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Author Topic: Relation with Gods and Goddesses (Relação com os Deuses e as Deusas)  (Read 1103 times)

Offline AndreyNRibas

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Hello everyone!

For many years my relationship with the Divine, was of Servant x Lord, where he conceived it in an antropormófica form.
In reaction to a series of events, the relationship passed to Disciple x Master, but now conceiving the Divine as a Cosmic Force. When I say that I have Him as a Teacher, I do not say that He directly teaches me, for I believe that this Force is completely indifferent, but that it is in a state that allows me to learn through Him.
The Gods and the Goddesses have become manifested archetypes of my subconscious, to try to understand with my finite senses the Ineffable. I do not fail to realize the whole liturgical part, for I believe that, as symbolism, it is the best way of interacting with the subconscious (a microcosmic mirror of the macrocosmic).

I would like to know if you consider this type of relationship "healthy". Not that I have doubts, I would just like to know your prospects and find out if, perhaps, there are others that a similar line of reasoning.

Hugs! Be in peace!

Original text

Olá a todos!

Por muitos anos minha relação com o Divino, foi de Servo x Senhor, onde o concebia numa forma antropormófica.
Em reação a uma série de eventos, a relação passou para de Discípulo x Mestre, mas agora concebendo o Divino como uma Força Cósmica. Quando digo que O tenho como Mestre, não digo que Ele diretamente me ensine, pois acredito que essa Força seja completamente indiferente, mas que esteja num estado que me permite aprender através dEle.
Os Deuses e as Deusas tornaram-se arquétipos manifestados do meu subconsciente, para tentar compreender com meus sentidos finitos o Inefável. Nem por isso deixo de realizar toda a parte litúrgica, pois acredito que, como simbolismo, é a melhor maneira de interagir com o subconsciente (um espelho microcósmico do macrocósmico).

Gostaria de saber se consideram esse tipo de relação "saudável". Não que eu tenha dúvidas, apenas gostaria de conhecer suas perspectivas e descobrir se, talvez, há outros que uma linha de raciocínio semelhante.

Abraços! Estejam em paz!

Offline Khamheru

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Em hotep.

I cannot say much about it. In Kemetic Orthodoxy this relationship would be Child X Father even if you are not divined. As far as I know our gods are not archetypes of ourselves (or a part of ourselves), they are bigger individuals which is part of something even bigger and abstract. I'm not into this faith for too long and I have a limited knowledge to help you further through this subject.
Aset & Wesir & Set


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Em hotep, friend!

Ah, I love philosophical questions! <3

I think part of this can be broken into bits: the official Kemetic Orthodox stance on things (and, for that matter, how the ancients saw things) and how we as individuals take the official Kemetic Orthodox stance and interpret it.

I'll let a priest tackle the former. For the latter: Khamheru said it perfectly!

I can appreciate what you're saying. It can be comforting indeed to think that the Gods, that Individual Names of Some Big Thing Beyond My Reckoning (Netjer), are coming to me in forms that I recognize and understand. But do I see Them as archetypical, as projections of my subconscious? No. They're Their own entities, Their own beings, with wills of Their own, hopes, desires, even fears--for us, for the cosmos, for Themselves. They choose to engage in relationships with us--as Kham said, They're our Parents, our Beloveds. We're Their children, and Their little loved ones.

Are there parts of Their myths that fit into archetypical boxes drawn by Jung and others? Sure. But those are human boxes, and They're far, far bigger than any archetype we might assign Them.

Do I think our psychology influences our interactions with Them? Of course. What goes on in our minds influences our interactions with everyone and everything. Do I think that sometimes there are moments when our own hopes cloud our perceptions of the Gods--that we see or hear what we want to see or hear, because we want it so badly? Yes, I do, but I also think the Gods are aware of our moments of human "neediness" and frailty and will find ways to communicate with us if we don't get what They're trying to say (or interpose too much of ourselves onto Them).

Now, as to whether or not I think your view is "healthy"--that's not my place to say. :) Each of us has our own relationship with the Divine, within this faith and within any faith. If what you believe and how you perceive Netjer / the Divine / Deity / etc. brings you comfort, and helps you find joy and purpose and love in life, and guides you towards treating others and yourself with care and respect, then at least to my view, I think that's all that really matters. <3

I hope this makes some sense--I'm rambling. ;) And, again, this is just my own little view on the matter. . . . nothing official here! <3

Removed at request of former member.

Offline AndreyNRibas

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Good evening, Khamheru & Gezausenu.

I understand their points of view and agree with them. After all, as Gezausenu has explained, what counts is to feel comfortable and to seek to be beneficial to oneself and to others (as social beings it is very important not to limit ourselves to our own interests only, but we must also recognize that an individual dissatisfied with himself can hardly be useful, here is the need for a balance).
Placing the deities as archetypes of the subconscious may seem "insensitive" in a first analysis, for it removes the individuality of the god or goddess from being an Individual and making it a Fragment.
However, when I observe that this archetype emanates from me, it becomes a force fully connected with me. And there is no relationship more intimate than the one we develop with ourselves.
Thank you for sharing your insights with me. Let's see what my perspective will look like in the coming months.

Rest. And be at peace!

Original text

Boa noite, Khamheru & Gezausenu.

Compreendo seus pontos de vistas e concordo com eles. Afinal, como Gezausenu elucidou, o que vale é se sentir confortável e, buscar ser benéfico para si e para os outros (como seres sociais é importantíssimo não nos limitarmos apenas aos nossos próprios interesses, mas também devemos reconhecer que um indivíduo insatisfeito consigo dificilmente poderá ser útil, eis a necessidade de um equilíbrio).
Colocar as divindades como arquétipos do subconsciente, pode parecer "insensível" numa primeira análise, pois remove a individualidade do deus ou da deusa, deixando de ser Um Indivíduo e, tornando-o Um Fragmento.
Contudo, quando observo que esse arquétipo emana de mim, torna-se uma força inteiramente conectada comigo. E não existe relação mais íntima do que aquela que desenvolvemos com nós mesmos.
Obrigado por compartilharem suas percepções comigo. Vejamos como será minha perspectiva ao longo dos próximos meses.

Descansem. E estejam em paz!


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