) Etsy is always worth giving a look too, they have some very beautiful things! Not always where to go when you want the cheapest option though.
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Offline Rev. Shezatwepwawet

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2017, 07:54:13 pm »
I've been amassing stuff for my shrines with real effort for about ten years but have purchased things further in the past. Thinking about what is in my shrine...

White offering bowls came from a local Asian market
My jackal incense burner (Summit collection) was purchased in 2002
Current Wepwawet statue was purchased a few years ago at the annual fair held at the local Coptic church (looks like this only less lion)
I have a large Seshat papyrus I found on eBay right after I was divined a decade ago. The seller used to regularly have them up but I have not seen one in many years.
I also have a custom Seshat statue from Shadow of The Sphinx, which you can find in the sold items if you dig
My AGI Heru... I believe I purchased from a former w'ab priest in the House.

Incense is always Morningstar brand which I can get in a local hippie type clothing shop or from Amazon.
Candles currently are palm wax I buy at the "natural" food shop I frequent.

For shopping, if I am not online I love going to museum gift shops. Often times what I can find are things like Summit but sometimes I can find more unusual pieces. I also have a hoard of statues in my basement given to me by a friend who started buying in the early 1990s. I am keeping some of them but many will get listed on eBay as a fundraiser for the House.
Zat (She who makes Sekhmet laugh)
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Offline Senneferet

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2017, 08:44:27 am »
I rarely go out to specifically buy things for my shrine. I tend to let things turn up and see it as a sign that I need them. I'm not a member of the House so my shrine is not set up for Senut or anything formal.

My large Bast statue and Anpu statue came from a thrift/charity shop. I found them on my way to work in a funeral home ten years ago. My small Bast (which I plan to put in a travel shrine) and Anpu in a snow globe (that's not really on my shrine, He's on the memory box of lost babies) were Xmas gifts from family. My Bast painting was found at a fundraising event for a cat charity. My Hethert statue was found at a second hand/antiques market. My carved wooden hippo representing Tawaret was bought in Malawi by my sister-in-law. The candle holders used to belong to my mother-in-law. The cloth I was using, and have now burnt a hole in, was wrapping from a gift bought in Lush. Everything else I have made myself.

I also have a Bast and Anpu plushie, and Bast bookends, all bought from the British Museum. I wonder whether I'm meant to have all this Bast stuff or it's just that it's easy to find images of Her.
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Offline Mesetibes

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2017, 12:38:44 pm »
Em Hotep,

I have a collection of shrine items for both state shrine and senut shrine.

Senut shrine stuff I've gotten mainly from an Asian import store here for soup bowls and a sake vase for offering bowls and pouring libations. Anything else is from the kitchen section at places like Super Store or Walmart. Appetizer kits make great mini offering bowls because the dishes are usually small. My incense holder was from a local pagan store that sold loose incense burners. My statue of my mother I got from Soma Luna I believe, as did the rest of my statuary. My Heru-wer was purchased from Ebay with the help of some House members.

For my state shrine, I went a little fancier. I had my statue hand sculpted by Jeff Cullen, who is one of Hemet's voudou kids. My burner I got from Nippon Kodo ( though mine is no longer listed., and my offering bowls again are appetizer bowls from the Kitchen section at Walmart.

Shrine cloths I purchased white linen for from a local fabric shop, but that's an extra fancy thing.

~Rev. Mesetibes
Rev. Mesetibes
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Offline Rev. Tjesi

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2017, 03:21:08 pm »
I'm an online buyer type. Amazon. Lots of Amazon. I have sake cups and "pitchers." Incense burners. Candle holders.  Just got an order of small (3 oz?) Lotus bowls from a Montessori supply site. Perfect size for liquid offerings at the various personal shrines I have. Little mini souffl√© dishes (2 oz?) for offerings at my State shrine.

Bought nice plain white porcelain saucers for offering bigger things from William Sonoma.

Wine glasses with no stems for wine offerings.

Etc. etc. I just hunt.

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Offline Tjemsy

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #6 on: August 25, 2017, 06:25:23 pm »
Art, Beads, etc.
- Pretty much all of this was bought or won at Retreat

- My ankh was gifted to me some years ago. You can probably find it online somewhere. It's an ankh-djed-was one.

Candles, etc.
- Candles: whatever's on the shelf at CVS. Candle lighter comes from here, too.

- Incense is pretty much exclusively Morningstar, from Amazon.

- Wooden barque incense burner I got from Etsy some time ago. Never seen another one.

- This sand from Amazon

- I forget where I got the natron from

Containers, etc.
- Two $1 glass "potion bottles" from Michael's, one with sand, one with natron

- Got a pretty wooden box from a friend I was helping move. I've been using it as a pedestal for my "Just Do It" shrine.

- 4 pottery whiskey cups from Etsy, that I use for Senut libations

- 4 tiny (and I mean tiny) glass bowls, that I use for purifying. The intent here was to use them for a travel shrine. They stack nicely. From Amazon.

- 1 enormous vase, pottery, from Etsy, which I intended to use as a pitcher, but ended up being wayyyy too big. I put flowers in it, now.

- 4 matching full-size blue bowls + 1 little pink-and-blue bowl from HomeGoods. $3.99 each for the four, $2.99 for the little one. Free with a gift card. :3

- 2 huge matching shrine cabinets magically appeared across from my house literally as I was getting in the car to go buy shrine furniture. I put them side-by-side, and use the top for Senut, left cabinet for NTR, and right cabinet for my Akhu.

