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Author Topic: Summum?  (Read 2102 times)

Offline cinemachameleon

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« on: April 11, 2018, 03:02:52 pm »
With practices of mummification, claims of being based on "Ancient Egyptian Religion," and the use of various accouterments of "Kemeticism," I have to admit I am somewhat curious about Summum.

What do you all think about them / it?

Offline ubenet

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Re: Summum?
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2018, 04:36:22 pm »
they apparently consider themselves to be Gnostic Christians, so i don't think about them much :)
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Offline KhaiPtah

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Re: Summum?
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2018, 05:50:08 pm »
They are are interesting group.  They do perform mummification rituals (for between $65000 and $75000 a time)  however the "Transference Rituals" are based not on Egyptian ritual but on ones from the Tibetan Book of the dead.

Essentially they are their own thing.  Not Egyptian, not re-constructionists but a gleaned collection of different faith traditions woven together into something new.

Their temple in salt lake is also zoned not as a place of worship but as a vineyard due to alcohol sales during rituals.  All of their members adopt the name Ra after their given names as an honourific.
I worked with someone years ago who was married to a member,  he was uncomfortable with some of the rituals they conducted and he and his wife divorced because of it.

Hope this helps

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Offline Rayashi

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« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2018, 07:11:19 pm »
Em hotep!

As a funeral director and embalmer, I have personally worked with them for their mummification services.  They seem to be wonderful people and really care about the service they provide to families. 

Rayashi (Yashi) - "Ra calls me"
Sat Ra
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Offline Meresinepu

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Re: Summum?
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2018, 01:01:26 am »
Em hotep all,

Thank you for posting this I had no idea that this company was out there.  I read thru the site and was amazed to see what they are offering if you are interested in being mummified. 

I'd like to see the price come down as they are asking a fortune to have you interred. I didn't like that once the body is turned over to Summum your family can never see it again as it will be taken from you. 

This is from their website :)

The following is an outline of Summum's Mummification of Transferencesm process. While aspects of it are similar to ancient methods, it is an updated and modern process.
•Your body is transported to a local funeral home where it is prepared for traditional viewing and funeral services, and in a manner conducive to mummification. If no such services were arranged, your body is sent directly to Summum in Salt Lake City, Utah.
•If your body was sent to a funeral home, following the services, the funeral home transports your body to Summum in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the mummification rites begin.
•The rites of Transference begin and are officiated as your body is bathed and cleansed. An incision is made to remove the internal organs. The organs are thoroughly cleansed and the incision in your body is left open.
•Your body and organs are then immersed in a baptismal font filled with a special preservation solution made up of certain fluids, some of which are chemicals used in genetic engineering. Your body and organs remain submerged for a significant period of time, long enough to achieve maximum penetration as the rites of Transference continue.
•Your body and organs are removed from the immersion/baptismal tank. Your organs are placed back inside your body and the incision is closed. Your body is cleansed again, then covered with an anointing oil.
•Several layers of cotton gauze are wrapped around your body. This may be followed with layers of silk wrapping.
•A polymer membrane is applied over the gauze. Then follows a layer of fiberglass resin, forming a permanent seal.
•Your mummy is taken within our Pyramid where we continue with the rites of Transference.
•Your mummy is encased within a bronze or stainless steel Mummiform.
•Your Mummiform is filled with an amber resin mixed with quartz granules, completely surrounding your mummy and protecting the perfection that has been created.
•The openings in your Mummiform are welded closed.
•Your Mummiform is enshrined within a mummy sanctuary or interred in a local cemetery.

They say they prepare the body using the ancient methods of mummification (the side of the body is slit to remove the internal organs) and then they are washed) but then they put the organs back inside you (yucky)! At the end they offer to bury the mummified form in a "mummy sanctuary or your choice of spots.  I know personally I don't want my body put into someone else's mummy sanctuary but that's just me. 

It seems like they are missing that final step after the body has been prepared. What about the Opening of the Mouth? If I go to all that trouble, I'd want my mouth opened so that I could speak again in the afterlife?  What's up with that?  I'd like to be buried with my own Book of the Dead to accompany me on my 70 day journey (this jackal is not going down that road unprepared oh heck no!) - which reminds me ..we need folks that are interested in providing this type of service to our members?? i.e., making Books of the Dead for folks who would want one buried with them?)  I'd like to see a separate chat on this subject? 

On a side note, if anyone is interested in having a Kemetic themed funeral,
the House of Netjer does have Setem priests who can help officiate/plan a ceremony/funeral with you.

Again, thanks for this post.  I learned something new today.  :)

Rev. Meresinepu [She loves Yinepu] Weptesmerutef {Her Mission is his Love}
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"Gone am I, caught by the Underworld, yet cleansed and alive in the beyond." (from an Old Kingdom funerary text)


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