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Better Living Through Maat

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All awesome ideas! I’ll have to try and catch up on that show, it sounds pretty emotional. I try to compliment at least one stranger I come across at work every day. I do those click to donate sites where you view ads and companies donate to charity organizations in return. I volunteered at a no kill animal once which was so cool. I’m trying to come up with more creative ways of furthering Maat and giving back.


--- Quote from: Djehutyendy on February 27, 2018, 07:42:24 pm ---But on a smaller scale, I just try to spread joy and kindness in whatever capacity that I can. Whether it just be holding doors for people, picking something up if I noticed someone dropped something, offering to help if I notice someone is struggling/confused, or even just simply smiling at people. I feel these small types of gestures carry a lot of weight, especially since I live in a busy and populated area where so many people are grumpy or too wrapped up in their own hectic life.

--- End quote ---

Mmmm, this. <3 I try to live this way as well.

Also, I posted this website on another thread a while ago, but I thought I'd bring it up here as well:


It's an Act of Random Kindness generator, which I've found supremely useful. Every time you refresh the page it gives you some different, usually small act of kindness you could consider doing that day. A few are religiously-inclined and a few more are a wee bit impractical, but most of them are either possible outside of a religious context or adaptable to one's situation.

And Neheh, that series sounds amazing . . . I'll have to look it up . . .

Senebty, friends!

I love the generator! We don’t always think of the small ways we can improve someone’s day. I work a job that allows me to pay forward if someone is a little bit short on cash (for copies and such) because other people give extra change as a donation.

I also remember I had a psychology professor in college who explained that humans were designed to feel good when they do good things for others. To me that is Maat in motion.

Former Member #3:
There's a quote by the late, great Fred Rogers (from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, for those who remember :P) that I try to live by every day, and I feel it embodies living in Ma'at.

"If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person."

I do my very best to live up to this quote every day and let that part of myself that I leave with others be something good. I'm not always perfect (none of us are!), but I try to make every interaction, every meeting with people one that makes their day a little brighter. I'm no miracle worker, but even something as simple as a kind word or a "thank you" or even a smile can turn someone's day around. I know that has been the case for me from time to time, so I do my best to do the same for others when possible!

I might have to try that random act of kindness generator, too. :o

Great topic Terra!

Everyone has something that they can do. If we keep our eyes open, the opportunity will come.

I donate a certain portion of the oils/incense/sachet powders I create, and prayer/candle lighting services, for those that I am told by the netjer to give to. I'm an introvert, so this works well and is something I really enjoy doing.



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