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Better Living Through Maat

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I’m not 100% sure if this is the best place to put this but I’m curious, what kinds of things do you do to give back to your community? I collect old (but still in good condition) books and drop them off at free lending libraries. What are some other good ideas?

Em hotep, Terra Akhert! *henu*

I do volunteering for several different events & causes locally and in other cities, since I can give my time much better than financial aid. It helps me be less stressed by doing things, and it helps others in whatever activity is happening or needs hosting (so double Ma'at, for them and for me).

I think even community outreach attempts are great too, like getting to know your community through programs or local businesses to support them. :)

It's a neat topic, thank you for starting it!


Em hotep!

I volunteer for an organization that assists the visually impaired. They paired me up with one person and I meet with her twice a week to take her to run errands and just get out of the house. While it is only one person I am really helping, I think I have made a pretty big impact with her so I still consider this giving back to my community.

But on a smaller scale, I just try to spread joy and kindness in whatever capacity that I can. Whether it just be holding doors for people, picking something up if I noticed someone dropped something, offering to help if I notice someone is struggling/confused, or even just simply smiling at people. I feel these small types of gestures carry a lot of weight, especially since I live in a busy and populated area where so many people are grumpy or too wrapped up in their own hectic life.

I'm looking forward to hearing what others do!


Here in Israel it's common to volunteer for 2-3 years. Most people go to various branches in the military. Some choose a different path. I teach people with disabilities to use a computer. Nothing complicated - google services, using their special web site where they can talk with each other (there are several communities of people with disabilities across the country).

I also teach them various useful web sites, like transport web sites, the web site of their medical clinic, the government, supermarket's web site. Some people can't carry their own food or products home and have nobody to help them so they can order everything home. It eases in many ways on their lives. :)

In the end of the volunteering, the government or volunteering agencies financially help the volunteers with their lives later on and give financial help to those who later study in university or college. So it's a win-win for both the volunteers and the people helped by the volunteers.

Em hotep, everyone!

"We'll Meet Again" on PBS:

has brought home the idea of "better living through Ma'at".  It is about people whose lives crossed at pivotal moments.  It is fascinating to watch people get back in touch with those that helped them at critical periods in their lives.  The helpers diminished what they did, for to them, they were "just being a friend", "doing their job", etc.  It illustrates the ways we can make a difference.

The episodes are almost over, but I think PBS members can find it in their local "passport" sites, and DVDs might be available.

I cried often through each episode.



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