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Take A Seat With The Congo "Espiritismo Cruzado o Mesa Blanca in practice"

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Hello and good evening, everyone!

This is a post for offering a potential help to those in need.  I didn't know where else to put this but it is a community service I am offering in general that is not necessarily Kemetic Orthodox in practice

About a period of 6 months ago, I learned Who my Spirits were in Espiritismo via a misa seance within the tradition and have been working to develop and heighten my psychic sensitivity through the practice and upkeep of my shrine and spirit work in my tradition.

One of my Spirits is of Congo origin Who is under the patronage of one of the Mpungu Spirits in Palo religion and is a powerful Spirit in the work He does.  I have been pushed to offer a service to the community in my downtime that is not necessarily Kemetic Orthodox inspired but geared towards help those who may be in need (Espiritismo is based quite commonly on seemingly Christian values like charity or otherwise)

He is offering a divination service to those who may need it so we can connect and it's a help to me to be developing my mediumship this way and hopefully it will help you as well

The mediumship and divination are free of charge as I am not a crowned and trained medium within the Espiritismo tradition but it will help me if you do something (anything) that's charitable and paying it forward in turn.  It doesn't have to be towards me.

I will be offering this as is...if you're interested, please go ahead and say you are in the response below and if my Spirit is interested in helping you, I will be notifying you personally on the forums and we can set up a time to chat and talk over the phone (preferably) or otherwise since that is what I am being told to offer

Thank you, much love, and senebty

Em hotep, dear Sekhep friend!

What a wonderful, giving person you are! <3

And congratulations on this new relationship and spiritual growth!

If your Spirit has any interest, I'd be very curious to hear what He has to say. :) Do we have to have specific things in mind or can it be open-ended?

I would also love to draw you something in return, if you're interested.

Thank you for being you.

Much love and senebty,

Em hotep, Sekhep!

I would be willing, if there is interest.


Em hotep!

This sounds interesting! I'd like to give it a go as well, and would like to make you an oil or incense for anyone in your lineup...or even the Congo spirit if they are willing.



As revision, I won't be contacting people he isn't interested in helping or won't help

I think I should contact people he has said "no" to for the time being but thank you to those of you who stepped forward



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