- Not long later, got another shelf-ish-thing from the same spot.

- The shrine thing I was going to buy has since appeared in my house. Literally, same exact thing, but white instead of black. A roomie thought someone might want it, but I've no space left in my room, so it's sitting awkwardly in the middle of the house. It's basically a shelf right now.

- Set (I know the ears are wrong, but I lovelovelove the pose. He's cool with it.), Wepwawet, and Bast came from Amazon

- Taweret came from Shadow of the Sphinx

- Sekhmet, Set, & Ma'at Weegyptians

Lotus bowls from a Montessori supply site.

If there are more of these available, I'd love a link. ^^;
Tjemsy - "Two Red Ones"

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #7 on: August 25, 2017, 08:12:18 pm »
I'm an online buyer type. Amazon. Lots of Amazon.

Etc. etc. I just hunt.

Me too! :D I don't have handy access to a Walmart, Target or other superstore, so Amazon is my go-to for pretty much All The Shrine Things. Or Walgreens, when I'm buying cookies for dessert or something. Heh.

I think almost everything from my shrine(s)--the bookcase that holds my personal shrine-shelf, my Senut-shrine-self, and storage--as well as the breakfast-in-bed tray that holds my Akhu-shrine--has come from Amazon. My personal shrine also contains gifts from friends that various Names in my lineup have requested be regifted to Them, as well as a few things from a local pagan-ish shop (which dabbles in selling other stuff, too, but that's not what I go there for). :P

The statues, though, are made by me. ^_^ I feel the urge to remake them, again, but uh I think that's my perfectionism showing. ;)

Twin, your shrine-cabinet stories absolutely had me dying of laughter. Seek and ye shall receive, I guess!!

Removed at request of former member.

Offline Padememheru

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #8 on: August 25, 2017, 08:34:12 pm »
For me, I'm a huge Amazon addict, especially when it comes to statues because they tend to have the best ones.  While I prefer getting items in person because it's easier to tell if the energy is safe to bring home, but usually I don't have a big problem from Amazon statues or other paraphernalia. 
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Offline Meresinepu

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #9 on: August 26, 2017, 01:12:21 am »
Hello all,

I pick up shrine items at assorted pagan-ish shops as well, smoke shops (incense), local fairs, swap meets and online.   If I remember correctly Hemet showed us a small travel shrine box at Retreat that comes with the candle, incense and has room for a small picture or statue.  She was going to look into seeing if she could get them for her store.   

I like to be diversified when I look for items for my shrines.   Thanks for all the good ideas here.


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Offline Temimensenu

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #10 on: August 26, 2017, 04:00:08 am »
I always keep an eye open on Etsy, the majority of the stuff there does look plain and normal, but sometimes you get some really nice crafted pieces.

But then I go to Etsy for just about anything haha

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Offline Rev. Saryt

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #11 on: August 26, 2017, 06:25:09 am »
Em hotep!

I have some generally found things through a combination of Etsy, Pier1's clearance racks (I know, I know... but you can find some gorgeous -- and cheap -- glass and ceramic ware there!), and local pagan/polytheist stores. Most of my incense comes from a lovely woman in town, originally from Tibet, who sells beautiful things predominantly for members of the Buddhist/Hindu community, but has always been very kind about my needing basic shrine materials. Statues have been combinations of gifts, handcrafted sculpture, and various online finds or purchases from other House members. I love the memories and various connections there. My senut shrine also has a tiny vial of sand which I formally gave to Set, that I think came back in Temseni's shoe from Egypt? Bast has malachite All the Things: mostly acquired via Kemetic raffles over the years.

Fun thread! Thanks for starting it. :)

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Offline Senytmenu

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #12 on: August 26, 2017, 11:30:23 am »
Em hotep!

Cost Plus World Market is ones of my faves, along with Pier One.  It's easy to find sake cups and small plates for libations and offerings at these places.

My statuary is catch-as-catch can, usually "appearing" as my Parents direct.  ;)

Like others here, Morning Star incense is my go-to primarily because I hear it's ritually pure for Shinto practice.  I use the sandalwood variety.  It's usually found in any store that sells incense, or of course online.

Senytmenu (The Two Endure)
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Offline Shariwepwawet

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #13 on: August 26, 2017, 05:07:19 pm »
I'm kind of tickled that I ended up jumping on the Morning Star incense train with no knowledge of it outside of "this is small and smells nice let's give it a go." Glad to see others are using it as well!
Child of Wepwawet. Beloved of Set and Ra.

Offline Darytessekhmet

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Re: Where do you do your shrine shopping?
« Reply #14 on: August 26, 2017, 07:36:20 pm »
Em hotep *henu*

I do most of my shopping online.  I hunt for good deals and wait until I find just the right thing.  I have gotten some really nice things at Pier One and Target.  I get beeswax candles and oils at Whole Foods.  My husband got my State Shrine at Goodwill.  It was almost brand new and in perfect condition!  It's was an entertainment center and worked perfectly for my Shrine.  Some other shrine furniture I got at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (Always looking out for deals, that's me!).  I prefer Shoyeido incense or resins.  I pick those up on etsy or other places online.

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