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Author Topic: Beloved Divinations  (Read 6950 times)


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Re: Beloved Divinations
« Reply #30 on: May 22, 2018, 06:03:59 am »
Em hotep, friends!

Thank you all for taking the discussion far past my questions! I'm finding this fascinating.

Djedet, don't feel guilty! <3 What you said doesn't sound horrible--it's honest. The choices we make when we're going through X or Y are going to be flavored by X or Y, and perhaps different from what we'd choose otherwise. But Nut loves you, and will always love you, and whatever relationship you have with Her won't change that. <3

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Offline Sedjfaiemitui

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Re: Beloved Divinations
« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2018, 10:14:30 pm »
And so I had the divination and Geb gave me a choice. It makes sense that He gave me a choice, otherwise He would have just showed up in my original RPD a few months prior. Anyway, I said "yes" without hesitation because I needed Him and His guidance in my life. That was nearly 9 and a half years ago and my relationship has evolved quite a bit, but the fact that I need Geb hasn't changed. I also don't feel like the fact that I was given a choice changed the significance of my relationship with Him at all. Life is all about the choices we make, and the fact that I chose Geb to be a part of my life is really special.

[ . . . ]

Edited to add: I had a close relationship with Geb for a while prior to the divination (I cannot remember exactly how long, though). It wasn't just that I decided He would be good to have in my life

Em hotep nefer, Endy and all! :D

You make a very good series of points, Endy. :) That there is a choice provided in a lot of instances for BDs doesn't make the result any less significant.

Sobek has been a longstanding "question" for me, and I was surprised to find myself asking after Yinepu before asking after Sobek. I began a sort of lax worship-relationship with Yinepu a couple years after forming a worship-relationship with Sobek at Set's behest, give or take (I've been a devotee of Sobek for about six or seven years now, to give a frame of reference).

Like you, Endy, I didn't ask after Yinepu because I suddenly decided Yinepu would be a nice addition. :) He was a persistent presence over the years, after a fashion, and His presence was steadily strong for a few months before I submitted to have a BD performed for Him. Yinepu had become more and more of a guide and overseer in my creative processes, both artistic and ritual (naturally, being rather the Hery Seshta). This again brings me back to the whole "it's a confirmation, not a validation" thing. ;) The RPD wasn't the time; Yinepu made Himself more perceptible and more . . . "intense" for me at a specific time for a specific reason, and He gave me a specific choice. Even if I had said "no," that wouldn't be the end of my worship of Him, of my love and appreciation for Him. :) It was simply a matter of acknowledging and accepting a certain level of responsibility in moving forward with that worship, with that love and appreciation.

I find that being presented a choice with some BD results is much like making the choice to pursue Shemsuhood: you thoughtfully, willfully choose to accept a particular set of responsibilities with saying "yes" to becoming a Shemsu, along with a particular communal status. It's not something you have to say "yes" to in order for your RPD results to count, or for your other worship-relationships to count, or for your life and activity as a Kemetic in general to count. That you have a choice in the matter doesn't make it any less significant. :)

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Offline Rev. Ma'atnofret

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Re: Beloved Divinations
« Reply #32 on: May 23, 2018, 12:07:27 pm »
Its been a couple years since my divinations but they remain very fond memories.
At the time of my RPD I has four in my Line-up. Sekhmet, Sobek-Ra, Yinepu, and Nebthet. After a time I began to feel and connect to Nefertem and at the same time someone who I thought was Tefnut. I took quite a few months to get to know these Names and grew very close to Nefertem in particular. So at the time of the beloved divinations it was no surprise that Nefertem gave me to choice to add him into my life, which I did. However Tefnut flatly said, 'no.' I came to think that the other Name I had connected to was a 'larger' or other aspect of Sekhemt, letting me learn something new about her.

