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Author Topic: Meditation on death and the Book of Going Forth By Day  (Read 4375 times)

Offline Sauyinepu

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Re: Meditation on death and the Book of Going Forth By Day
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2018, 07:56:37 pm »
Em Hotep


I am a son of Yinepu too
I have never been very scared of death, I almost went to the health studies and I anatomize corpses of animals and humans.

But last year I was invited to a shamanic ritual with ayuaska, it was very intense, and a little traumatic, my faith in life after death suffered was put in check.

I cried for several days, I collected my tears in a chalice and offered to Yinepu, even questioning their sacred duty (caring for the dead).

Actually reading and studying funeral rites, in this period, helped me heal, it was not immediate, I continued to question the need to perform them since to my mind the person no longer existed, but I caught myself admiring the beauty of the rites, and after a while my faith was restored.

I hope my story brings you some comfort or an aid.

Senebty and Hope
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I give my life in service and love to Yinepu

Offline Rev. Sehedjef

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Re: Meditation on death and the Book of Going Forth By Day
« Reply #16 on: April 03, 2018, 10:05:32 am »

I will lose everyone I love.  Or they will lose me.  Non negotiable. I hate that too.  I’ve cried about it and then told myself I’m being ridiculous. 

Fear isn't ridiculous.  There is also something to think about that may help with the fear you note above.  You won't loose those you love and they won't loose you.  Yes, your relationship will change as you will be on the other side of the veil, but you will still be able to see them, and communicate with them.  While we don't know what's beyond (its meant to be a mystery to us in this life), not one akh who has addressed that question has responded with fear or terror or complained that it really sucks over there.  ^_^  They'll all tell you that they're OK and not to worry.

The unknown is frightening as we can't prepare for it, can't plan or run through scenarios for what to do or how to respond.  Death is the biggest unknown and all we can see of it is the physical remains when someone passes.  Netjer encourages us to focus on this life as our life in the next world will take care of itself when the time comes.  In addition if we spend a significant portion of our time thinking about our life to come in the Duat, we aren't living this one.  ^_^

Please note I am not taking your fear lightly, fear can be crippling if we let it.  If it helps you can reach out to Nebt-het, Hethert, Tasenetnofret or Yinepu, or Wesir if you prefer regarding the fear.  While They won't tell you what is to come, They can help you face the fear.  ^_^

Rev. Sehedjef
(He shines with the beauty of the truth of his Mothers)
Sa Nebthet her Serqet
Mery Ptah her Tasenetnofret

Offline Taji

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Re: Meditation on death and the Book of Going Forth By Day
« Reply #17 on: April 03, 2018, 11:01:34 am »
Usually when I pray, I get crickets.  I can reach out, but if I get silence back it’s not terribly helpful.  I’ve asked for Akhu to visit in dreams.  Like not vague Akhu.  People I actually knew.  They don’t. So no, I can’t talk to Akhu and have them tell me it’s nothing to worry about because they don’t say anything. 

I find it frustrating when people who get the spiritual bells and whistles without much effort tell me to reach out and things will be better.  No offense to you, Imti.  It was kindly meant and accepted in that spirit.  I’m just not wired, seemingly, for that kind of connection.  And trying it and getting nothing or having people tell me to do it tends to make me feel worse.  :(

I don’t feel badly in the moment, I feel I should say.  I’m fine.

Honestly the only Spirit who ever offered that kind of consistent connection was the Mexican folk saint, Santa Muerte*.  A spirit who, while loving, provokes terror in every interaction.  And one who demands a vow of lifetime service from her devotees and kills them if they change their minds or otherwise fail her.  I passed on that.  Thanks, but no thanks.

I’m trying to be more consistent in meditation. And I agree that now is all we have.  And all we may ever have.  Better not to waste it in fear. Like I think I have the opposite response to A’aqyt’s husband.  Fear of death doesn’t make me want to hide where it’s safe.  It makes me want to do all the things.  And then I get frustrated when stuff gets in the way of that. 



*In a Dream, she did threaten to carry me off to “Heaven” one time.  What I did take from that terrifying experience was, “Huh.  Well, it’s nice to know that there is one.”

**There’s something about Aztec gods and Aztec flavored spirits and killing people that is just all kinds of nope.
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Tasedjebbastmut (Taji) | Φιλίπη Ανθεια (Pippa)
Daughter of Bast-Mut | Servant of Hera

Offline Taji

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Re: Meditation on death and the Book of Going Forth By Day
« Reply #18 on: April 03, 2018, 11:40:25 am »
If I’m really thinking about it, I honestly think the reason I don’t get bells and whistles is because they’d be too distracting. I’d spend this life in the Duat and that’s not what we’re here for.

My Mother is a goddess of Life and of Joy.  The certainty of death makes those things sweeter and more present.  Dwelling on death or even giving it too much attention is counter productive. 

It’s just hard finding balance sometimes.
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Tasedjebbastmut (Taji) | Φιλίπη Ανθεια (Pippa)
Daughter of Bast-Mut | Servant of Hera

Offline Djedetmiwesir

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Re: Meditation on death and the Book of Going Forth By Day
« Reply #19 on: April 04, 2018, 01:57:06 pm »
Em hotep!

I am a person who is more afraid of the act of dying (particularly if it is a death where my mind goes first) and leaving some dependent family members behind than actual death itself.  I'm lucky in this respect that Wesir is my Father.  The idea of leaving this world and going to His kingdom comforts me.  There is a prayer from the coffin texts (330) that also gives me some comfort.

Whether I live or die I am osiris
I enter In and reapperar through you,
I decay in you, I grow in you,
I fall down in you, I fall upon my side.
The gods are living in me for I live and grow in the corn
That sustains the honored ones.
I cover the earth
Whether I live or die, I am barley
I am not destroyed
I have entered the Order
I rely upon the order
I become master of the Order
I make my Form distinct
I am the Lord of the Chennet
I have entered into the order
I have reached it’s limits…

And the beauty of it, is we all become a Wesir.  His endurance and everlastingness is our own when the time comes.

That said, I think (your mileage may vary) that what scares us about death, other than the separations from our loved ones, physically, is that it is the mother of all change, and it is a change that is irreversible. So those of you who fear death, be kind to yourselves in that fear.

Djedetmiwesir (Djedet) "Enduring/Stable Like Wesir"
Sat Wesir, Meryt Nit-Nebthet her Nut


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