A year or so later I began to research and connect with Wenut, the hare headed goddess. I honored her in my non-senut shrine to get to know her. After some time I got this nudging. It was a nudge to get another beloved divination for Wenut. I had thought about it at one point but didn't think too much to act on it. But the more time I spent in shrine the more I got nudged, by other Names. So I got the divination and was given the choice to add her. However it wasn't just Wenut, it is Bast-as-Wenut. Wenut is a regional form of Bast. I was told at the time of divination that she can be seen as both Bast and Wenut, very sweet considering I always loved and honored Bast. At this time I think i am the only Wenut beloved, mostly I think because everyone is very open and close to Bast and not as close to this regional lesser known aspect.
A'Aqytsekhmet "Sekhmet's Servant"
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Offline Arienihethert

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Re: Beloved Divinations
« Reply #33 on: May 23, 2018, 04:35:56 pm »
I have one parent and one beloved. In the last 2 years I’ve had experiences with a number more. Some of Whom I have informal places for.

Yet I have absolutely no intention at this time of ever asking for a divination.

First, because as Tamiwi said, I haven’t learned enough, or interacted enough, with the one I have.

Second, it doesn’t feel necessary to me? I feel like I have my hands full with what I have (how do you people with two parents handle it????). And, I think unless One came out and said “You!!!!” I just won’t feel a need to?

I did feel a bit envious in the early years that I had only one Parent and one Beloved when I read about RPDs where people had two Parents and a plethora of Beloveds, as if more meant They liked them better? But I’m no longer that person and feel special as I am.

Just my 2 cents.

This is my exact feeling on the subject. I figure, if it's really important that I have anyone officially recognized as additional Beloveds, as in I don't have a choice, they'll find a way to say something in saq or some other really obvious manner. In the meantime, I'm more than happy with the relationships I have with the Netjeru I've come to know beyond my RPD. I don't need to get those validated through divination for them to be mutually satisfying. Which is not to say that I think Beloved divinations are in any way bad, I just find them unnecessary for me.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and perspectives! This is good stuff here.

Look out the window. And doesn't this remind you of when you were in the boat, and then later that night you were lying looking up at the ceiling, and the water in your head was not dissimilar from the landscape, and you think to yourself Why is it that the landscape is moving but the boat is still?

Offline Ra'awyserqet

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Re: Beloved Divinations
« Reply #34 on: May 23, 2018, 10:06:15 pm »
Em hotep siblings!

In my case, I started out with "my Three"; Serqet, Sekhmet-Mut, and Yinepu. This was almost five years ago and at the time and for a few years after, I was content with my Three. If anything, I was happy I only had three as I watched others be divined with six or seven in their RPD. Three is easy to handle, I said to myself, and I can talk to Anyone else as I please.

In the meantime, I had a Heru, who I now know to be my Heru-wer, tell me six months after my original RPD "Beloved" and proceed to help me with some things. Nehmet-Awai dodged around me for a few years before my additional Divination while I struggled to figure Her name out.

I wouldn't say I regret either of Them being here or even that I would have chosen differently - when I took the additional Divination I knew if I had a choice, I'd say yes. There's lots of reasons I said yes two Octobers ago, but I only feel more attached to Them. They came into my life as Beloveds at exactly the right time for me and They fit in with the other Two perfectly.

I also asked after Khonsu, to which He said "not right now". And I'm okay with that answer. My Five are really wonderful as They are. 😊


Sa Serqet-Aset her Nisut-bity Hekatawy Alexandros (aus), mery Sekhmet-Mut, Yinepu-Wepwawet, Heru-wer, her Hethert-Nut-as-Nehmet-Awai.

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Offline Asetwedjbai

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Re: Beloved Divinations
« Reply #35 on: May 28, 2018, 03:37:08 pm »

I started out with 3 beloveds; Wesir, Hethert, and Yinepu. Later I had seperate divinations about Nebet-Het and Nut and They both gave me a choice. In retrospect I probably rushed into the divinations a little too hastily, but I believe that adding Nebet-Het and Nut was overall very positive and the right thing to do.

My two cents is to take a long time to think, pray, and talk to Netjer before jumping into it. I would bet that many of us who added beloveds had no idea how it would pan out over time.

senebty, Wedjbai
Wedjbai | Aset turned me around
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